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Erectile Dysfunction – Causes, Treatment and a Future for You Both

Erectile Dysfunction – a scary thing for any man or woman to deal with, especially if they cannot be open with their physician. Especially if the diagnosis is given to a person partner. Symptoms of this life-changing disease are “a failure to achieve an erection or maintain an erection while indulging in sexual activity.” If there is a problem achieving an erection occasionally then it is nothing for a person to worry unnecessarily. If however, failure to achieve or maintain an erection happens 50% of the time then it may be erectile dysfunction. These hyper male force reviews will help you in learning more about the effectiveness of this amazing and useful medication that you can try if this happens to you. 

Visit WebMD at and take the test in the comfort of your own home. Answer the questions honestly and see if there is a risk of erectile dysfunction. A few of the questions are ones like, are you overweight, or have diabetes high cholesterol, depression, and several other diseases. Once completed then take the test along on the next visit to the physician. If the doctor speaks those fearful words, “I think you may suffer from erectile dysfunction”. Do not panic there are treatment plans for this problem. There will need to be a complete examination, which may also include an ultrasound of your penis. They may choose to inject a drug at the end of your penile shaft right before the testicles to simulate an erection while giving you this ultrasound. There may be a small amount of pain but if this test is necessary to obtain a true diagnosis of erectile dysfunction then it is one test worth doing.

Once this medical examination is completed and testing is done, there are several forms of treatment for erectile dysfunction. If the diagnosis is due to being overweight and life choices you may just need to make changes in order to correct the problem. Quit smoking, exercise, and reduce stress. Some men can achieve an erection with hormone therapy such as testosterone shots while others will need to try medication such as Levitra, Cialis, and/or Viagra. Keep in mind that the drugs have side effects that may be harmful when used. The doctor may prescribe drugs like Alprostadil, which will increase the blood flow to the penis and assist in facilitating an erection. This is injected into the penis or used as a suppository which is inserted in the opening at the tip of the penis. Injections are effective in 80% of men while suppositories are effective in approximately 30/40% in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

There is also a vacuum device that can be useful for erectile dysfunction. These vacuums are covered now by most health insurance carriers. These are also referred to as a penis pump. The idea is to insert the penis in the pump and by vacuum use of the pump it will pull blood into the penis and it will become erect. Once erect there is a ring that is placed around the base of the penis to hold it firm while having intercourse.

There are some natural methods that can be tried such as nutritional supplements including amino acid, arginine, bioflavonoid, zinc, and others. Please consult a doctor before taking any of these supplements and be sure to check into acupuncture as an alternative method for ED.

Some men choose surgery as a corrective means, what this entails is reconstructive surgery of the penis and bypassing the blocked arteries. This is done by transferring an artery from the abdominal muscle to the penile artery so that it creates a passage for the blood to flow. They can also place an implant into the penis that will allow it to be pumped up manually. This device is always surgically implanted and that may be a plus or minus in the treatment for erectile dysfunction.

No matter what method is chosen to correct erectile dysfunction it is necessary that your partner not only know about it but also be completely involved in the process. Communication must be open and free-flowing in order to any of these methods to be successful. Be open about experimenting with new sexual techniques and pleasures without indulging in intercourse. Try hard to keep the pressure to perform as you once did to a minimum and this will assist both yourself and partner to achieve that final awaited pleasure.

Keep in mind that not all people who suffer from hypertension, diabetes, or heart disease suffer from erectile dysfunction. This can be caused by physical injury and the outcome and treatment plans are usually the same. If you think you may suffer from this medical condition there is no need to be embarrassed, talk with your physician and get the help you