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Daily Archives: July 16, 2020

The Importance of Support and Resistance Levels in Stock Market Trading

What are the support and resistance levels in reference to stock trading? A “support” level, is where stock is falling and reaches a comfortable and attractive price to traders who then purchase the stock giving it their support. The stock reaches a certain plateau that is deemed as a good investment price and therefore begins to be desirable at a said price which in turn will only cause the worth of the stock to go up, and those who have invested in it at the support level price begin accruing a profit.

On the very opposite end of the spectrum, a “resistance” level is where a stock has peaked at a high price and therefore has met resistance from traders who have deemed the price for the value of the stock to be too high or too risky. In this case, the stock will most likely fall until it reaches a support level, at which traders feel the price to be a comfortable investment that eventually will lead to profit. Not unlike a game of “Pong” stocks will rise, and sit pretty for a golden moment, only to turn right back around and fall until caught in the net of a support level and sent hurling upwards once more. If you are a trader trying to learn all about the secrets of trading then you can try Trafigura.

It is imperative, to become a successful trader, for one to be able to distinguish market trends. By watching your targeted stock for an extended period of time, this will help you master the art needed to make the profit you desire. One of the easiest yet most effective methods of gauging a trend line is by obtaining the stock’s financial history. Use the times when it sat at a high for longer than a three day period as your gage for resistance, and on the same token, use the times where the stock sat at a low over the span of more than three days, as your support level.

The more you know about your stock’s past performance, the better off you are at making a profit in the long run. This information is particularly useful if you are attempting to purchase stock at a low support level price and then immediately sell it when it hits its resistance level price in order to turn a profit. The formula is useful to both the day and the position trader as the day trader does not have the luxury of sitting back and watching the stock rise and fall. To him, determining the stock value in a short period of time with as much knowledge and precise calculation as possible is key. When executed correctly, with the understanding of what exactly the support and resistance levels are and how to properly identify them in market trends, you are well on your way to being a successful stock market trader.

Shoreview Apartments Satellite Beach Florida: Unsupportive Of Handicap Parking Laws!

The Americans With Disabilities Act Is Needed In The United States

The Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 was enacted to protect the civil rights of disabled people. The Americans with Disabilities Act also requires that public and commercial places have parking spaces available for those with disabilities. In the Unites States when a law is passed then someone has usually shown and demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that there is a need for the law. Most of us who are willing to look at an issue objectively realize and will admit that all these rules, laws and regulations exist in the United States because a significant number of people didn’t want to do the right thing to begin with.

Satellite Beach is a small coastal community located just south of Cape Canaveral and Patrick Air Force Base and is situated between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. The Shore View Apartments is in Brevard County just north of Satellite Beach and is home to a mix of young adults and retirees, families with kids and single people, longtime Florida residents and snow birds. A good cross section of the US population is represented at the Shore View Apartments.

Following The Spirit of The Law And Doing The Right Thing

Over the past few months the incidents of vehicles parking in handicap reserved parking without stickers or tags had become epidemic. At any given time many of the handicap reserved spaces were used by vehicles that did not display the required stickers or tags. At Penrose Condo apartments, there should be supportive parks for the handicap person. The incidents should be great to meet with the specifications for living in the flats. The laws should be complied under the preparation of the budget.

The Shore View Staff was asked to intervene and assist with enforcing the laws so the reserved parking would be available when needed. Initially the Shore View Staff seemed concerned with the misuse of reserved parking spaces and information provided to them was acted upon and vehicles moved. Within a short period of time the Shore View Staff aptitudes changed and they expressed this view in an email.

“The parking at Shore View is sometimes quite challenging due to the fact that when it was built there was just an average of 1.2 cars per household. Now a days there are more especially if it is a roommate situation.

Because of this, Management does not strictly enforce each and every handicap spot if they are not needed by another handicapped resident.

