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Jesus Christ- Analyzing his True Form to the World at Large

We are human beings that have been taught to choose what to believe or work hard so that your opinion can be heard far and wide as people the one who screams the loudest is paid attention by the entire world.

While this doesn’t entirely validate any argument, it does provide an interesting perspective of how things can turn out if the ones that are true to their belief have no qualms of admitting it to others.

Speaking of belief, god is the biggest mystery among the people of this world as there are equal number of both believers and non-believers on whether he is the supreme almighty or just a figment of the imagination.

Break Even Point

There are many different religions in the world like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism and many others as the population is quite diverse in a few countries alone.

True devotees are quite particular in their belief that god does exist and consider it their job to not only worship them in their various forms but make others believe in them as well as they are of the opinion that more the number of believers, the better place this world would become.

To be honest, this argument is not entirely invalid as this has been proven by Christ devotees across the globe which is why they have a lifelong mission to make others be aware of the spiritual form of Jesus Christ.

The break-even point here is that the current generation folks are too modern and out of the box to believe in the concept of god as they believe it to be a fiction that other people too should ignore.

They think that just because these stories are from thousands of years ago then there is no historical proof that Christ actually existed, never mind the fact that he was a spiritual being that did miraculous feats.

Spiritual Death

Whatever the issues maybe, the fact is that Jesus Christ is the founder of Christianity as a religion which is followed by nearly half the population on this planet as they want to live life without committing sin and indulging in vices.

The Shincheonji church in South Korea has become a pilgrimage spot for Catholics all around as it is believed that many people have their wishes fulfilled if they visit it once a year and many devotees have vouched for this fact by providing their own accounts.

Spiritual Death holds true for this Korean Jesus as devotees are of the belief that committing sin separates you from god and you can never be accorded heaven thereby getting hell once you die.

This Christian theory has its fair share of admirers and detractors as people have found to convert to baptism in order to absolve themselves of the sin that they have committed so that they are given the highest form of salvation.

Whether you like it or not, spiritual death has played an important role in converting hard core atheists into true believers of Christ.