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Top 3 Electric Folding Bikes That Suits Your Style

We are living in a world where the pollution levels due to the automobile sector are rising at a huge pace. In this case, people are thinking to shift to electronic vehicles that can save the environment from such issues. Now to show their love for the environment, they either have the option to buy an electric car which is not possible for every person out there. That is why most people are opting for electric bikes. 

If you are also looking to buy electric bikes but don’t know which one will be best for you, you have entered the right place. Here are the best electric bikes that you can choose from in the year 2021.

Rad Power Bikes 

The Rad folding bike is rated as the best bike that you can easily find on The bike is known for the best in class quality and tough design, which can give a tough competition to the normal electric bikes and is better than them in many aspects. The tires that are attached to this bike are plus-sized, having a size of around 20 inches by 3 inches that are puncture resistant. There are a few mini forks present with the bike that is known to offer more comfort to your ride. 

On a single charge, the bike can travel to around 45 miles which is pretty good for a bike weighing just 67 pounds. The motor that is present in the bike is 750 watt that works at 80 Nm. The size of the battery is 672 Wh which takes around 6 hours to get fully charged. 

The bike comes with a complete set of throttles and fenders that supports light and a display screen. This screen shows you the battery and some other important information with which you must stay updated. 

Ecotric Folding Bikes 

If you are looking for a cheaper bike that can fulfil all your demand and match your style, you can opt for the Ecotric folding bike. They are cheap and is offered by the company with 30 days trial. If you find that the bike is not working for you, you change it and get your money back. If you like the bike, then there is a bundled 18 months of warranty for you, which cover almost all the issues that the cycle may encounter in future. 

Specifications of the bike are mentioned below in detail.

  • The tires of the bike are 20 inches by 4 inches fat ones that give a distinctive look to the bike. 
  • The weight of the bike is around 52 pounds. 
  • There is a 7-speed gear set in the bike, bundled along with the mechanical disc brakes. 
  • In a single charge, the bike can go upto 24 miles with the help of a 500 W motor that is available on the bike. 
  • The bike is best suited for riders of the height range 4’8″ to 5’10”. Above that, the bike can be a bit uncomfortable.

Oyama- CX E8D V2 

The Oyama bicycle is also known for its fat tires that give it a unique look. This bike is specially designed for the users of urban areas who are regular riders and want to take this bike outside every day. The bicycle has a simple pivot mechanism that can fold the bike into two half. The battery that is fitted around in the cycle is a 36V Li-Ion battery which can be removed and replaced easily. With the help of the 350W motor fitted into the bike, one can speed up the bike to around 20 miles per hour quickly. 

The weight of the bike is 47 pounds which is minor as compared to the above-discussed bike. The tires that are fitted into the cycle give an extra grip to the riders when using the bike in wet and sandy areas. The bike may take around 4 to 5 hours, after which it can smoothly run upto 40 miles. The final and most important specification of this cycle is that it has an 8-speed gear set supported by disc brakes which is sufficient for stopping the bike when needed, even at full speed.