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5 Best Healer Heroes In AFK Arena

Do you find your team always dying early in the game AFK Arena? We got you covered. In this we will discuss the best heroes for healing your team so that they will survive for much longer. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Nemora

An intelligence support hero, Nemora is arguably the best healer hero in the game. Coming from the Wilders faction, Nemora has a regeneration ability that is cast on an allied hero that received the most damage. Aside from this, Nemora is the only functional hero that has the Charm ability, which makes her enemies attack their allies.

Lastly, Nemora has got a healing centric ultimate skill called “Wild Wonder.” Nemora’s ultimate ability provides healing for her allies, calling upon the powers of nature. The healing done to allies is determined by a percentage of Nemora’s maximum health pool.

  1. Angelo

An intelligence hero coming from the Lightbearer faction, Angelo provides sustained health regeneration for the whole team. Able to support multiple units with healing, Angelo also has good damage potential, able to inflict damage to enemy units while healing his allies. As such, Angelo is a good pick if you have a strong carry that needs support in battle. “Love and Peace” is his ultimate skill. This skill inflicts damage to a wide area of effect. It also has an added effect of disabling melee attacks from affected enemies.

  1. Tasi

Another intelligence support hero coming from the Wilders faction, Tasi is a hero whose main focus is disabling enemies using her disruptive crowd control abilities. Her skills allow her to evade enemy attacks, heal her allies, and take away damage from enemies, increasing her own damage in the process.

She has a very flexible skill that summons a fairy that damages enemies or restore the health of allies. As such, Tasi is a flexible healer, able to deal damage when overwhelmed by enemies, or heal allies when their health falls down.

  1. Rowan

Rowan is another hero from the Lightbearer faction. He is a support hero with the intelligence attribute. His unique skill is using a pet duck to inflict damage to enemy units. He has the ability to give healing potions to his allies, as well as having the skill to reduce his health damage, gaining energy damage in the process.

“Dazzle” is Rowan’s ultimate skill. This ability spread coins around the battleground. The coins possess different effects, depending on who touches it. It stuns enemy units while providing healing to allies. This, combined with Rowan’s potion ability makes him a very good candidate as a healer for your AFK Arena team.

  1. Lucius

Another hero from the Lightbearer faction, Lucius is a strength tank hero. His abilities are themed on holding enemy units and healing allies. Lucius’ ultimate skill is called “Heaven’s Protection.” It provides a magical shield to nearby allies, which temporarily protects against harm. This magical shield, when combined with his healing powers makes him a good tank and healer.

Guide to Beautiful Brows

Are you obsessed with eyebrows? For years, I didn’t pay too much attention to my eyebrows. Then I went to beauty school. And the more I learned about beauty, the more obsessed I became with beautiful eyebrows. Eyebrows are important because they frame your face, draw attention to your eyes, create expression, and affect how old or young you look. Too many women completely ignore their eyebrows, when a great shaped brow could enhance their look. Here are a few great tips on getting gorgeous eyebrows.

See a professional.

Professional hairstylists are specially trained to create the right shaped brow for your face. Some stylists pluck and tweeze, some wax, and some even use threading to get your brows looking great. A cosmetologist’s advice and services are as invaluable for a great eyebrow as there are for your hair. Your brows are very crucial nowadays because most of the people notice initially when looking at your face. So, it is very important to see a professional such as to help you have beautiful brows.

Choose a shape.

Do you prefer a more natural looking brow or a pencil thin one? The Do you prefer a more natural looking brow or a pencil thin one? Sometimes, a fuller brow is more youthful looking, but an out-of-control eyebrow will age you. Pencil thin brows look polished, yet if they are too thin they can look harsh and cold. Do you like a highly arched brow? Or a nearly straight one? Your face shape and eye shape can help determine what shape of brows you should achieve. Try a brow stencil -such as the ones in the brow kit from Eyes Lips Face – to find the shape that fits with your natural brow. Use white eye shadow to highlight the areas you want to pluck away.

Trim your eyebrows.

A great pair of brow scissors are crucial to great looking brows. Use a clean mascara brush to brush all your brow hair straight up towards your hairline, then trim any hairs that are too long or out of place.

Use brow gel or brow mascara.

