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Why You Need To Eat Natural Fats

Fats are another food that people who are trying to lose weight tend to avoid. The reason for this is that they wrongly associate eating fats with becoming fat. In addition to this, many of the foods people associate with fats (burgers, chips, fries etc.) are poor quality processed foods which sabotage their weight loss efforts.

While it is true that eating the wrong kinds of fats can cause you to gain weight, eating the right kinds of fats will optimize your weight loss efforts and help you reach your ideal weight. Studies have shown that eating a good mx of healthy fats increases the rate at which your body burns fat and reduces the amount of body fat you store. In addition to this, healthy fats support all the cells and vital organs which are involved with fat burning and ensure that your body burns fat smoothly and efficiently at all times.

How To Increase Your Intake Of Natural Fats

Natural fats can be sourced from all types of food. They’re extremely versatile and can be incorporated into your diet in countless ways. The section below lists some of the best natural food sources of fats and provides you with a number of innovative serving suggestions which will allow you to make natural fats a regular fixture in your diet.

  1. Dairy

Dairy products are filling, full flavored and a rich source of natural fats. An average serving of dairy provides you with between 5g and 10g of healthy fats along with lots of other health boosting nutrients. Apart from Weight loss pills you should also keep a track of your diet. Below are some of the important foods you should consume to stay slim and fit. The list below highlights a number of dairy inspired meals you can use to increase your dairy intake:

– Cheese Salads:

Combine your favorite cheese with a selection of your favorite salad vegetables for a creamy, healthy lunch or dinner.

– Dairy Smoothies:

Combine Greek yogurt and/or milk with a selection of your favorite fruits, nuts, seeds or vegetables for an easy fat filled lunch or snack.

– Greek Yogurt Mixes:

Combine Greek yogurt with some fruit or seeds for a quick and easy breakfast or snack.

– Omelets: Combine cheese, eggs and milk with your favorite meat, fish or vegetables to create a hot, filling breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  1. Fruits & Vegetables

Certain fruits and vegetables are brilliant sources of natural fats. These include avocados (which contain 29g of fats per fruit), coconuts (which contain 27g of fats per cup) and olives (which contain 14g of fats per cup). They can all be enjoyed individually as a tasty snack or combined with other ingredients to create a fat rich meal.

  1. Meat & Fish

Meat and fish are both packed full of animal fats. They contain between 5g and 15g of natural fats per serving and are also an excellent source of protein. They can also be eaten in countless ways and the section below outlines some top suggestions for making meat and fish part of your diet:

– Fish Or Meat Casserole & Stew:

Combine your favorite meat and/or fish with a selection of vegetables and a healthy sauce to create a tasty, nutritional dinner.

– Fish Or Meat Salads:

Combine grilled, fried or baked meat and/or fish with a selection of your favorite salad vegetables for a fat filled lunch or dinner.

– Fish Or Meat & Vegetables:

Grill, fry or bake your favorite meat and/or fish with a selection of vegetables for a quick and easy dinner.

  1. Nuts & Seeds

Nuts and seeds are a highly concentrated source of natural fats with an average serving packing between 10g and 20g of fats. They’re also a top source of protein, numerous vitamins and numerous minerals. The list below highlights some of the best ways to incorporate nuts and seeds into your diet:

– Greek Yogurt & Seeds:

Sprinkle your favorite seeds over a cup of Greek yogurt for a rich, filling breakfast or snack.

– Nuts & Dried Fruits Mix:

Combine your favorite nuts and dried fruits in a plastic food bag and keep them with you during the day for a quick and easy snack.

– Nuts & Seeds Mix:

Combine your favorite nuts and seeds in a plastic food bag for a nutritious, fat filled snack.

  1. Oils

Oils are a pure source of fats and a great way to quickly add a dose of healthy fats to any meal. A single table spoon serving of oil provides you with 14g of fats and also adds a unique flavor to the food you’re eating. The list below highlights some of the best methods for adding oils to your meals:

– Marinade:

Combine a tablespoon of oil with a selection of your favorite herbs and/or spices and then use this marinade to bake, grill or fry your favorite hot foods.

