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Monthly Archives: May 2021

Before And After Weight Loss

Before you embark on your weight loss plan it is important to know some facts, still after weight loss there are facts you should know that no one will tell you. To begin with is what you should know before you begin your weight loss plan.

Specific measurements of your body are related to your health

Such measurements are such as blood pressure and level of cholesterol. There are three important facts that you should know that are highly related to weight and health risks. One is your actual weight, the second is your body mass index and the third is the measurement of your waist. The body mass index is based on your weight and height. According to doctors BMI is a better measure of health risk than the actual weight in pounds. On the other hand, body fat in the stomach area is considered more of a health risk issue compared to body fat that builds around the buttocks and thigh areas. In this regard your waist circumference provides important information on your risk to high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol. A high waist circumference is an indication of metabolic syndrome condition. Although this condition not familiar to many people, it often progresses to type 2 diabetes. Treating this condition is one effective way of prevent this type of diabetes. This metabolic syndrome can be treated through basic lifestyle changes such as weight lose, taking healthier diet and being more active.  Best appetite suppressant in the market is sold by various companies. it is essential that you should know about the product you are shopping completely.  Before you begin your weight lose plan, you should know that diet drugs may initially help you lose weight but not help you maintain the weight. On the other hand they may have harmful side effects. Taking diet pills does not help you know how to change your eating habits and exercise activity. The best weight lose habit is the one that helps you lose weight and keep it off.

Losing extra pounds has a whole lot of health benefits

Although there are some challenges after losing weight that you will not hear about. First, you will not change the perception of your body immediately. As a matter of fact, the body image could be the last aspect to change after weight loses. Even after overweight people have lost their weight, they still believe they take more space. The perception of their overweight body may take a while longer. Eventually, they become confident and compliment their new look. Another fact after losing weight is that the excess skin is likely to remain. After losing weight you are likely to be faced by a physical reminder of its disappearance through stretch marks and sagging. How loose your skin becomes after weight loss depends on how much weight you have lost, how fast you lost your weight, how old you are and the number of times you have lost and gained the weight back. If you feel frustrated about your excess skin, just be skeptical on your reflection. Another change that may occur after losing weight is that some of your relationships are bound to change. For instance, new relationships at the gym or in a weight loss group may become motivating and empowering. On the other hand older relationships even romantic ones may suffer, especially if one person loses weight while the other one doesn’t.

Before and after weight loss it is always important to be wear of risks associated with extra weight and the benefit of maintaining the appropriate weight. On the other hand, before you embark on weight loss strategy, be ready for some of challenges to put up with after weight loss.

What Do You Know About Kratom Strains And Their Effects?

Individuals now tend to use different things for gaining energy. It provides them with satisfaction along with all the fun they need. Kratom is a tree that belongs to the coffee family and is among the highly used strains by people worldwide. It is commonly found in parts of Southeast Asia, particularly in Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, etc., as it has some useful herbal medicinal properties in use since the early nineteenth century. Many online Kratom Vendors provide consumers with the best strains as per their requirement. Besides, every strain has a different purpose and use in various parts of the world.    

About the strains

The use of kratom strains has spiked very recently in America. It offers various benefits to the consumers, including relief from pains, anxiety, stress, and increased focus and concentration in individuals. The intention to use kratom is to work as a sedative, but only it is purchased by some of the best vendors. It has stimulant effects on the mind and belongs to the Rubiaceae family in the Plantae kingdom. There are different kratom strains, and each one of them is best for fulfilling all recreational purposes. 

What are the best strains?

Some of the best strains that Kratom Vendors sell include the following:

  • White Maeng Da:

it is the optimal strain that provides energy and focus and is the most popular strains that are available. It is said to reduce the levels of pain and increases the body ability. People indulged in manual labour can use this strain as it allows them to complete their work faster and takes all the pain to the edge. It is advised to take it in the morning for best results throughout the day.

  • Green Bali:

it kicks the energy in an individual and is widely known for providing strong effects and focus. The attention provided is unmatched and is the ultimate solution for people with ADHD and other minor issues that benefit mental health. It should usually be taken before starting with a new project because it allows a constant creative flow and maintains a high productivity level. 

  • White Borneo:

it is among the top three kratom strains that offer the best mixture of happiness, focus and energy at the same time. It is advised to take these for all the daytime activities because it offers well-balanced energy levels and lifts the mood of an individual, and makes them cheerful for a long time. 