Clear brow mascara is a great way to keep those brows in place. It looks like hair gel in a little tube, but is specially formulated for the eye area. Just use the included brush to brush your brows in the way you want them to and allow the gel to dry.

Fill them in.

Even brows that don’t look sparse can benefit from being filled in. Choose a powder that is slightly lighter than your natural brow color. Use a brush to gently fill in the brows using small strokes. Use less color than you think you need, and then slowly add more if you need it. A matte eye shadow will work in a pinch if it is the right color.

If you tweeze your own eyebrows, do so sparingly, one small hair at a time. Alternate brows after plucking each hair so that you don’t make a mistake and over-tweeze. Work slowly, first removing the stray hairs that are outside of the hairline and then slowly taking away the hairs that muddle your eyebrow shape. Always err on the side of caution. Once you have over-plucked, it can take a very long time for straggly brows to grow back in. When in doubt, see a professional for beautiful brows that enhance your face.

Tips to Protect Your Dog While Hunting

Hunters around the world have been known to use dogs while hunting things like rabbits, birds, raccoons, and even bears. These dogs are the companions and best friends of their owners. Any hunter that uses a dog to hunt needs to know some basic safety tips to keep their dog safe in the field. Below are some common risks that hunting dogs face and some tips to protect your dog from them.

Hunter orange safety vest:

In the field, there are many things that pose a danger to your dog. The most obvious risk to the dog is being shot by a hunter. What you may not consider is the risk of cuts and puncture wounds. While hunting your dog can easily injure itself on the sharp thorns and sticks from bushes and trees. It can also hurt itself on barbed wire fences. While a hunter orange safety vest is most commonly used to make your dog visible to you and other hunters as it tracks and retrieves the game, it can also help protect your dog from cuts and puncture wounds


Hunters are known to hunt in extreme weather conditions, be it extremely hot or cold. When it comes to hot weather hunting dogs can get into trouble. It’s important that you call your dog in and cool them off regularly, while providing them with snacks and plenty of water. You can also wet your dog down with cool water to help lower their temperature. If you think your dog may have overdone it, they probably have, and you should bring them in from the field and end the day’s activity.

Getting lost:

Hunting dogs are known to track an animal for hours. Sometimes, it can hard for the hunter to call a dog off its pray. Even if your dog is the most well-behaved and well trained dog in the field, it’s still possible to lose him/her. Thanks to the advances in technology you can now outfit your dog with its very own GPS (global positioning system). Buying and outfitting your dog with a tracking collar will allow you to track him/her if they wander off while hunting.

This is the perfect way to track your cur in case it gets lost and we all know how hard it would be to find it but the tracking collar would make things easier but a tree stand would be a good option as far as storage of essentials is concerned so I am looking up climber treestand reviews to find the best one out.

Even if you are following all the safety precautions, there is a chance that your dog could become exhausted, injured, and/or lost. You should prepare yourself for the worst case scenario, by making sure you have a dog first-aid kit, water, food, and know where the nearest veterinary clinic is located. Also, if you aren’t able to outfit your dog with a tracking collar, make sure that they are wearing some sort of identifying tag, and make sure you know the phone number and location of the local animal shelter, so you can contact them should your dog become lost.

Roofing Can Ruin Satellite Reception

There are circumstances that lead to getting a new roof. Storm damage, wind damage, hail damage or maybe to change appearances of a drab house. If you have a satellite don’t expect to have your crystal clear reception after the roofers get done.

Roofers will move your satellite. They may try to put it back where they found it, but the slightest move will throw off the satellite. It won’t work the same until it is moved back to the strongest position of reception.

Roofers may not mean to bring disorder upon your TV life, but they will. To the viewer they may not understand why distorted choppy screens continue. They may not know why they keep losing their signal. They may try to reboot their receiver by holding the power button down for ten seconds and then releasing it. They may unplug the power to their TV. The latter will reboot the receiver to.

Nothing done inside the house will work for the tortured TV addict. Picture reception can only be found while adjusting the satellite on the roof. This is a tricky procedure because the slightest turn could make a big difference. You could lose the satellite signal altogether or have a weaker signal coming through.

Satellite professionals are an option you can consider if you choose not to fix the problem on your own. They won’t come out for free so you’ll have to spend money on a solution that the lovable roofers caused.

