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Daily Archives: August 26, 2020

Samsung BX2440X Overview

Samsung, being a trusted name in the world of technology has introduced a minimalistic 24-inch LED monitor ideal for home offices and surfing – Samsung BX2440X.

This LED monitor comes in set features that will provide high level of visual experience. Let us start with the four magical features;

This is a new Samsung feature where it provides optimum viewing environment depending on the images that you are watching. You can choose to select one among the six settings such as:

  • Text – this is usually for viewing documentations or works with heavy text
  • Internet – this is ideal for viewing a mixture of text and graphics
  • Game – of course, for viewing motion pictures such as games
  • Movie – this is for motion pictures particularly for DVD’s or VCD’s
  • Custom – this is when you want to manually adjust the brightness and contrast of the images or motion pictures using OSD menu

This is also a new innovation from Samsung where it allows you to view the screen clearly from any angle. With this 5-angle technology, you can expect to see crisp images and bold colors whether you are sitting in a couch, lying in your bed, doing your exercise, while eating or simply from every direction and position. Images simply stay the same.

This is another feature from Samsung where you no longer have to worry about losing contents on your second monitor if the cable disconnects and you lose signal. This is an intelligent technology that will ensure that all contents are automatically transferred to the monitor that remains on.

It is always best to save energy as much as possible at the same time enjoying playing games, surfing and watching movies. This MagicEco allows you to choose the level of brightness of your monitor from 100%, 70%, down to 50%. This is a pretty good power consumption technology from Samsung.

Here are the other features offered by Samsung BX2440X:

Even with 5ms response time, you can expect to enjoy an equally clear motion graphics and perfectly performing monitor with Samsung BX2440X. You can appreciate its precise and smooth motion images, internet streamed contents and games without worrying about ghosting, blurring and motion quivers. Fast response time means immersive visual experience.

With the highest level of contrast ratio, Samsung BX2440X can deliver quality images with rich colors and crystal clear details. You can enjoy vividly realistic images with 16:9 aspect ratio.

With this intelligent adjustable image size function found in Samsung BX2440X, you can enjoy images exactly as they were designed. Images will be portrayed in standard and original format on a wider screen, not stretched nor distorted.

With this feature, you can choose and assign a customized key to any of your favorite functions so as you can access your favorite feature in a flash. You are simply in control.

Samsung BX2440X, I think, is truly ideal for homes offices, for internet surfing and for gaming as well. With its 24-inch monitor, fast response time even at 5ms and 16:9 aspect ratio, speed and excellent performance will surely be achieved.

I couldn’t agree less with others saying that Samsung BX2440X is one of those top of the line LED monitors that captures the true meaning of precision and visual quality.


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My Dog Is Always Hungry

If there’s one question that dog owners commonly ask, it would be: “Why is my dog always hungry?” You were sure you gave it a lot of food and surely it would’ve been full after such a meal, but why does it seem like your dog is eternally hungry and that any amount of food you give them just isn’t enough? Then you start asking yourself whether or not you’re feeding your pet right, or if it’s sick. This dog behavior may seem alarming to most pet owners, but in most cases; this dog behavior is perfectly normal as you can check that here in this report.

There are a lot of theories as to why dogs seem to be always hungry. One such theory suggests that dogs were initially domesticated because humans have the food the dogs needed to survive. These dogs have been going on at this sort of behavior since time immemorial. For them, food is a limited source. So any chance they have to get food, they take it. Aside from that theory, we all know how cunningly cute our dogs can be and how they know how to use that cuteness to get what they want from us humans.

Some theorists propose that dogs who exhibit such behavior have experienced starvation or deprivation of food. This theory states that dogs that have undergone starvation are prone to the behavior of insatiable hunger because they know and have experienced starvation and are motivated never to experience it again. Another explanation of why dogs seem to have such an insatiable appetite is because of their biology. This is evidently true for big dogs. The amount of food intake for a dog is relative to its size, they’re just obeying what they feel inside their tummies.

These theories are of course behavioral theories from various studies. However, do not be too complacent about your dog’s behavior when it comes to food, it may also be caused by a medical condition. As stated earlier, it is rarely caused by medical maladies, but that doesn’t mean that it is not possible. Some dogs may really be suffering from various illnesses like diabetes, pancreatic disorders, or gastrointestinal problems. You can never be too sure, if you find that your dog’s behavior towards food is getting alarming, it is always the best choice to consult your veterinarian and have your dog checked up

Dogs will be dogs, and their hunger may never be sated. But this does not mean that you are to starve them. As a pet owner, it is our sole responsibility to ensure the welfare of our pets, and feeding them the right amount of food regularly is always a must. With that said, you should also take care not to over-feed your dogs. If you are unsure about the amount of food that you are allowed to give your dog, you can always ask your vet for some helpful advice.