– Salad Dressing: Combine a tablespoon of oil with a selection of your favorite herbs and/or spices and then drizzle this dressing on top of your salads.

Identifying The Causes Of Back Pain

Back pain is a nagging injury that a person may just bear with, thinking there is nothing they can do about it. But with this outlook, the back pain is unlikely to get better. It is more likely to get worse. Meanwhile, the person draws back from many activities in life. Many enjoyable activities seem to no longer be possible. When you buy CBD online, you also get bonuses of low price as compared to offline purchasing. The CBD oil is good as it does not have that much THC and therefore no harm.  At this point, a person’s outlook may become bleak. Resignation is not the right way to deal with back pain. This article will give you some tips on how to regain control and take steps to eliminate back pain.

Serious back pain results from a herniated disc. In this case, pressure has compressed the cartilage discs that separate the vertebrae. One or more discs has been damaged to the point where it slips out of place altogether. This leaves the vertebrae, which are bone, grating against one another. It also likely causes a pinched nerve, as your major nerves run up and down your spine. This is very serious and requires medical treatment, even surgery. When back pain first develops, you want to consult a physician. If serious damage is not yet done, a program of exercise, weight loss and stretching can help bring your back into its proper alignment and prevent further pain and damage in the future. Back pain is not a hopeless condition, but relieving it takes a determined effort.

Sciatica is one form of back pain from which many people suffer. It develops when the lower back is subjected to undue pressure, causing displacement that pinches the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is a major nerve that runs all the way down the leg. Pressure on it can cause excruciating pain anywhere along that nerve. Some people develop permanent numbness in part of their leg. To help sciatica get better, the compressed pressure on the sciatic nerve needs to be relieved. Physical therapy can help. The right stretching exercises can increase the distance between places where the spine and nerve have become too close together. A program of low impact exercise that tones the abdominal wall muscles can also help. Restoring upright posture can relieve the pressure on the sciatic nerve. If you have had sciatica, you know how welcome that relief can be!

When we slump in a chair, sleep on a soft mattress, or walk stooped over, our spine becomes bent out of alignment. Restoring good posture that brings the spine back into alignment is the answer. Check the chairs you sit in and the mattress you sleep on. Do they provide good, firm support for your back? If not, they are causes of your back pain. A good mattress will keep your back straight. A good chair will provide support for the small of your back, and keep you in an upright posture, not slumped forward.

These are the first things you should look at to find the causes of your back pain. Your doctor can use diagnostic tools such as an MRI to see where the problem areas may be. There are active measures you can take to eliminate the causes of back pain and find relief, allowing you to return to a fully active life.

Do I Have A Sleep Disorder Read To Find Out

Chances are you have probably had some sleepless nights in your lifetime. Since sleep is essential to revive the body, you probably suffered during the days following the sleepless nights and started to worry about what may have been wrong and causing your sleeplessness. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it is likely that you had a sleep disorder, even if only temporary. Not to worry: saying you have a sleep disorder is probably a misnomer. I am no doctor, but I believe the medical industry would better serve the public by terming typical, short-run sleeping problems as irregularities instead of disorders. The fact is that sleep disorders are not simple. There are many types and subtypes as you may have learned from my previous article. Certainly there are signs and symptoms for the more severe sleep disorders that can be life threatening (i.e. sleep apnea). If you experience any of those warning signs such as waking up breathless, choking, or from your own snores several times per night, I would hope it would be intuitive to seek immediate medical attention.

If you want to purchase the CBD Oil for insomnia, then select the reputed and registered sites. The application of the oil is with the skills and intelligence to have the desired results. There is a need for proper attention to have effective results for a sound sleep. A great experience is available to the people.

For most, though, results of internet or even medical sleep disorder assessment tools will likely prove to be situational given the current stressors in your life. As I mentioned in my article describing the types of sleep disorders, it is common for people to experience sleep irregularities during their life spans. So, just because you woke up during the night worrying about your job, family, or future does not mean you have a disorder and require medical attention. If this problem goes away after a few says or after a big event which may have caused your angst, then you are likely better off saying your money and using over the counter (OTC) sleep medicines. Most of these medicines claim to be safe for up to two weeks.

