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Star Marine: Infinite Ammo – Know the steps to play games!!

When you’re on a device like an iPhone, gaming isn’t exactly your primary reason for having a device with iOS. Sure, it’s got great resolution and smooth performance, but most iDevice owners think of one thing; preserving precious battery life. It would mean then, that you wouldn’t be expecting exceptional gaming on your iPhone. And who can really take a touch driven gaming platform seriously anyway? After having said that, Star Marine Infinite Ammo may not render like your pricy home console, but contra fans will delight in its smooth gameplay and excellent usage of the view space you’re working in. While the gameplay structure works in the same way as it’s old school brethren, Star Marine adds just enough twist and pulls to have it’s own flare.

The game itself is interesting enough, but it fails to create a universe of its own. Like Contra before it, the story is forgotten in seconds. As if anyone needed a story to kill aliens in space. I didn’t find myself in an addictive frenzy like some of the other ‘catchy’ iOS games out there, but it certainly is easy to devote enough time to. It doesn’t irritate you with being ridiculously difficult, but it’s not offensively easy. What kills it, however, are the horrid controls. Games of this genre are somewhat of a mess on a mobile device, and you’ll often find yourself dying for that very reason

What really hurts the experience, however, is the usage of microtransanctions as optional forms of upgrading. Weapons are upgraded via gems, which happen to be incredibly hard to obtain. So you can either be forced to watch 15 second commercials again and again as you try to obtain them, or you can simply buy the bulk application pack. Either way, it’s an annoyance that might probably make you avoid the idea of upgrading altogether. PC Games to Download has made available to the players to get more benefits at home. The downloading of the games is great to meet the desired results. The selection of the right application should be there to improve the playing experience. The use of the right technique should be there at the platform.

Alas, I would definitely recommend it to a friend, pointing out the nostalgia and enjoyable gameplay. And I’ll give it extra points for not being an obnoxiously cheesy iDevice trend game. It’s a game worth admitting you downloaded and, with the work to make it aesthetically pleasing and relatively fluid in play, it’s a worthwhile enough addition.

Bottom line: It’s not the game of games. It’s not ‘special’…but it’s a worthy attempt. And the only reason you’re gaming on your iPhone is because you can’t be near a real gaming console. Maybe you’re in a waiting room, maybe the toilet. The important thing here is that you’re shooting and you are the awesome Space Marine. Either way, the nostalgic feeling is there. You’ll feel right at home reliving the glory days of Contra, and newcomers will find something to enjoy as well. After all, who doesn’t love killing off evil 8bit aliens?