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Why Are N95 Masks Still So Difficult To Get?

Facemasks are huge part of the thing we called ‘new normal’. Nowadays, taking good care of ourselves and taking preventive measures are crucial to keep ourselves healthy and free from the virus. One of those measures is by wearing face masks every time we have to go outside especially in public places. According to China, the country is now making 200 million face masks everyday. It is 20 times greater than the number of face masks they were producing before the pandemic hit the world. This include the lightweight masks that people usually wear as protection against COVID-19 and heavy duty N95 masks used by health care workers. Despite the voluminous amount of face masks being produced every day, it seems that it is still not enough to meet the demands as global orders are also increasing rapidly.

According to study, mask manufacturers are running at 110% capacity. Even factories that once made iPhones, shoes, and cars are now being retooled to manufacture face masks. Moreover, machineries that are designed to create sanitary pads and diapers are now producing materials for masks. Hence, manufacturing masks is not as easy as we thought it is. According to the chairman of pharmaceutical group Shengjingtong, there is a massive and huge system needed to create face masks in a voluminous amount just to meet global orders and the demand of the local people. 

As of the moment, the 200 million masks that China manufactures every day contain only 600,000 N95 standard masks that are used by health-workers and medical personnel. As a result, the provincial regulators have added dozens of new licenses factories to operate in order to contribute in the production of top-grade masks including those that meet the standards for use by health-care professionals.

Furthermore, both the light and heavy-duty masks require a once-obscure material called malt-brown fabric. This fabric is a fine mesh of synthetic polymer fibers that forms the filtration layer of the mask. This allows the user to breath while reducing the inflow of possible infectious particles. But the problem is that, the cost of machine that produces this kind of fabric melts down material costs 3.8 million euros. This could be very costly if we want to produce face masks that are safe to use. In addition, the machines intended to create such materials are not easy to create due to its exacting precision required. there is a need to stretch the fibers by hot air and it needs to be in the standard condition. 

With that being said, the creation and production of high quality and genuine KN95 masks and the regular ones used by the public is not as easy as we thought it was. There are several factors that contribute to the overall production including the materials used and the machines needed. Hence, these are also the reason why we experienced shortage in face masks. This pandemic is indeed a challenge for all of use and we have to be cooperative.

Rest-Pause Training Information

We want the best techniques possible when it comes to learning how to build muscle. My routine to build muscle is basic but effective as I have a sorted workout plan in addition to some of the best pills for weight loss that I have added to my diet. And if you add in rest-pause training to this you are onto a killer routine that is going to pack on pounds and pounds of muscle in a very short period of time.

Rest pause bodybuilding training is one of those techniques that has been around forever but is still not understood by a lot of trainees, and it is often used as an excuse to cheat, use weights that are too heavy, use poor form, and basically slack off in a set when you shouldn’t be doing anything of the sort. This article, and the series of workouts that will be associated with it, will give you all that you need to know about training using rest-pause sets, for maximum growth and maximum poundage progression.

What Is A Rest-Pause

A rest-pause is simply a name given to a technique in weight training where you rest between each rep. You will be resting in the position that you begin your set of reps in. i.e the top position is Squats, or with the bar hanging in a set of curls. The position where there is no force being generated. Let’s look at the technique in detail.

Rest-Paue Technique: How To Do Rest-Pause

The technque for rest-pause is actually very simple, but results can be amazing. But bear in mind that this makes severe inroads into your ability to recover between workouts. It may well mean that you need 1 or 2 days extra rest between workouts, to compensate for the extra inroads that you are making into your ability to recover.

How Long To Pause In Rest-Pause Training

Let’s use the Trap bar deadlift as our example for the rest of this article. But we could just as easily be talking about the Squat. In the deadlift, we begin with the bar on the floor. We bend out thighs, with our back straight, and grip the bar. We then perform our rep by straightening our legs and lifting the bar until we are stood up, then we lower in the same way.

We then let go of the bar and stand up.

1 rep performed. We take a few deep breaths, really deep, and then repeat another rep and rest again. As the set progresses you will find that you need more and more rest between reps, but it should never be for more than a few seconds at a time, to begin with. As you get more used to training in this way you can increase the amount of weight used for the same number of reps. And this will mean that your rest between reps will increase as you struggle to cope with the load.