If you are severely worried that you have a sleeping disorder, there are highly sophisticated (and expensive) testing mechanisms available including night-long sleep studies. During these tests a qualified medical professional can assess your biological function while you are at rest or are supposed to be at rest to determine what kind, if any, chronic problems you suffer from and an appropriate course of medical intervention. In the end, keep in mind that worrying and stress are key factors in preventing a normal sleep pattern. Before you go running for a miracle pill or intervention, consider de-stressing by any number of means. De-stressing, I believe, is a very positive treatment plan because you can tailor your course of action to your budget and your interests: bubble baths are very inexpensive and may aid in your efforts to get more rest. A day at the spa is certainly nice, but would carry with it a much heftier price tag. Don’t like bring pampered? Walking is free. Gym memberships probably equally effective but again carry with them a price. In short, there is definitely a natural remedy that you can try with is within your means.

How Good is CBD to Treat Stress and Anxiety?

The full form of CBD is Cannabidiol, and it is one of the several other chemical compounds found in cannabis, or marijuana plant – Cannabis sativa. Many people seem to confuse CBD with weed, and we would like to attest to the fact that CBD is nothing like that, in that it does not have a psychotic effect on users and is meant to treat pain and inflammation. 

CBD has been used and I tried CBD for anxiety in several circumstances to reduce chronic pain and stress, the process of which has been explained below. 

How this works in our body?

In our bodies, there is a system called the endocannabinoid system, also known as ECS. The functions of the ECS comprises controlling sleep, immune system response, appetite, pain and so on. Now, the body naturally produces endocannabinoids with the help of the ECS – which are neurotransmitters that react with the cannabinoid receptors. Now, the chemical compound named CBD does impact the cannabinoid receptors in your body, significantly altering how much pain you feel by helping to reduce inflammation, swelling, and other problems. 

Another prime feature for which the CBD is much popular today is its effect in alleviating stress and anxiety in patients who suffer from chronic stress and anxiety. CBD has been known to affect the serotonin receptors in the brain, which is a hormone that controls our moods and behaviours. 

In this way, CBD significantly alters our behavioural patterns and stabilises mood swings, and thus helps us stay calmer and more reserved. Many people who suffer from anxiety are medically prescribed safe dosages of CBD, which helps them reduce their social anxiety and live a healthier social life devoid of stress. Many users, who have tried CBD for anxiety, have shown startling results of a much more calm temperament, which suggests that CBD indeed helps in reducing one’s stress and anxiety levels. 

Other benefits of CBD

Besides reducing pain and stress, CBD has other important functions as well. It helps schizophrenic patients curb their psychotic symptoms by helping them stay calm in the face of anxiety and terror. It is also administered to drug abusers because CBD affects the brain circuits, which control dependence, hence lowering the addict’s dependence on the drug. Moreover, it has powerful antioxidant properties and can help reduce heart problems, as well as go with cancer therapy (it reduces inflammations and tumours in the brain, prostate, breast, lungs, etc.). It is also useful in treating diabetes, and this is proved by a study conducted on diabetic mice, wherein the diabetes was curbed almost 50% through the use of CBD oil.

In conclusion, the benefits of CBD oil are many – from reducing pain and stress to having a therapeutic effect on patients who have cancer, diabetes, and even schizophrenia. Cannabinoids are useful in battling many serious health problems in our bodies. However, it should always be prescribed medically and should not be abused. Moreover, it is important to check on your physician before administering oneself with CBD because it may have side effects on some people. 

Seeds Vs Clones The Debate Continues about the legality

Today I’m going to address a very common question that I get from all kinds of growers: “Which is faster and/or better, seeds or clones?”

This question seems like it would be simple to answer, but just like most things when it comes to growing good weed efficiently, it is too complicated to just give a quick answer.