Do-it-yourselfers can give it a whirl if they love fixing things and problem solving. First acquire the proper numbers for best reception at your zip code. Go to menu on your satellite and then push the button for system setup. Next push the point dish/signal button. Press the peak angles button once you are there. If you have dish 500 make sure the satellite is on 119 then type in your zip code.

By typing in your zip code you are given the number for an Azimuth Angle, Elevation Angle, and Skew Angle. Write the numbers down. Find a compass. The Azimuth Angle will give you the best course to the satellites in the sky. For instance, South might be the perfect direction. Think of it as right to left and vice versa. The Elevation Angle is the best angle from your residence. It is found by moving the satellite up and down. Use your compass to find the numbers you wrote down for each angle. The bolts for the angles are located behind the satellite. To move the satellite you will have to loosen the bolts.

To help in achievement of a strong signal you can view the signal strength on your TV or listen to the sounds of the signal strength. The higher pitched the sounds are the stronger your reception. The lower the sound the worse your reception will be. The signal strengths are found when you are at the point dish/signal page.

Stand on the side of your satellite when making any adjustments. You can block signals if you stand in front.

It is important to make adjustments in your satellite at regular intervals as there are chances of the connection getting weakened due to bad weather or natural disaster so one might have a Idaho (historical) map ready just so to shift base if problems persist. 

Call your satellite provider for assistance if things get ugly. The phone lines are usually open twenty four hours a day.

Why Your Rental Units Are Empty

Having moved over six times in the last twelve years, I have done more than my fair share of apartment hunting. In this time, I have viewed over a hundred units, and over and over I have listened to tales of woe from the owners. They cannot understand why their units are sitting empty for months, even years, at a time. Some had obvious issues such as nearby noise, filth or damage in the unit, long flights of stairs, or ‘attractive nuisances’ such as churches or playgrounds nearby. But others suffered from far less-noticeable unwanted features that turned our decision against their unit. All of them are a waste of the potential client’s time and yours, if it is an issue they are unwilling to have in their home. Here are the three worst offenders.

Non-standard floor-plans should be disclosed in the initial advertisement. I’ve viewed units where you had to walk through the bathroom to enter the master bedroom, or through a bedroom to reach a kitchen. One apartment built on a top floor had a shower tucked under the steep slope of the roof, so that you had to sit in a shower-chair with a hand-held sprayer to bathe. There was no tub. Another unit had a bathroom in a hallway, shared by two other tenants with a communal cleaning schedule posted! While some tenants won’t mind a non-standard layout, others will completely reject your property because of them. Disclose them in your ad and save both of you the aggravation by using such phrases such as ‘interesting layout’, ‘shared bathroom’, or ‘unique space’.

Flooring can be another huge turn-off. Yes, that new, freshly-laid carpet is gorgeous. But if it is very light or very dark, I don’t want to deal with the hassles of keeping it immaculate. One unit I viewed was covered in white carpet and so heavily padded it felt spongy beneath my feet. It was lovely, but completely inappropriate and a liability. One dropped can of soda and it would have been ruined. Beautiful hardwood flooring can be a culprit as well. Tenants usually do not want to purchase area rugs to fit someone else’s property. They can be expensive and may not fit the rooms of their next dwelling. Left bare, floors can be cold, noisy and scuff easily. Neutral carpet that does not extend into the kitchen and bathroom is optimal. If you have no intention of changing the flooring, disclose it early, either in the ad or the initial call with phrasing such as ‘all exposed hardwood’ or ‘new white carpet throughout’.

Pets policy is perhaps most frustrating of all. Do not advertise a unit as ‘pet friendly’ and then wait for the viewing to announce only one pet is permitted, or that it is cats-only or dogs-only. If there is a maximum number of pets, disclose this either in the ad or during the initial phone inquiry. Conversely, do not advertise as ‘no pets’ if there are others in the building with pets. The dander and allergens can spread into the common stairwells or ventilation and cause life-threatening reactions. ‘No pets this unit’ is a far more fair statement. If changing a unit from ‘pet friendly’ to ‘no pets’ between tenants, the carpets must be replaced and the entire unit scrubbed with care.

Furthermore, to avoid any problems, it is important that you back up yourself with the necessary information or data about the current standing of properties. Websites like will help you find the best deal for you so you don’t have to be stressed and frustrated.