The Weights Used

You will maybe have read something about picking a weight that you can only perform ten reps in a row with and simply doing 20. That is all well and good once you have built up your stamina, but if you start like this you are going to very prone to an injury. Add maybe ten percent to the bar, using the deadlift as an example, for a set that you can do 20 reps for. And then perform your set with minimal rest between each rep. It will not make the set harder than just doing them with no rest-pause between reps.

Once you are used to this style of training and have ensured that you never let your technique suffer, then you can begin to gradually add weight to the bar each workout.

How fast you progress is going to be down to how much rest you get between workouts and how much you take care of sleep and nutrition. But one thing is for sure, if you are not literally dead on your feet by the end of the set and gasping for breath like a madman, then the weight is not heavy enough.

How Many Reps

Rest pause training is ideally suited to heavy leg work or other compound movement exercises. It takes a massive amount of effort to perform bodybuilding training in this way, but the results can be immense.

High Rep Rest-Pause

For best results with the legs, you should be looking at performing 20 reps a set.

And trust me, you will NEVER need to perform more than one set like this.

You may begin the set with no resting between reps, but by rep 8-10 you should absolutely HAVE to put the bar down or rest in the beginning position, to take a good few deep breaths. By the final 5 reps or so you should be feeling like the world is about to end. It should be that hard.

It should be a challenge to even grip the bar and perform a rep. It should see you sweating and it should see you ready for a very long lie down.

But the rewards in terms of growth and poundage progression once you return to a more normal way of performing your sets are going to be huge, gigantic in fact.

But if you think this is an easy way to train or a way to train that can be done often, then you are in for quite a shock. It is brutal in the extreme.

Rest-Pause Workout Routine

Follow the link posted earlier to the workout routine and use that as your basis. It is brief but works just about as well as any other routine on the planet. A short workout, mostly with compound exercises, is all that is needed to get larger muscles than basically everyone else on the planet.

We then have 2 options when it comes to rest-pause bodybuilding training. We perform the rest-pause set at the beginning of the end of our workout. After having tried it both ways over many years I have found that for me personally it is best performed at the end of a workout.


Basically, because it ensures my body is warmed up properly. This makes you less prone to injury.

But also, and the most important point for me, the fact that if I do it first in the workout then I am so damn tired I don’t have the energy for anything else. My advice? Experiment and see what works best for you. You should find that one way gives you better results than the other. It is down to your frame of mind and what is going to feel the best for you personally.

Rest-Pause Training Results

Results from rest-pause training are impressive, to say the least. But you will find that you cannot carry on working in this way for an extended period of time. It is just so taxing on the system. I would recommend using rest-pause training workouts for a month, using only one exercise as well.

The results after a month should be immense. You are going to increase the weights that you can handle by an insane amount. And this will have resulted in large increases in muscle mass as well.

But, and there is one, only if you take care of two very important aspects. Rest and nutrition.

Rest-Pause For Mass

Rest pause training for mass gains are effective as long as you take enough time off between workouts. You should ensure that you are fully recovered before your next workout session. I can0t tell you how much rest you need, we are all different. But you need to keep a close eye on your body and ensure that you are fighting fit when you perform your next workout.

If you feel any kind of twinge, or feel not quite right when you start your next workout, stop immediately and take a day or two’s extra rest to ensure that you can come back and give it your all, and not get injured along the way either. Now, for mass gains, you need hard, very intense rest-pause style training, but you also need to eat like a maniac.

Increase Appetite

You will NOT have to worry about force-feeding yourself if you train in this way. You will simply be ravenous. Let your appetite dictate what you eat. If you do leg work in this manner then you will be floored by how hungry you become, and this will begin an hour or two after the workout and continue for at least a few days.

This is hardcore training people, and the food you will consume will be immense. But the results will be huge too, just like you!

