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Steripen Traveler Water Purifier

If you ever wanted to have clean water wherever you go (backpacking, camping) then SteriPEN Traveler Water Purifier is the perfect water purifier for you and your family while individuals looking for a credible spring water supplier for their home, there is Diamond Rock.

With its state of the art purifying technology that can kill 99.9% viruses, microbes, now you can have safe drinking water in the palm of your hands.

This portable water purification is made of plastic so it’s very light (about 5 ounces) and easy to carry everywhere and it’s also equipped with the Traveler germicidal UV light that will keep your water clean even though you’re in outdoor a whole day long.

It’s using 4AA lithium batteries that enable you to have 3000 water treatments.

The Good

It’s very affordable and able to carry 200 half-liter of water, and its proven germicidal UV light technology can kill any microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses in just a matter of seconds and will not leave any strange chemical taste like most similar products.

The SteriPEN Traveler Water Purifier is also very easy to use, just press the button once to purify 0.5-1 liter and twice to purify less than 0.5 liters and you’re set! And with its easy step by step instructions, you will have a working water purifier with you all the time.

You also will have much bigger bottle sizes compare to Steripen Adventurer or Traveler mini.

The Bad

Batteries are not included and it’s not using Alkaline batteries so you will need to buy lithium batteries which cost more expensive the Alkaline.

Some of the buyers complained about not getting the instruction manual, so be sure to check your vendor to include the pen’s instructions in the box.

It’s also being reported to have an overheating problem. You also need to keep away from low temperatures areas because the batteries may not be working.

Be sure to use clear water before using the pen, it will not work if the water is too dirty or had any strange substances.

The Verdict

The SteriPEN Traveler Water Purifier is still a good water purifier that could help you get clean water when you’re camping or traveling without risking yourself or your family from being contaminated with healthy water, there is no perfect method of water treatment for every situation but this pen will surely give you clean, colorless and healthy bottled water.