These are the three largest problems I’ve encountered in my search for housing. If property owners were more forthcoming about these issues, time and aggravation could be saved. And if your unit continues to sit idle, you may want to consider changing either the unit itself or the wording in your advertisements. Honesty from the beginning can help you in your quest to find the perfect tenant for your space!

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Hummingbird Feeder- Make your Bird Pets Feel Royal

It is important to have basic general knowledge about many things happening around the world as only then can you hope to survive because if you aren’t aware of anything, how can you know about the many negative things going on in your own area?

When talking about general knowledge, it does not necessarily mean politics and entertainment but many other things as this is a huge subject that has to be studied and analyzed right from the basic roots.

Regarding knowledge, one doesn’t know how and where to begin as there are so many things to know about that include many topics that most individuals don’t even know that exist but in this case, we shall limit the discussion to a unique bird and a device pertaining to it.

Watch the Birdie

While most people might be aware of species like sparrows, eagles, parrots, crows, ducks, etc. very few know about the hummingbird as it is not mentioned very much in discussions except some vague references here and there.

This might sound odd but if you ask an average person to tell you all that he knows about the hummingbird, he won’t go beyond a few lines like it is the smallest bird in existence in terms of size and can fly backwards without any kind of issues.

But we are going to delve deeper into the lives of hummingbirds because it is important that other people should know more about this unique bird species otherwise they are depriving themselves of the opportunity of a lifetime.

Like human beings, hummingbirds also need the three basic necessities like food, water and oxygen to survive and they can’t eat it what we do as they can only stomach seeds and other bird treats.

They can consume things through the hummingbird feeder, which is a device that can store seeds and water for them to eat and drink as this is basically a container type device designed especially for them.

Best Models

Let us take a look at some of the best hummingbird feeders that have come out in 2020 until now so that it would give an idea for certain people on where to look:

  1. First Nature 3055- It is important to put the stamp of the best feeder on a particular brand or model as they are all unique in their own way but this one usually tops the list as its red color attracts the hummingbirds, who are fond of anything red, they are lightweight and durable in nature.
  2. HummZinger HighView- It is the runner-up in the list as it is considered the second best due to its easy to manage policy and lightweight structure that can be hanged anywhere around the house or garden so that the birds can fly down for a good meal of nectar
  3. Shiny Art- It is made up of plastic and therefore vulnerable to breaking down more quickly but the design is nothing short of brilliant as the beautiful painting is made from glass with multicolored hues that attract the hummingbird immediately
  4. Juegoal Hanging- It has a detachable cover at its surface with numerous ports through which the food can be inserted which requires cleaning at regular intervals

To conclude, these are some of the best hummingbird feeders to have come out this year that deserve a mention but you can definitely lookup for many other brands online that have been left out.

Hummingbirds are the gifts of nature along with many other domestic animals that make a garden or national park look so beautiful and enthralling that even a person who is averse to such things gets hooked.

Why Keeping a Higher Interest Rate Sometimes Makes Sense

Conventional wisdom often tells us that when given the choice of paying between debts, we should apply the payments to the highest yielding (i.e.-most expensive) interest rate debt. However, I think that is an antiquated way of handling your finances. Here’s why.

Let’s assume I gave you $20,000 that had to be applied towards debt. In your personal scenario “A” you could take the money and pay off a new acquired car note of $20,000 that bears an interest rate of 3.5%. The other option, scenario “B”, would be to take the $20,000 and pay down your $200,000 mortgage that bears an interest rate of 6.5%. Furthermore, if you made that down payment, it would allow you to reduce your current mortgage rate from 6.5% to 4.5%; a full 2% reduction! What would you choose?

I can tell you many of the people I speak to would quickly jump at the chance to reduce the mortgage so they could refinance. However, let’s actually look at the numbers and see what makes sense from a cash flow standpoint. You can use any standard loan amortization calculator on the internet to run these examples.

It is also important to carefully choose the money lender that you would seek help from. Most of these businesses really offer high interest rates for the amount of money that you borrow. So make sure to choose a reliable money lender to avoid any trouble and frustration in the future.