Prices of the strains 

The strains available with Kratom Vendors are all in different price ranges. The White Maeng strain is $19.99 for 36 grams and contains about 36 capsules in a box, while Green Bali and White Borneo also lie in the same price ranges. It offers complete customer satisfaction and transparency along with a quick and reliable delivery service on all orders. The payment for the same can be made via credit and debit cards worldwide. 

Thus, it is a strain of several uses and is beneficial most of the times.     

Why You Need To Eat Natural Fats

Fats are another food that people who are trying to lose weight tend to avoid. The reason for this is that they wrongly associate eating fats with becoming fat. In addition to this, many of the foods people associate with fats (burgers, chips, fries etc.) are poor quality processed foods which sabotage their weight loss efforts.

While it is true that eating the wrong kinds of fats can cause you to gain weight, eating the right kinds of fats will optimize your weight loss efforts and help you reach your ideal weight. Studies have shown that eating a good mx of healthy fats increases the rate at which your body burns fat and reduces the amount of body fat you store. In addition to this, healthy fats support all the cells and vital organs which are involved with fat burning and ensure that your body burns fat smoothly and efficiently at all times.

How To Increase Your Intake Of Natural Fats

Natural fats can be sourced from all types of food. They’re extremely versatile and can be incorporated into your diet in countless ways. The section below lists some of the best natural food sources of fats and provides you with a number of innovative serving suggestions which will allow you to make natural fats a regular fixture in your diet.

  1. Dairy

Dairy products are filling, full flavored and a rich source of natural fats. An average serving of dairy provides you with between 5g and 10g of healthy fats along with lots of other health boosting nutrients. Apart from Weight loss pills you should also keep a track of your diet. Below are some of the important foods you should consume to stay slim and fit. The list below highlights a number of dairy inspired meals you can use to increase your dairy intake:

– Cheese Salads:

Combine your favorite cheese with a selection of your favorite salad vegetables for a creamy, healthy lunch or dinner.

– Dairy Smoothies:

Combine Greek yogurt and/or milk with a selection of your favorite fruits, nuts, seeds or vegetables for an easy fat filled lunch or snack.

– Greek Yogurt Mixes:

Combine Greek yogurt with some fruit or seeds for a quick and easy breakfast or snack.

– Omelets: Combine cheese, eggs and milk with your favorite meat, fish or vegetables to create a hot, filling breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  1. Fruits & Vegetables

Certain fruits and vegetables are brilliant sources of natural fats. These include avocados (which contain 29g of fats per fruit), coconuts (which contain 27g of fats per cup) and olives (which contain 14g of fats per cup). They can all be enjoyed individually as a tasty snack or combined with other ingredients to create a fat rich meal.

  1. Meat & Fish

Meat and fish are both packed full of animal fats. They contain between 5g and 15g of natural fats per serving and are also an excellent source of protein. They can also be eaten in countless ways and the section below outlines some top suggestions for making meat and fish part of your diet:

– Fish Or Meat Casserole & Stew:

Combine your favorite meat and/or fish with a selection of vegetables and a healthy sauce to create a tasty, nutritional dinner.

– Fish Or Meat Salads:

Combine grilled, fried or baked meat and/or fish with a selection of your favorite salad vegetables for a fat filled lunch or dinner.

– Fish Or Meat & Vegetables:

Grill, fry or bake your favorite meat and/or fish with a selection of vegetables for a quick and easy dinner.

  1. Nuts & Seeds

Nuts and seeds are a highly concentrated source of natural fats with an average serving packing between 10g and 20g of fats. They’re also a top source of protein, numerous vitamins and numerous minerals. The list below highlights some of the best ways to incorporate nuts and seeds into your diet:

– Greek Yogurt & Seeds:

Sprinkle your favorite seeds over a cup of Greek yogurt for a rich, filling breakfast or snack.

– Nuts & Dried Fruits Mix:

Combine your favorite nuts and dried fruits in a plastic food bag and keep them with you during the day for a quick and easy snack.

– Nuts & Seeds Mix:

Combine your favorite nuts and seeds in a plastic food bag for a nutritious, fat filled snack.

  1. Oils

Oils are a pure source of fats and a great way to quickly add a dose of healthy fats to any meal. A single table spoon serving of oil provides you with 14g of fats and also adds a unique flavor to the food you’re eating. The list below highlights some of the best methods for adding oils to your meals:

– Marinade:

Combine a tablespoon of oil with a selection of your favorite herbs and/or spices and then use this marinade to bake, grill or fry your favorite hot foods.