The best cbd flower is providing a lot of health benefits to the individuals. There is maintenance of good lifestyle with more health-related pros. The finding of the correct answer for the questions is essential to get the desired results. The purchasing of the flowers should be from the right source.

Typically, if you are just starting your first grow, unless you live in a state where you can buy clones, you will be using seeds to start your first grow. But with that first grow you have to decide if you are going to keep a mother plant for cloning.

For those that don’t know, clones are cuttings taken from another marijuana plant.

Clones can be planted and, after rooting (through methods I’ll be discussing in an upcoming article), will be an exact genetic copy of the plant it was cut from.

This means that if all other conditions are the same, that clone will grow up to be just like its “parent.” Due to this, there are a number of benefits you gain from taking clones vs. planting seeds.


  1. All clones of a single parent plant will grow very similarly. Again, this means that with similar conditions (grow environment, nutrient systems, and feeding schedule) each of the clones will grow to the same height and same girth.

This is great in all kinds of gardens, from big to small. In a large commercial grow operation, it adds predictability to your crops, so that through time, you can refine your methods and nutrient schedules.

With each plant being the same height and general size, you can often times get the light closer to the canopy of your plants, therefore increasing yield and promoting more crystal growth (which is obviously what we all want!).

In small grow environments, such as a small grow tent or a closet grow, you will be trying to maximize your yield per square foot of grow space.

Having each of your plants grow uniformly with each other allows you to completely fill your grow space with one solid canopy, ensuring that the maximum amount of light is absorbed by your plants.

Combining a solid canopy with a high performance light and good nutrients is a perfect recipe to grow extremely efficiently. In later articles, I will cover plant training methods which help guarantee a solid canopy.

  1. Since all of the plants are of the same DNA, they have the same exact nutrient requirements (assuming the same age of plant). This is especially helpful in hydroponic environments where there may only be one nutrient reservoir servicing many plants.

If you have 10 plants growing off of one nutrient reservoir, you can only send one nutrient mix to your plants. If, in those 10 plants, you have different strains or even different phenotypes from within the same strain, they could all have wildly different nutrient requirements.

This would keep you busy constantly changing your nutrient solution strength and trying to make every different type of plant happy, while at the same time not trying to upset the ones that are happy. It can be a nasty back and forth of constantly fighting your plants.

This would likely also prevent you from running any of your strains at peak nutrient strength because you would be averaging different nutrients to keep everything somewhat happy.

Because each plant would not get the most out of its nutrient intake, each plant in your hydroponic system would also not be reaching peak weight production or strength.

Cloning, while a great and efficient way to start your plants, also has a few minor downsides that I have encountered.

  1. If you are growing on an extremely tight budget, keeping a mother plant (a larger plant that you take your cuttings off of) can require a large space and an extra light that in reality is not making you any money. Though that light can be of smaller wattage, that light and space will not actually produce bud or money since the mother plant must permanently stay in the vegetative growth cycle.
  2. If you are just starting out, cloning can be a little difficult to master. Sure there are those out there that achieve success their first time by following some instructions very well or investing in a machine to help clones root themselves (while most of them aren’t expensive, for some people that’s money they simply don’t have).

The first few times I took clones, I only had a 50% rooting rate because I was using homemade gear to help the clones root. This definitely made it harder on me than it should have. However, as my experience grew, I was able to get my clone rooting rate up around 90%.

  1. This next point may be a bit controversial, but this is something I have witnessed myself many times. Through my years of growing, I have noticed that as a mother plant ages and has had hundreds of clones taken from her, the clones seem to start doing some weird things.

They root just fine, but when they are vegged and then flowered later, they seem to produce less and less as the mother plant ages. Sometimes they will hermie in the flowering cycle, which can cost you lots of money depending on how early or late it happens – more money if it makes you harvest early.

“Hermie” (like hermaphrodite) is when a plant will try to pollinate itself, which is the opposite of what we want a female plant that is producing us BUD to do.

I avoided this by creating new moms about every 18 months just to eliminate any chance of my factory falling behind on production or producing a less potent product than was expected by customers.