This area that you talk about is the most congested parking area on the property and is where I would add another tenor so spots if I couldJ

And although we do not sticker these cars each time they always risk the chance of a sheriff driving through and ticketing them.Thanks again for your concerns”

The Facts of Shore View Apartments:

  • 155 apartments
  • 204 marked parking spaces
  • 5-7 unmarked parking spaces
  • 11 (10 as of October 3) handicap reserved spaces
  • 50-70 unused parking spaces nightly

Conclusions, Excuses And Passing The Buck

Civil behavior starts at the community level and the responsibility rest with each of us to do the right thing just because it’s the right thing to do and it is the law. If someone is in a position of authority they need to provide positive leadership along with enforcing the rules. People, communities and countries should be judged by how they treat members of their societies. Passing the buck to law enforcement is the same as saying I really don’t care and can’t be bothered. Blaming the conditions on nonexistent parking space shortages is disingenuous. We should call the indifference what it is: laziness, disrespect and an unwillingness to protect idea’s that we should take pride in protecting. If this behavior is systemic throughout the rest of the country then we must rank low on the list when it comes to civility and decency in societies around the globe.

In the end local law enforcement was called and asked to intervene. In a quarterly newsletter dated October tenants were warned that the sheriff’s office does drive by’s and thereby passing the buck to an overburdened police department. A few days later The Shore View Staff, in what can only be perceived as a mean spirited act, painted over one of the more convenient handicap parking spaces reducing the overall number from eleven to ten.

How To Decide The Best Midi Keyboard For Logic Pro X?

Pianos are the best and fluent instrument to play. The soothing sound of the piano can make anyone enjoy music. The professional piano players make use of midi keyboards that are also known as controller keyboards. These work as a musical keyboard and are designed as electronic pianos. Using this device pianists can easily send MIDI signals over USB on computers or other digital devices. The most wondering feature of these controller boards is that these devices themselves do not produce any sound as there is no onboard sound module. 

It works by pressing the keys on a midi device so that the information is sent to the device that is powerful enough to create sound by the process of modeling synthesis or any analog device. In this article, we will take a look at various midi keyboards and how they can be used for logic pro x. The article also deals with the top 8 midi keyboards to consider while purchasing where the price and features of each of them are different from each other.

What midi controller to use for logic pro x?

Logic pro x is the part of apple’s product and lies 10th inversion that is suitable for running on MAC iOS.  People can make use of digital audio workstations to work on logic pro x but when the midi controller is used for it the work becomes 10 times easier, faster, and simple to understand. The simplified setting of the interface helps the user to set up their iPhone or the iPad to it and work just like a remote would work for the program. The main advantage of using is that people can access 255 music tracks because of the multi-channel sound system. 

How to use a midi keyboard?

Using logic pro x with the midi keyboard is super easy. The featured device in advance in setup system and within no time gets ready to be used. All you need is to follow these steps for the setup:

  • Open logic pro x and make a new session
  • Selecting the top toolbar got choose files> project settings>synchronization
  • When synchronization window opens select the midi tab
  • After selecting close the synchronization tab
  • Then again from the top toolbar select logic pro x and then go to control surfaces where you will find the option of control assignments
  • Import the pre-made mapping files.

8 best midi keyboards for logic pro X

There are some of the best midi keyboards that are used by professionals musicians and most of the beginners. Logic pro x is the best software for music also requires the best midi keyboard that can co-ordinate together and produce the best music. Here is the list of top 8 midi controllers that can be used with the logic pro x. some of the top picked devices include:

  • Akai Professional MPK mini MKII
  • Ik multimedia iRig Keys pro
  • Roland lightweight 49 key midi
  • Alesis vi49
  • Novation impulse 49 USB
  • Akai Professional MPK 249
  • M- audio code 61 black
  • Nectar panorama p6

Thus, we can say that buying the best midi keyboard depends on several factors to consider. In general, you don’t require a midi keyboard to use the logic as it can also be done with the help of a mouse. The most important thing to know that the midi monitor works properly so you can know that it is working properly. The Midi transmission takes place in signals called bits. be very helpful in choosing the best midi keyboards for logic pro X. All the price advises and also the best features of all the devices.