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How Do You Build a Windmill in Minecraft?

If you are creating a farm in Minecraft, then the presence of a Windmill is really essential. It gives the typical makeover that farms do have. Windmills are easy to make and look good on any kind of farm that you want to build. The height of hobe Windmill adds a whole new depth to the landscape and gives an authentic touch to your farm very easily. The structure of the Windmill is easy to make, but the blades can be a little complicated for the beginners.

However, compared to a lot of other things, Windmills are easier to make in Minecraft. So, how are you going to make one? Let’s find out all the necessary steps in this blog right now!

Making of The Windmill Structure

Windmills come in different shapes and sizes. You have the freedom to create a windmill of any height you want to. But, most of them are round and have a bigger size at the bottom. The formation of this round shape is one of the most difficult things to carry out in Minecraft. You can start by creating the Windmill’s base out of regular stone. You can choose other kinds of stones of different colors as well. You can use wooden logs to give an ancient look.

After you finish building and designing the base of the Windmill, you have to focus on the platform that will sit on top of it. This is the base on which the rounded Windmill structure is going to be placed. You can create a robust structure around this platform where people can get up and enjoy the surrounding view. This helps the Windmill to get a relevant look that is quite similar to the real world structures.

Now, coming to the top of the Windmill. It can be tricky to create the top round part of this whole structure. It will be round and narrow as it goes towards the top. You can use a few tall layers with decreased width and length as you go up. This can help you get the right shape in the easiest of ways. To finish the top, you can make a small, dome-like structure in the end.

How To Create The Blades?

You can choose to make three different types of blades for your windmill – straight, diagonal and turning blades. The tuning blades look the best but they are also the most difficult ones to make. To create a standard blade, you can use white wool and fences to create small blades. In case you want to make bigger blades, you can take the help of wood. Each blade looks good on any windmill but depending on your experience in the game, you should try your hands on making the right one right now.

So, here is the information that will help you to create a Windmill in Minecraft. Make sure to follow all the rules we have discussed and you’ll have a Windmill on your farm! You can also check out the Minecraft Alts