Just like with cloning, there are positive arguments to be made for using seeds to start your planting process.

First, a little background.

When you get a bag of seeds from a seed bank and you plant say 5 of them, within those 5 there will be what are called different “phenotypes.” I will be writing a very extensive article on this in the future, but for now I will just give a general explanation.

Each of these phenotypes are the same strain but can have varied characteristics. It’s just like in humans where a brother and sister from the same parents can be wildly different. In marijuana, this manifests itself in a few different ways.

For starters, you can see different weight production from different phenos. You often see some taller and skinnier than others, while some are going to be short and wide. These differences can also extend to how long it takes for the plant to finish the flowering cycle and even how potent the bud is or how it tastes.

I point this out because within each strain, there is usually a phenotype you will like better for whatever your situation is. For example, if you are growing commercially, then something that produces the most weight while also finishing under 55 days would be incredible.

But if you are growing for your personal consumption or medicinal purposes, you will probably want the one that produces the most powerful buds or the one that helps whatever ailment you are looking to help. Having seeds, and lots of them, allows you to essentially sort through a strain and find the phenotype you really want.

This is a more advanced technique, and beginners shouldn’t be concerned with this for the most part.

Now on to the reasons why someone would choose to use seeds vs. clones

  1. You are looking to find that perfect phenotype to create your mother plant. If you get a clone from someone or buy it from a dispensary, chances are it is not their best strain or best phenotype within that strain. Why would they sell you their best strains and phenotypes when they can sell you the finished product from their own grows instead?

With each seed you plant, you have a chance to find that incredible phenotype that only shows up in 1 out of 100 seeds. If you are lucky enough to get a mother from it, you could then clone her for months to come and even use her in the future to make crosses with other strains and create your very own custom strain.

  1. In this age of medical and recreational marijuana, plant counts are everything when it comes to staying legal. In the state of Colorado, for example, it is legal for anyone who is both over 21 and a Colorado resident to grow up to 6 plants in their home.

Why would we want one or more of those plants to be mother plants that just sit there and veg, never actually producing us that sweet bud?

Also, by using seeds, you can rotate your strains throughout the year with each crop. This is handy because if you are a heavy user, you will develop a tolerance to a certain strain. This is easily fixed by simply changing which strain you are smoking.

With cloning, once you have an established mother, your plants to continue your operation are essentially free. Sadly, seeds always cost money and don’t necessarily get you exactly what you want.

  1. Seeds can be expensive if you have to buy them each crop. Seeds can run upwards of 150 dollars for 5 of them, which can be high if you are only growing small plants in a very small grow environment. That’s 30 dollars a seed!
  2. Seeds do not guarantee female plants. Female plants are the ones that produce us the bud and, for the most part, are the only ones we actually care about. Yes, there are feminized seeds out there on the market which guarantees a female plant, but in my extensive experience, there are lots of drawbacks with these types of seeds.

They often times hermie on me before I can complete the growth cycle. This isn’t always the case, but why am I going to pay more for a product that was literally created through stressing a female plant to reproduce with herself (look for an upcoming article on feminized seeds)? Just think about that logically in terms of nature, a female plant reproducing with itself – that to me sounds like a less than perfect idea, especially if you are looking for consistency and efficiency in your grow.

So with that in mind, a normal package of seeds (non-feminized) will produce male and female plants and should be 50/50 male to female. So if plant count is an issue, you will have excess plants that you have to keep for 2-8 weeks before they show their sex.


I am sure some more experienced growers have read this article and have been waiting for me to say that clones take less time to get through the veg process and into the flower room than seeds. In my experience, this is just not true.

I have literally taken cuttings for clones and planted seeds on the exact same day (of the same strain of course). With the time it takes clones to root and develop a healthy root ball before officially planting them in whatever grow medium, seeds and clones both take about the same time. The similarities on the time scale continue all the way through the lifecycle.

I’m sure there are many growers that would argue with me all day about this point. This is just my experience, and I have run this experiment many times through my career.

With the information I have laid out here, any skill level of grower should be able to make an informed decision on which to use for their specific situation.