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5 Best Healer Heroes In AFK Arena

Do you find your team always dying early in the game AFK Arena? We got you covered. In this we will discuss the best heroes for healing your team so that they will survive for much longer. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Nemora

An intelligence support hero, Nemora is arguably the best healer hero in the game. Coming from the Wilders faction, Nemora has a regeneration ability that is cast on an allied hero that received the most damage. Aside from this, Nemora is the only functional hero that has the Charm ability, which makes her enemies attack their allies.

Lastly, Nemora has got a healing centric ultimate skill called “Wild Wonder.” Nemora’s ultimate ability provides healing for her allies, calling upon the powers of nature. The healing done to allies is determined by a percentage of Nemora’s maximum health pool.

  1. Angelo

An intelligence hero coming from the Lightbearer faction, Angelo provides sustained health regeneration for the whole team. Able to support multiple units with healing, Angelo also has good damage potential, able to inflict damage to enemy units while healing his allies. As such, Angelo is a good pick if you have a strong carry that needs support in battle. “Love and Peace” is his ultimate skill. This skill inflicts damage to a wide area of effect. It also has an added effect of disabling melee attacks from affected enemies.

  1. Tasi

Another intelligence support hero coming from the Wilders faction, Tasi is a hero whose main focus is disabling enemies using her disruptive crowd control abilities. Her skills allow her to evade enemy attacks, heal her allies, and take away damage from enemies, increasing her own damage in the process.

She has a very flexible skill that summons a fairy that damages enemies or restore the health of allies. As such, Tasi is a flexible healer, able to deal damage when overwhelmed by enemies, or heal allies when their health falls down.

  1. Rowan

Rowan is another hero from the Lightbearer faction. He is a support hero with the intelligence attribute. His unique skill is using a pet duck to inflict damage to enemy units. He has the ability to give healing potions to his allies, as well as having the skill to reduce his health damage, gaining energy damage in the process.

“Dazzle” is Rowan’s ultimate skill. This ability spread coins around the battleground. The coins possess different effects, depending on who touches it. It stuns enemy units while providing healing to allies. This, combined with Rowan’s potion ability makes him a very good candidate as a healer for your AFK Arena team.

  1. Lucius

Another hero from the Lightbearer faction, Lucius is a strength tank hero. His abilities are themed on holding enemy units and healing allies. Lucius’ ultimate skill is called “Heaven’s Protection.” It provides a magical shield to nearby allies, which temporarily protects against harm. This magical shield, when combined with his healing powers makes him a good tank and healer.