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Hydrate Yourself with These Tasty Water Alternatives

These scrumptious water alternatives will help you hydrate yourself for optimum health without having to guzzle glass after glass of water. You can hydrate yourself with a drink, of course, but with the help of this guide to water alternatives, you’ll learn how you can get just as much water from a snack, or from a meal, as from a bottle. Although most people know that drinking water is a crucial part of staying strong and healthy, you may not feel the desire to fully hydrate yourself if you find water boring or unexciting to drink. With one of these great water alternatives, you can get all the health benefits of drinking water, but with a little something extra that will motivate you to hydrate yourself. A little something extra like flavor, vitamins and nutrients, or even a slimmer waistline! Read on to discover three fun and inexpensive water alternatives that will help you keep your system in top shape, and keep your tastebuds happy at the same time. You’ll learn how to hydrate yourself not only with a sip, but with a crunch, or even with a slurp!

Herbal Tea

A Water Alternative With Lots Of Variety

Warm and steamy, or iced and cooling, a cup of caffeine free herbal tea is a great way to hydrate yourself. Although caffeinated tea is a diuretic that saps the water from your system, decaf tea is a great source of the fluid you need to look and feel great. Among water alternatives, herbal tea is one of the easiest to fit into your day. Try a cup of refreshing peppermint to wake you up at the start of the day, or soothe yourself to sleep in the evenings with a mug of gentle chamomile, and you’ll hydrate yourself as a bonus. Tea is a convenient choice, but it’s also one that will keep you from getting bored: whenever you tire of drinking the teas you’ve got, just try a few new flavors and expand your repertoire of water alternatives!

Green tea is also an excellent alternative which is a much better option where you not only reduce weight but maintain your vitality and agility for a longer period during and after exercise, similar to the effects of drinking spring water.

Fresh Produce

A Water Alternative Packed With Vitamins

Water alternatives aren’t just meant to be poured into a glass- they’re also meant to be chopped, sliced, or bit into whole with a big, crispy crunch! In addition to being packed with vitamins and nutrients that promote health, fresh fruits and vegetables also make great water alternatives. A large amount of the bulk of any whole fresh fruit, like an apple or an orange, is made up of water, so grabbing a piece of fruit is a great way to hydrate yourself. The same goes for vegetables: if you snack on raw veggies, like celery or carrot sticks, you’ll hydrate yourself while giving your system the nutrients it needs to stay strong.


A Slimming Water Alternative

Mealtimes are a great time to hydrate yourself with a bowl of soup. A low-sodium soup is a great way to get more water molecules into your system without having to head to the sink to fill glass after glass. Soups make great water alternatives: broth is mostly water, so why not hydrate yourself with a big serving of minestrone or chicken-noodle? Although low-sodium soups are great water alternatives, high sodium, high salt soups will actually dehydrate, so always check the label on a pre-made soup to make sure your soup isn’t loaded with sodium. With a little smart shopping, you can hydrate yourself with a thermos of soup at lunch, or a bowl before dinner. Plus, studies suggest that soup-eaters lose weight more quickly than people who don’t make soup a part of their daily diet, in part because it fills you up fast, so you take on less calories overall. This makes soup a super choice for anyone who is in search of water alternatives that will also help their waistline.