If you take a $200,000, fixed rate mortgage at 6.5%, the principal and interest payments are $1,264.14. Likewise, if you take a $20,000 auto loan at 3.5%, the principal and interest payments are $363.83. This gives you a grand monthly total for the two debts of $1,627.97. Now, let’s see what happens when we apply my generous $20,000 gift.

Under scenario A, the car note goes away, so you are left only with the monthly mortgage payment of $1,264.14. Under scenario B, the car note stays at $363.83. However, the new mortgage is now $180,000 fixed at a rate of 4.5%. This translates to a principal and interest payment of $912.03. This time, the grand monthly total for the two debts of $1,275.86.

How is this possible? You reduced your mortgage balance by $20,000 of higher interest debt and dropped your interest rate on the remaining balance by a full 2%! Yet you are still paying more money every month under Scenario B. It seems counterintuitive to keep a mortgage loan that has a higher interest rate and pay off a low rate car loan.

The key here is the amortization period of the loans. You are, without question, going to pay less interest on the mortgage over time. However, if you are look to maximize your monthly cash flow, it will almost always make more sense to eliminate shorter amortization loans. Reductions of long amortization period loans, even when substantially reducing the interest rate, simply don’t have the same impact. When you are developing your debt reduction plan, this is an important concept to remember.

How to Prepare For a Camping Trip

For those new to the camping experience, understanding how to prepare for living in the great outdoors can be complicating and frustrating. Knowing what to leave and what to bring along can often be the difference between a spiritual adventure and an awful nightmare.

First and foremost, make a list and check it twice. Of all the things you can do to prepare for a camping trip making a list is the easiest way to ensure that you’re bringing everything you’ll need. The length of your list will depend on the type of camping you’re going to do, where you’ll be camping, and the duration of your trip. This can range anywhere from a 10 day survival training course to a three week, luxurious stay in one of the many national parks around the U.S.

Upon making the list, divide the items you’re taking into categories. The categories will comprise of the items you’ll need for everyday living such as food, water, shelter, and proper clothing. You’ll want to bring some soap and a toothbrush to keep from offending the other campers with the many scents the human body can produce. Also, don’t forget the biodegradable, earth friendly toilet paper.

Deciding on what food to bring is easy when you break up the days into breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Three meals a day with plenty of liquids is all you’ll need. Factor in at least two liters of water a day for each person going. More water may be needed for strenuous activities like hiking or fishing. I like to pack a cooler with good food because eating well is half the fun of camping. A tip I learned a few years ago is to use a block of dry ice to keep food chilled. A 5 pound block will keep for days in a good cooler and it won’t water log the food when it melts. The dry ice vaporizes when it melts leaving no water in the bottom of the cooler as is the case with conventional, frozen water. Don’t store liquids with the dry ice, they will freeze thus becoming useless until they thaw. The assembling and disassembling of the camping tents for stargazing will be easy for the person. The cabins will be different for the staying of the family members and children. There will be lot of space for playing of games in the camp. The spending of the night will be effective for the person. 

Being unsure of the weather is no excuse, keep an eye on the forecast for the time and location of your trip. Call the closest rangers office or get a hold of a local outfitter to get an update on the weather before you leave. Bring plenty of warm clothes for when weather conditions take a turn for the worse. If you pack a tent, bring along a footprint or tarp to keep the floor dry.

In cold weather, a sleeping pad is essential for insulating the cold ground beneath your bed. A few warm and clean articles of clothing will raise your comfort level and make your trip more enjoyable.

Keeping everything clean will save you work in the future. Wash your utensils and cookware after every meal to keep the food from drying to the surface and saving you some time on your next meal. Soap, a toothbrush, and other needed toiletry items can be stored together in a small bag for future use. Again, don’t forget the toilet paper and a small shovel to bury what you can’t take with you.

The following is a list of items you will need for all camping trips, regardless of duration:

  1. Sleeping bag, pad, and tent.
  2. Food and water.
  3. Cooking stove with pot/pan, plate or bowl, and utensils for eating and cooking.
  4. Toothbrush, all-purpose soap, and small towel.
  5. Small survival/first-aid kit.
  6. Extra pants, shirt, socks, and underwear with warm clothes for cold weather.
  7. One or more of the following; GPSS unit, compass, and/or cell phone.
  8. Hatchet, knife, or small machete for firewood.

I hope this takes the confusion out of preparing for your next trip. Until then, happy camping!

