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At The Point of Mobility – Social Media Management Texas

If the average internet user had 5 social media accounts back in 2014, imagine what that number looks like today. Imagine how much daily time that is per person, per social media platform, per social media channel. That number was estimated at 100 minutes per day in 2014, it was 125 in 2016 and today it’s closer to 140 minutes per day, which is 2 hours and 20 minutes per day. Buy Facebook Photo Likes along with the comments to improve the popularity of the page. The costing for the likes and followers will meet with the requirements. The availability of the correct information is necessary to have the desired results with spending of less cost at the social media platform. The views on the photos is increased with the purchasing of the likes. 

With 2 Billion + social networking users in 2016, that is an estimated 37% of the social networking market. What is more amazing about these numbers, most everyone engaging on social media is doing so 60% of the time at the point of mobility, or using a Smart Phone.

It is no longer enough to build a brick and mortar location with hopes if you build it – they will come, to hand someone a business card with hopes they keep it, remember you later and call you back when the need comes up or to pay $5,000 for postcards with an expected 2% return on a direct mail campaign

One thing is certain, MARKETING has changed and will continue to evolve as business owners start to understand the balance between old school and new school. That is why every business should be looking to engage potential customers at the point of “mobility”.

Engaging customers where they spend their time is not a bad strategy, matter of fact, it’s a time tested strategy that has generated $70 Billion dollars in television advertising revenues in the US alone in 2016. Is Television going away, definitely not, especially with all the new technologies that enable the television experience to be more customized and on demand. Mobility is simply adding another option for social entertainment goers. Mobility is the Smart Phone! At the point of the smart phone being in someone’s back pocket, I’d say you can access the consumer directly most anytime of the day within a 24 hour period. That creates more opportunity for business owners needing to capture the consumer’s attention, to educate them on products and services, to convert them into customers and even better, to convert them into repeat customers who are loyal and ultimately become raving fans or brand ambassadors. Who doesn’t want to create social media influence through mobility?

Touching Joe or Jane Consumer at the point of mobility takes time, and we all know time = money. To be relevant, to spread your message, to socially engage and jump into the conversation will require time and money. To share your intentions, to demonstrate your passions, to showcase your level of artisan skills, to create social connections that are memorable and most importantly, social connections that are authentic and ones that Joe or Jane Consumer can trust. It takes time to design a social media campaign, a strategy and implement it across digital marketing spaces.

A well rounded, smart and successful digital marketing agenda will include offline and online targets, with goals focused on real world conversions and social media engagements, complimented by each other and with a synergy that starts at The Point of Mobility.