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What Are The Different Motorcycle Helmets, And Which Type Is Best Suited For Your Riding Style?

Today, the safety measures for motorcycle riders are increasing day by day to avoid the risk of serious injuries. In many parts of the world, wearing a helmet while riding has been made compulsory for all riders. Motorcycle helmets play a vital role in the life of the riders, as they protect them from a serious brain injury at the time of an accident. Once you start using a helmet, you will realize the numerous benefits of wearing a helmet while riding.

If you are a beginner in the world of riding, then at first, you must understand the importance of motorcycle helmets. For a beginner, it becomes very confusing to choose a helmet that fits their riding style. Apart from considering color, brand and price range, the buyer of a helmet must consider the type of lid. There are different types of helmets serving different purposes.

Let’s discuss the best safety-rated motorcycle helmets and how they fit in your particular riding style:

Modular Helmet

At first sight, you will find a modular helmet as the copy of full-face. But when you inspect it thoroughly, you will find that it is way different from the full-face helmet. No doubt the modular helmet is very similar to the full-face, but it has an additional feature of a flip-up chin bar. This type of helmets has a garage door in the front to add convenience to the rider.

The visor and chin bars are attached in some models of modular helmets, and it is lifted as a single piece. The modular helmets consist of a UV resistant visor, one-touch adjustable front vents and breathe deflector etc.

These types of helmets are most suitable for highway and city riding. The tourist riders can also use such helmets as they are very convenient to wear even for the entire day.

Full-face helmet

The full-face helmet is the most common type of helmet used by most riders across the world. A full-face helmet, as its name suggests, covers your whole face or the whole head. It has a bobblehead and quintessential round profile and an opening at the eye level and the neck for the convenience of the rider. There is a chin bar that circles the mouth and chin of the rider at the visor’s bottom.

The full-face helmets are mostly preferred for city and highways. These helmets consist of the best soundproofing, all-around protection and are very comfortable to wear.

Dual-sport helmet

The shape and size of the dual-sport helmet are very similar to the motocross helmet. The features that make dual-sport helmets different from motocross helmets are it has large air vents, sun peak at the top, oval chin bar, mouth guard etc. The helmet consists of a retractable visor, integrated sun visor, pre-installed comm systems and best soundproofing than any other helmet.

The dual-sport helmets are best suitable for adventure riders who wish to travel off-road and highways. It is the most comfortable road-to-trail helmet that you must consider before buying a helmet.

Motocross helmet

The motocross helmets are designed by considering the need for dirt bike and off-road bikers. The helmet has a hole to put your head into the helmet and the hole for looking at the front view. It is important to note that this type of helmet doesn’t consist of a visor. The chin bar has a truncated shape, and it is wrapped loosely around the neck.

The best feature of the motocross helmet is that it is the best safety-rated motorcycle helmets with large ducts and air vents that ensure good airflow. Off-road riders mostly prefer the motocross helmets to wear them the entire day in extreme weather conditions.

Half helmet

The half helmets are most used by the persons who don’t like to wear a helmet. This helmet is generally used for looks rather than protection. The half helmet usually ensures the safety of the head from any external injury. These types of helmets are used to ride in the city and not for adventure purpose.

Three-quarter helmet

When the chin bar is removed from the full-face helmet, it is termed as three-quarter helmet. The three- quarter helmet provides the same level of protection and comfort as the full-face helmets. It has an additional feature of closable air vents for better airflow.

The three- quarter helmet is suitable for city riders as it fulfills the purpose of urban riders.

At last, before buying any helmet, you must consider these different types of helmets to choose the perfect one for your riding style.