Tips in Building Deck in Clash Royale

For you to be successful and victorious in playing Clash Royale, it is crucial to understand first the fundamentals of deck building. Knowing the basics of how to make a powerful deck will help you easily advance in the game. So to help you out, here are some tips o how you can build a winning Clash Royale deck. 

Know Your Spell

One of the best ways to make a powerful deck in Clash Royale is to know your spells. You can use your spells in wide variety of ways in the game. Aside from buildings and unites, you can also use it to counter your opponent, support your main unite and clear out the supporting units of your enemy. One of the common examples to effectively use your spell is to follow up your Hog Rider with a pre-emptive Log. In this way, you can clear out any swarm units that your opponent uses to counter you. Spells are also effective when you use it on units standing next to the towers of your opponent. This will maximize the value of the spells by also hitting the tower. Another way to use your spell is by using a higher elixir cost to eliminate numerous enemies. So always keep in mind that choosing the right spells is really crucial in making a powerful desk. But you should also take into consideration that your spell would depend on the needed support of your main units, the spells that your opponent’s counters are susceptible to and the most common counters it faces in the current meta.

Effective Support and Counters

It is also a sound strategy to use effective counters and superb support. Let say you are playing Hog Rider at the bridge, keep in mind that there are several and different cards like swarm units and buildings that can counter your action. The main purpose of the support card is to have them assist the main action of your opponent by countering the defensive cards of your enemy during a clash world. So in your situation, your opponent might counter your Hog Rider at the bridge by using a minion Horde. So, your ideal strategy or action would be to support your unit using Executioner which has the ability to take care of a huge variety of swarm units. 

Choose Your Win Condition

Basically, your win condition would determine your chances of winning the battle. So, it is advisable to use a card that will give you an offensive tool in order to damage the tower of your opponent. As an example, let’s use Hog Rider of the Giant. Normally, Hog Rider relies on dealing a medium amount of damage every time they are used. The Lava Hound of the Golem are used in order to create big pushes in order to deal huge damage to the towers of the opponent. So when choosing your strategy, always choose a card that you are comfortable with and which is not easily countered by current meta decks.

Worcester it Consulting Helps Your Business Run at Optimal Levels

If you are a Boston-area business owner, you might have considered fine-tuning your information technology department to make your company more competitive in today’s fast-paced business market. Worcester it consulting services can help make that happen for your business. They can offer solutions to your IT problems, get your company’s information technology up to fully functional levels, and help to streamline your IT by customizing your system to better meet your company’s unique business needs.

Worcester it consulting services can provide the flexibility your need so that you can determine the best IT solutions for your Boston-area business. Consultants are highly trained professionals, ready to expertly assist your company in any or all areas of Windows and Unix system administration, network administration, network security, implementation of wireless technology, data backup and recovery, server consolidation and many others.

One of the most helpful offerings that come from Worcester it consulting services is that they provide you with a range of IT options and levels of service, from which you can choose the most appropriate for your business and budget. If you currently have an IT department onsite at your company, we can supplement what is already in place when your needs exceed your ability to cover them. We can also handle the entire running of your IT department, and this is something that you will want to consider carefully as you are comparing prices between having employees onsite as your IT department or outsourcing the job. You can have more insights about the benefits and advantages of outsorcing Worcester IT consulting in this website You will certainly realize that you will be able to save some money when you hire an IT consultant for your business.

Boston it outsourcing is a popular choice for many Massachusetts businesses for several reasons. The biggest factor that causes business owners to switch to an outsourced IT service is the cost effectiveness. You will need to add up all of the employee salaries, benefits, fringes, pensions and continued training costs, and then compare that to Boston it outsourcing. IT outsourcing is available whenever you need it, on a temporary or full-time basis. These services are available both offsite as well as onsite, so you can utilize whichever best meets your business’s needs.

One Information Technology area that many companies find useful is document management services. If your company requires it, a virtually paperless office is possible with document management services. Because management is done online, there is a significant reduction in misfiled paperwork, as well as an improvement in the speed with which you can retrieve documents and save on paper and photocopying costs. This system is fully customizable to meet the established procedural protocols that your office uses.

No matter what your information technology need, Worcester it consulting service providers can meet it in the manner that best suits your Boston company.