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Walking Workout Essentials

Walking is a great workout for anyone. Don’t develop exercise burnout due to poor planning. These suggestions and essentials will keep you on the path to walking success. Besides that, you can also learn about the different diet plans and tricks as you visit our skilled Podiatrist in New Jersey in order to make your workout sessions more effective. 

When I first started walking for exercise, I didn’t make a lot of preparations. I said to myself, “Self…it’s just walking! How much prep could it take? I already know how to do it and I’ve had 39 years of solid practice. It couldn’t be that hard.” All kinds of crazy, unexpected obstacles tried to trip me up along the way. Shooting leg pains partially collapsed lungs and paralyzing side cramps just to name a few. Adapt and overcome became my motto. As a Marine on a mission, I was determined to surmount any obstacle that got in my way. With a little effort and experience, I managed to find a number of essentials to keep me on the path to success.

First Things First

Comfortable clothing and shoes are of major importance. Restrictive clothing means a restricted workout. Choose shoes and clothing that allows for freedom of movement. Tripping over unruly shoelaces or being trapped in too tight workout wear is a surefire way to get off on the wrong foot.

Ill-fitting shoes can cause blisters, bunions, calluses, and pinched pinkie-toes resulting in residual pain that can last long after a workout. Invest in a good pair that provides firm arch support and fits properly to avoid unnecessary discomfort. Comfy socks in the right size and preferred style are a necessity. Socks that bunch up and constrict movement won’t cut it. Absorbent socks are a good investment as they will help keep prevent foot funk by keeping feet cool and dry.

Clothing should also fit well. Nothing is more aggravating than having to hitch your shorts or sweatpants up every five minutes while you’re walking. Even undies must be considered. Unwedging a reoccurring wedgie is sure to draw unwanted attention. Don’t let cool weather fool you either. Dress like an onion – in layers. Wear at least a couple so you can take off a jacket or hoodie if you get too warm. Being too hot or too cold will have a negative impact on your walking workout. During the summer drape a damp towel around your neck to help stay cool.

I personally keep accessories and jewelry to a minimum when I walk for exercise. My hands tend to swell, especially during warmer weather, making rings very uncomfortable. I do wear my watch to keep up with the time without having to pull out my cell phone to look. Other important workout essentials include hair and headgear. If you have long hair keep it out of your face by putting it up. I wear mine in a ponytail and put on my favorite Memphis Tigers ball cap to keep the whispers from sticking to my face when I glisten – chicks don’t sweat.

Handy Helpers

Walking is a great intentional exercise because anyone can do it. It doesn’t cost a thing and even if you’re walking in place in your own living room, it’s a start. The chief complaint cited in regard to walking for exercise is that it can be boring. There are plenty of ways to defeat that boredom and make each walking workout different from the one before it.

An MP3 player with a killer playlist is a great accessory to utilize. Earbuds and a favorite tune can help you find your walking groove. MP3 players also run interference. Intentional exercise must be focused in order to maintain its effectiveness. Chatty neighbors are less likely to stop you if you are they think you can’t hear them. If you’re not into music, consider listening to an audiobook you want to read instead.

As you walk, you may find that your workout is not as challenging as it was when you started. You may have to walk longer or faster to achieve the same results. Use the natural landscape to your advantage. If you have hills, climb them. If you have stairs, get to steppin’. Ankle and wrist weights are inexpensive workout enhancers that will amp your walk up a notch.

Many walkers enlist the aid of a walking buddy to combat boredom. Take a friend, your kids, or spouse along for some quality time, but remember that you shouldn’t be able to maintain a steady stream of gossip. For walking to be effective your heart rate should remain elevated, which would make conversing about housework, homework, or the neighborhood harlot difficult. If you have a dog, consider taking them along. Feel free to talk to them if you want, but be prepared for some strange looks from your neighbors if you do.

Walking for exercise seems deceptively simple but just doing it can be more challenging than it seems. Being prepared minimizes the possibility of burn-out, breakdowns, and blisters. With these tips and tricks you should be able to walk off any potential problems and walk your way to weight loss, well-being, and a worthwhile workout.