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Increased Game Popularity from Wow Gold to Path of Exile’s Orbs and Scrolls

One of the best free games that exist on the face of the internet is; the path of exile. It is an action role-playing video game created in 2013 by some of the best expert gamers out there. This game is set in a legibly dark fantasy world, has many characters, has several storylines, and is super fun to play. Players can pick characters, play the game, customize the characters, etc. Also, the game has some great actions and combats for the players to conquer and win. Other than all this, one exciting thing that makes the path of exile gamers go mad is collecting exquisite items. These items act as both currencies and tools, just like wow gold for various achieving various things. 

Path of exile characters

The game has several characters that fall in the classes that one needs to pick beforehand. The picking of the class can make a huge difference in how the game will move forward for each player. However, the best thing is that one can choose the character on the way as well. So, one should not be stressing about it too much. 

As soon as one gets the game’s grips, the players can change the characters, find new ones, and upgrade their existing characters. All the characters’ classes are open to choose from the beginning, except one, which will open after one has reached a certain level in the game. 

Some of the popular classes of characters in the game are:

  • Templar: They make lightning attacks along with many others which has projectile motion.
  • Duelist: They are melee fighters in the game.
  • Ranger: They wield dual swords and are long-range game fighters.
  • Witch: This character can cast spells which are highly powerful and damaging.
  • Shadow: This is ninja character class and has many skills in the matching of a ninja.
  • Marauder: This is also a melee fighter character but is extremely strong.
  • Scion: This is the most useful powerful character class and tends to unlock only after one has played a certain number of games or have collected a certain number of items.

Path of exile currency

For those who are new to the game, they might feel that the number of currencies that they have to play with are confusing. All the currencies and other items tend to have some kind of importance, which the player must know of from before. Simple collecting those items which are of no use, or upgrading them can be a waste of gems and time.

The currency system of the game is different from others. They do not have wow gold to barter. Instead, they have orbs which have currencies, which in turn can change the characteristics of various items. The items come from various places, and they are categorized into four rarities:

Magic items:

These are magical items which come in the colour blue. They tend to have both suffixes and prefixes to them. 

Normal items:

These are general items that can be collected and have no prefix or suffix to them. Most of them are off white in colour.

Unique items:

These are unique and are usually orange in colour. They also can have varying prefixes and suffixes to them. They also have special modifiers to them. 

Rare items:

These items are rare, and one might find them easily. They also tend to have 3 prefixes and suffixes. Also, they are yellow in colour.

Types of currencies that one can find and play with:

Low tier currency

  • Portal scrolls
  • Scroll of Wisdom

Modifying/creating magic item currencies

  • Orb of alteration
  • Orb of transmutation
  • Orb of augmentation

Quality enhancing currency

  • Armourer’s scrap
  • Blacksmith’s whetstone
  • Cartographer’s chisel
  • Glassblower’s Bauble
  • Gemcutter’s prism
  • Modifying/creating rare item currencies
  • Chaos orb
  • Regal orb
  • Orb of alchemy
  • Exalted orb

Leagues and skills

Now another part of the game understands the leagues and the skills they can acquire throughout the game. In the game, there are varying leagues that the player can choose to play for. The very basic league is the standard league, which is played by the beginner mostly. It is a normal league and is not that hard to accomplish and play at. Good for building hand in the game.

Next up is the hardcore league. In this league, the quests and everything is pretty similar to standard. The only difference is that the player will have to avoid dying in it, which is also a very difficult task. One a player dies in the hardcore league; they will get demoted to the standard league.

The next league up the level is the challenge league. In these new quests are to be won, and for that, the player will get prizes. Most expert players tend to opt for the challenge league, as it allows collecting items for completing tasks. The last league is of the solo self-found, here in this, the player will have to play and cannot choose co-op.

Also, the characters tend to acquire skills on the way throughout their league path. Each character has a skill grid which they need to complete to get new skills. Also, the players can buy skills if they want by spending a few skill gems they will earn along the way. There are options for the players to collect gems and items through looting as well.