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We Should Know Our Food Ingredients To Give Balance Nutrition To Our Body

The thing, which we eat to live is termed as food. But if a baby eats a piece of paper should it called be a food. Certainly not, so to say scientifically, the food will be called when the thing, which is eaten by us, provides nutrition, growth and energy or say calorie. To live all of the animals, trees there need sufficient food to develop body cells and to keep our body free from decease. We should know the proximate principles of food. It means the food, which is very necessary for development and growth of body and also acts as source of calorie, for example, Carbohydrate, Protein and Fat. There are also another type of food which helps us to fight from decease and germs but do not provide calorie, for example vitamins and minerals. The main element of carbohydrate or carb is carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. The main functions of carb in nutrition are-

  • It generates working power producing calories in our body.
  • It removes constipation.

It stores in our liver and muscles, which in need converts into glucose to provide calorie and keeps normal balance of glucose in blood. The ingredients of the Fat Burner Capsules for Women should be in the notice. The capsules will breakdown the fatty cells of the body and offer a slim look. The beauty of the women ios enhanced with the intake of the fat burner capsules.  No harmful ingredients are available in it to have the desired results. 

Glucose is very much necessary in our daily life. In case of rehydration, glucose water is provided to restore the energy level in our body. The common sources of carb are rice, wheat, maize, potato, carrot etc. to provide starch, in sugar as sucrose. In date, apple, grape as glucose etc. There is need of 450-600gm carb daily. But modern life makes us to consume the carb or calorie food in excessive manner that results cholesterol, weight issue and many health hazards.

Now many people are going for high protein low carb diet to fight against the weight issue. Weight issue causes damage to health as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack etc. Excessive taking of carb can do it possibly. The balance amount of protein is very much necessary also to live healthy. Protein is formed by Amino acid. Fish, meat, egg, milk, cheese, pulse, been etc. are examples of sources of protein. Whey protein is also referred as protein that comes from the liquid that separates from the curd while clotting of milk to make cheese. Whey protein weight loss is now modern phenomenon to reduce excess weight. It is taken as supplement to make muscles. The main functions of protein in nutrition are-

  • Protein helps build muscle, cells and generates calorie.
  • It fulfills the demand of amino acid in our body.
  • It creates hormones and enzymes.

The excess protein is not effective in our body. It affects kidneys and livers. In our daily life we need 100-150 gm proteins. There should be always balance in taking of carb and proteins. Consuming one excess and one low will result ill-effect on health. Taking lot of proteins affect kidneys. And if you do not take carb at all, it will damage your body development. The best way is, eat a variety of foods including vegetables, fruits. Do at least some exercise as it is the best way to keep body fit totally and to fight against gaining of excess weight. We should not take any one of carb and protein excessively. And also sleep sufficiently to keep mental balance. Sound mind is very much necessary for good health.