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All You Need To Know About Magic Mushroom

Considering the medical potency of magical mushrooms, there are a lot of facts and things that one needs to know about these fungi. Because of their effect on the human brain, magic mushrooms are illegal in several countries as well. Considering all this, we are going to take a look at the different facts that one should know about and learn more about my first experience with amanita muscaria.

  • A Potential Cure For Several Medical Ailments

Mental health issues are getting more and more common these and the treatment process quite expensive as well. However, magic mushrooms are considered to be an effective cure for mental health issues. There are studies indicating that magic mushrooms can provide long-lasting relief to those suffering from OCD, depression, and anxiety. 

  • Can Be Helpful For People Trying To Quit Alcohol And Tobacco

There are cases, where magic mushrooms have helped people in quitting their addiction to tobacco and alcohol. The use of magic mushroom slows down the thinking process of your brain and with proper counseling, it can be seen as an effective way to quit these habits. 

Moreover, magic mushrooms are completely non-addictive. Unlink alcohol, tobacco, and medical drugs there is no possible way through which the human body can get addicted to the use of the fungi. 

  • Growth Of Brain Cells

Magic mushrooms are also believed to have neurogenesis properties, which is why regular use of magic mushrooms can facilitate the growth of your brain cells. Keeping this in mind, scientists are studying magic mushrooms as a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. 

Besides that, magic mushrooms are also believed to have properties that can alter the personality of a person for good. According to a 2011 study, people that use magic mushrooms are more open to new ideas and experiences. 

  • Versatility Of These Mushrooms 

There are over 200 kinds of magic mushrooms found all over the globe and all of them are different in shapes and sizes as well. However, the main component because of which these mushrooms get their magic is psilocybin is present in all of them. This is why you should avoid eating any mushroom that you find in the wild thinking that it’s a magic mushroom. 

  • Legality 

Although these mushrooms are illegal in several countries, the citizens of the Czech Republic and Spain can cultivate and store these magic mushrooms. Moreover, in the Netherlands, through “Magic Truffles” these magic mushrooms are sold legally. 

  • The Downside To These Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are non addictive and do not possess any potential risk, problems like nausea and vomiting are fairly common. Moreover, there is no cure or remedy once you experience a “bad trip” with the use of magic mushrooms. Additionally, it is highly recommended that you use these mushroom under medical supervision only


Considering how potent these magic mushrooms are when it comes to their medical applications, we can surely expect more use of these medical fungi in the future. Scientists and medical researchers are constantly developing and investigating the effects of magic mushrooms on the human mind and body.