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New Age Era For Fans- Make Your House Cool And Effective

We always aspire to have the best things available in the market and it is none more evident than the household appliances that we come across when out shopping as it is difficult to fulfill the demands of the wife when she becomes adamant on having certain products for the kitchen.

It becomes difficult to convince her otherwise because women are the queen of the kitchen and want nothing more than the best utensils to help them out in making the best of the opportunity so that they can cook delicious food, make new items and get accolades for living up to their name.

Speaking of house appliances, there are many that can be mentioned here like the television, fridge, microwave, gas stove, utensils, crockery, fans and many others but today we shall take upon the one that is quite neglected compared to others, which is the fan as it isn’t mentioned as much as it should.

Homing Device

The first thing that comes to mind when we thing of fans is four blades that are around a rotating circle that is stuck up to the ceiling that will provide a blast of air when you turn on the switch, which is its job by the way and the entire room becomes cool.

Fans are most useful during peak summer season as it becomes cruelly intolerable to manage the heat wave during May and June as you start sweating profusely the moment you step out of the house.

Fortunately, this year has been quite different as Covid-19 has confined the entire world under a nationwide lockdown so as to prevent the deadly virus from spreading further due to which citizens were saved from the scorching heat and thereby enjoy sitting at home under the shelter of fans and air conditioners during nighttime.

A fan can be called a homing device that you can have in all the halls of the house depending on whether you are living in a flat or apartment or bungalow because one usually has it in every room.

The same goes for table fans as well but they aren’t used in current times as they were once but still they are no less effective than their ceiling counterparts so we are going to look at some significant types of fans for your house.


  • Ceiling Fans-

We’ll start with the most obvious as virtually every household on this planet has atleast one ceiling fan in their house for it is impossible to exist without it in such trying times when you come back home from a good day’s work

  • Table Fans-

As the name suggests, they are kept on tables, desk or any flat surface for that matter and are simple to manage with some of the best table fans like PSPO and Crompton having a nice reputation of providing comfort to customers

  • Exhaust Fans-

They are used for preventing moisture and moulds of cobwebs due to dirt and are attached in the kitchen and the bathroom