– Salad Dressing: Combine a tablespoon of oil with a selection of your favorite herbs and/or spices and then drizzle this dressing on top of your salads.

History Of Sewing Machines

Making a sort of chain stitch could be accomplished with the hooked needle by leaving the prior stitch loose and running the thread through the loose loop, then pulling it tight, sort of like a chain, which is where the term ‘chain stitch comes from. Get a gist of chain stitch history and how it lead to the invention of patches here on

Before the invention of the sewing machine, all sewing had to be done by hand. The seemingly simple hand stitch was difficult to duplicate with a machine. The difficulty in making a machine that could duplicate the hand-sewn chain stitch increased the popularity of the decorative stitch. Decorative stitching was done using a hooked needle but the stitches were not joined together. Joined stitches couldn’t be done by machine.

A German named Charles Weisenthal was granted British patent number 701 in 1755 for a double-pointed needle that also had an eye at one end. His design called for the needle to be passed through the fabric and then grasped by two mechanical fingers. The major problem with this design is that the entire needle had to be passed through the fabric and the thread had then be pulled taut. So the thread had to be pretty short so the people using the needles had to spend a lot of time ‘re-threading the needle.

Thirty-five years later, a cabinetmaker by the name of Thomas Saint was granted British patent number 1764. Since he was a cabinetmaker by trade the patent was incorrectly filed under the ‘Glues and Varnishes’ section. Almost eighty years later, the patent was (re)discovered (1873) by Newton Wilson. Wilson built a duplicate of the patent and found that it would not work without some very extensive modifications. This suggests that Thomas Saint never built the device he was granted the patent for in 1764. Although his design did include an overhead arm for carrying the needle and also included a basic tensioning system. Both of these features are still common in today’s sewing machines.

Although many patents were awarded, they all attempted to duplicate the human ‘chain stitch. Finally, a French tailor, named Barthelemy Thimonnier came up with the idea of using a machine that would make a stitch that could be easily accomplished by machine and did not attempt to duplicate the hand stitches. His variation used a horizontal arm mounted on a vertical reciprocating bar. This ‘needle bar projected from the end of the horizontal arm. His design was upside down compared to modern machines with the needle coming up from the bottom and used a foot pedal to power the machine. A tailor by trade, in 1830, Thimonnier was awarded a patent in 1830. 80 of Thimonniers machines were installed in a factory in Paris that made soldiers clothing. In a strange twist of fate, other tailors who feared the new machines would put them out of business broke into the factory and destroyed the machines.

The first machine made a chain stitch, which is very weak and can be easily pulled apart. Necessity is the mother of invention and the modern lockstitch was invented to overcome the shortcomings of the chain stitch.

Should You Read Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

In my experience I have only come across a handful of tarot card readers that don’t read reversed meanings. When I very first started reading tarot I did too! I didn’t take me long to realise that it wasn’t necessary to reverse the cards; that I could give a perfectly good reading without doing so, and so I stopped.

Learning about the free tarot reading is essential as there is no requirement to spend additional money. The prediction of the correct future is possible for the people to have the desired results. The good reading is essential to meet the desired benefits related to the spiritual future of the people. 

I recently posted a Facebook poll and asked the question: Do you read reversed tarot meanings? Yes? No? Or sometimes? I was the only person who clicked no, and the third option was removed. I assume that it wasn’t considered to be a valid answer and I left it with just the two yes and no options. However, there was a valid reason for including that option.

A while back I did a tarot Q&A with some of the best readers out there; including Mary K Greer. Ironically, it was her answer to the same question that inspired the third option in my poll. Mary answered: “You don’t have to read reversed cards. I don’t with some decks and for some kinds of readings, although I usually do read reversals now.” In fact only one of the six experts I interviewed said that they didn’t read reversals and two basically said sometimes.

It’s quite clear that reading reversals is common practise. However, if you’re a beginner and you’re feeling under pressure to do so just because everybody else does, I’d say don’t worry an iota about it. It’s not necessary. In my opinion, time is better spent learning how to understand the dynamics between pairs or groups of cards.

To me, tarot cards are so multidimensional and intricate that they contain both positive and negative energy anyway. I use the influence of surrounding cards to determine which way the energy is flowing. The ace of wands next to the sun or the world denotes a completely different feeling to me than if it was next to the devil or the five of cups.

Once you’ve mastered how to interpret the relationships between different cards then you’re halfway there, the rest is down to your ability to tune in and gather the clues that aren’t so obvious. Once you accomplish this, deciding whether or not to read reversals will be easy.