Get to it, 20 reps of rest-pause training for the legs, you are going to get massive, and fast. Not just in the legs though, work like this has an effect on the whole body. It stimulates overall growth in the legs, buttocks, back, arms, and neck. If you only did one exercise a workout then it would be trap bar deadlifts or the squat. And always do Squats when training like this in a power rack. The potential for getting stuck in the bottom position is too large otherwise.

Medical Marijuana Bills In Nj Legislature Seeks To Expand Program

Two bills came up in the state legislature in New Jersey recently, both backed by Democrats who seeks to expand the state’s medical marijuana program. Republican governor Chris Christie, a possible GOP presidential candidate in 2016, was handed the bill shortly before his predecessor Democrat Jon Corzine left office. Though Christie enforces the law, he recently said on his monthly radio program that New Jersey’s medical marijuana program has been anemic due to the fact that there is no demand for medical marijuana in the garden state. According to Christie, medical marijuana is instead a front for legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

Critics argue that the Christie administration has hobbled the program, thrown up roadblocks and made it very difficult to afford or be able to prescribe medical marijuana. Democratic lawmakers know that these two bills up in the legislature are bound to be vetoed if they reach the governor’s desk. However, they also know that this is Christie’s last term. They may be reigniting the debate in New Jersey moving forward. State Sen. Nicholas Scutari (D-Union) introduced a bill back in March that would treat marijuana in the legal sense as we treat beer. This would also include a license to grow your own marijuana. Assemblywoman Linda Stender, in early July, introduced a bill that would overhaul the state’s medical marijuana program.

Now marijuana has some excellent health benefits as cancer patients have vouched for its potency as they find it ease out symptoms of chemotherapy and smoking regular joints reduces the side effects that one has to go through, which is something that nobody wants to be a part of but cannabis stores have very few that are used for medicinal purposes and more of the ones that are only for getting you high where you get into a world of your own.

Stenders’s bill counters the very places where the Christie administration is so stringent in administering New Jersey’s medical marijuana program. While Christie only lets three dispensaries operate within the state, Stenders’s bill would license growers and dispensers statewide. Patients could even cultivate their own medicine. New Jersey’s medical marijuana sales tax has weighed down the program. This bill would lift the tax. The number of conditions eligible for medical marijuana under Christie is very limited. This bill would allow medical marijuana to be prescribed for a wider range of conditions. However, there would be more safeguards put into place under the bill regarding composition and strength. Job protections would also be in place for patients prescribed medical marijuana.

They would not lose their jobs if drug tested if they used marijuana off hours for medical purposes as prescribed by a licensed physician. Stender was quoted in saying that the Garden State’s medical marijuana program was “broken.” Many parents with children who have epileptic conditions have moved out of New Jersey in order to be able to obtain the medicine their children need while others have been forced to buy it illegally. Christie’s thinking is, ultimately, out of step with almost 60% of New Jersey voters who not only support medical marijuana, they support recreational marijuana as long as it is regulated and taxed. Patients suffering in the state may not see any relief with Christie still in office. It’s the legislators’ belief that change is on the horizon, at least once the governor leaves office.

Natural Goute Arthritis Treatment

is a devastating form of arthritis, where uric acid crystals form between the muscle joints. It can be very painful if the proper pain relief is not sought. There are some useful and simple tips on how to treat acute gout treatment natural helps relieve gout pain and restore normal life. The popular modern medication for gout arthritis are and .

In humans, uric acid is produced from purine metabolism. Foods that contain lots of high-purine are meats. Under normal conditions, uric acid will dissolve in body fluids and eliminated from the body through urine. However, when the level of uric acid accumulate in the body and uric acid crystals in the joints of the body will accumulated, at the toes, elbows, knees, stricken with this condition someone said goute arthritis symptoms. Hereditary factors also cause a person susceptible to goute arthritis symptoms.

Natural gout treatment, can be done in various ways, either naturally or by using . To relieve the arthritis attack that arise, enter a few ice cubes or frozen vegetables in plastic bag and wipe the joint or gout swelling redness. A painful gout swelling will be reduced. Do not hold it in the area suffered for more than 5 minutes each time.

