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Do I Have A Sleep Disorder Read To Find Out

Chances are you have probably had some sleepless nights in your lifetime. Since sleep is essential to revive the body, you probably suffered during the days following the sleepless nights and started to worry about what may have been wrong and causing your sleeplessness. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it is likely that you had a sleep disorder, even if only temporary. Not to worry: saying you have a sleep disorder is probably a misnomer. I am no doctor, but I believe the medical industry would better serve the public by terming typical, short-run sleeping problems as irregularities instead of disorders. The fact is that sleep disorders are not simple. There are many types and subtypes as you may have learned from my previous article. Certainly there are signs and symptoms for the more severe sleep disorders that can be life threatening (i.e. sleep apnea). If you experience any of those warning signs such as waking up breathless, choking, or from your own snores several times per night, I would hope it would be intuitive to seek immediate medical attention.

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For most, though, results of internet or even medical sleep disorder assessment tools will likely prove to be situational given the current stressors in your life. As I mentioned in my article describing the types of sleep disorders, it is common for people to experience sleep irregularities during their life spans. So, just because you woke up during the night worrying about your job, family, or future does not mean you have a disorder and require medical attention. If this problem goes away after a few says or after a big event which may have caused your angst, then you are likely better off saying your money and using over the counter (OTC) sleep medicines. Most of these medicines claim to be safe for up to two weeks.

If you are severely worried that you have a sleeping disorder, there are highly sophisticated (and expensive) testing mechanisms available including night-long sleep studies. During these tests a qualified medical professional can assess your biological function while you are at rest or are supposed to be at rest to determine what kind, if any, chronic problems you suffer from and an appropriate course of medical intervention. In the end, keep in mind that worrying and stress are key factors in preventing a normal sleep pattern. Before you go running for a miracle pill or intervention, consider de-stressing by any number of means. De-stressing, I believe, is a very positive treatment plan because you can tailor your course of action to your budget and your interests: bubble baths are very inexpensive and may aid in your efforts to get more rest. A day at the spa is certainly nice, but would carry with it a much heftier price tag. Don’t like bring pampered? Walking is free. Gym memberships probably equally effective but again carry with them a price. In short, there is definitely a natural remedy that you can try with is within your means.