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A Lesson in Skin Irritants

Some of our skincare products contain ingredients that can actually be irritating to our skin. This is just another reason why it is important to read the label and the product ingredients before buying or using them. These irritants are not just bad for people with sensitive skin; they can also be irritating to those with perfectly normal skin. Be mindful of what you are doing to your skin when you think you are caring for it and it will be good for you too.

Although it might help make you think your skincare routine is working, your skin does not have to tingle or feel at all like it is being stimulated to actually be getting properly cleaned. It especially should not hurt your skin, whatever your routine may be. Scrubbing your skin until it is raw will not make it any clearer; it will just make it sore. Here’s a list of products that can cause skin irritation as discovered by Ethos Spa

Acetone can cause irritation to the skin. This is usually found in nail polish removers. When there is an open sore around the finger acetone will make it burn and sting.

Alcohol can be drying to the skin, which can cause itching and irritation. Alcohol is used in many cleansers and toners, as well as hair styling products.

Some herbal ingredients and essential oils can be irritating to the skin in higher doses. The ones to watch out for are bergamot, cinnamon, clove, citrus oils, coriander, eucalyptus, fennel, geranium, grapefruit, lavender, lemon, lemongrass, lime, marjoram, melissa (lemon balm), mint, orange, papaya, peppermint, sandalwood, thyme, wintergreen, and ylang-ylang. Most of them are irritating in a way that may cause burning and redness in high doses.

Ammonia may be found in skincare ingredients and can cause both irritations to the skin and to eyes.

Camphor and menthol can also be irritating to the skin and eyes and can be found in some facial cleansers.

Skin Care Steps And Products That Cause Irritation

Abrasive scrubs are not needed to clean the skin. Although they may flake off dead skin, they will also damage the good skin underneath.

Astringents and toners with irritants in their ingredients are not necessary.

Exfoliating and scrub mitts are just as bad as abrasive scrubs.

Too cold of water or too hot of water can be irritating to the skin. If the water is hot enough that it turns your skin red then it is too hot. Always use lukewarm water when showering or washing your face.

Steaming the skin can also be harmful and irritating. It can cause as little as a first-degree burn to the face, which will cause redness.

Facial masks with irritating ingredients are a bad idea. If you put on your mask and your face starts to itch at all it is wise to wash it off right away and clean your face with a mild cleanser to help remove any irritants that may have stayed behind.

Loofahs are another item that can be passed upon because of their abrasiveness to the skin.

Avoid bar soaps, which can be drying and make your skin itch. Instead use liquid soaps with moisturizers included for soft, smooth, and clean skin.