Modern way to treat goute arthritis pain is taking medication, pain killer to reduce the like , warm, gout pain. This is the main goal for the doctor, after a diagnosis has been made. Usually, the pain comes from the use of drugs and medicines such as anti-inflammatory drugs like indomethacin , mefenamic acid, natrium diclofenac. If you suffer from arthritis goute make sure you take the right medicine to provide gout pain relief during painful flare-ups occur.

with healthy diet, avoid foods high purine like red meat, alcohol, bir, chicken, kidney,liver etc . It is known that certain foods can create higher levels of uric acid in the body. Because is the main factor that causes arthritis goute, reduction of food that will make this acid can help. Must be avoid alcohol, red meat, asparagus, and other sources.

The way to get pain relief from the effects of this form of arthritis is to make sure you wear shoes and clothes that fit comfortably. You want to avoid clothes and shoes that irritate the skin and does not provide adequate space. loose-fitting clothing made of cotton is better.

The last tips, be sure to keep your toes you high when you are resting or sleeping. This will help reduce inflammation. Also, make sure you stay hydrated and stay of the joints that have . Do not put excess pressure on these areas or would cause more pain and damage in the area.There is also an alternative treatment for arthritis goute and which has recently become more popular. If you do not get the help you need from traditional medicine, consider looking into alternative sources. Increasing consume fresh water to flush the overload. You may also consider checking this site for more alternatives, solutions and information :

Healthy Weight Loss – How Do Get Effective Results?

Weight loss is something on a lot of people’s minds as they struggle to maintain a healthy weight. Diets are the first things that come to mind when thinking about losing a few pounds however they are often what cause people to fail due to their extreme rules. Diets concentrate too much on what you shouldn’t eat leaving you hungry and unsatisfied resulting in you breaking the cycle. The key to losing weight is to eat less and exercise more in order to create a balance between what you eat and what you burn off. This way you can eat the foods you want in moderation and make smart choices.

In order to achieve the desired weigh loss you need to take into consideration a few factors. Weight loss should not be done on a short term basis it should be a permanent lifestyle change. It is always easier to achieve a goal if you have the support of others so round up your, friends, family or support group to cheer you on. Make sure that you don’t lose weight too quickly as this can have serious effects on your body, a healthy amount to lose each week is between 1 and 2 pounds. Set yourself achievable goals so that you have something to work towards and maintain your motivation. One last thing to consider is to keep a record of your progress so that you are able to see clearly if you have gained or lost weight.

The key to making your lifestyle change includes a number of factors. If you do not make these changes you will find it extremely difficult to keep the weight off.  For the reduction in the weight, get this brand after considering different factors. The consideration of the factors should be made with the skills and intelligence of the people. The facing of the difficulty is easy and simple for the person. 

Many diet plans cut out entire food groups from their plan to help you lose weight. This however is not practical as food groups are designed to give you what your body needs to stay fit and healthy. Avoid cutting out food groups and eat them within moderation for a healthy balanced diet. The eating of the meal is effective to get this boosters within the funds. The eating of the healthy food is beneficial to get an impressive and attractive body. The availability of the correct and genuine information is required to meet with the requirements of weight loss. 

Diet plans can often help you to lose the weight but struggle to keep it off as there is no follow up plan. Make sure you have a plan that you can carry on following.

If you have a bad day and give into temptation don’t let it sway you from carrying on with your healthy eating. Another drawback is feeling isolated when eating out with others as your unsure on what to have. Healthy eating does not mean you have to cut everything out of your diet that contains fat.

Avoid comfort eating as this can be a main cause of putting weight on quickly. Find other ways to comfort yourself such as reading, taking a bath, going for a walk or painting etc.

Be aware of what you eat

It is common for people to be unaware of how much they are eating due to distractions such as the television, computer and even reading. Try to savour your food and enjoy each mouthful. You should aim to chew each mouthful at least 30 times.

Fill Up On Fruit And Vegetables

Instead of snacking on crisps and chocolate fill yourself up on fruit and veg as it is healthy, nutritious and filling. The great thing about fruit and veg is that you can eat as much of it as you like.

Remember to exercise regularly whilst trying to lose weigh in order to burn off unwanted fat. Try joining the gym, walking, running or creating your own workout routines.