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Picking Best Marine DC Generators: Choose Between Natural Gas And Diesel Generators

If there is a sudden electrical outage in a factory and if there is no power backup, the machinery and equipment will stop working suddenly. One may think that if the machinery stops for a few hours, then it may not do much harm. But, from a supply chain point of view, few hours of stoppage can lead to financial and resource loss. Keeping all this in mind businesses, restaurants, offices, industries and even personal abodes are equipped with generators. This generator will keep the premise powered and will keep the equipment running even in case of outages. Now, there are many varieties of marine DC generators out there. But two tend to stand out the most; the natural gas and diesel alternatives. Let’s discuss these two in detail.

Diesel generators

Diesel generator runs on diesel and is taken, as one of the most common kinds of generators picked by industries, commercial spaces and even homes. They are used for both powering in grid-less areas and also for emergency power backup. They are used for propulsion and also in the ship to produce power. They are found, in both three-phase and single-phase variants for various premise requirements. They are known for producing, a continuous supply of power, and thus are most common in industries and places like hospitals. The pros and cons of the diesel generators are discussed below.


Some of the advantages of diesel generators are:

  • Less maintenance

These generators do not have spark plugs and various wires, thus, maintenance is not common.

  • Durable

These generators can run for a longer time and does not undergo wear and tear easily, making then reliable option.

  • Safer

Diesel is less flammable than gas and therefore, the diesel generators become a much safer option.


Some of the disadvantages of diesel generators are:

  • Expensive

They are expensive, as they are more durable and have a longer life.

  • Bulky

These generators are large and bulky and, thus require larger, space to be installed.

  • Noisy

Diesel generators are noisy and, this can be a problem especially, in older models.

Natural gas generators

Natural gas generators are a choice when it comes to efficient generators systems used for larger premises and commercial spaces. These generators are very common in larger cities because delivery natural gas is easier. They are efficient and even cleaner as compared to gasoline-based generators. They are smaller than diesel generators, but also have lower power capacity and thus may not be a great, option for industrial use. Some pros and cons of natural gas generators are discussed below.


Some of the advantages of natural gas generators are:

  • Cleaner

Natural gas is one of the cleanest fossil fuels as compared to coal and oil.

  • No odour

When diesel generators run, they give pungent diesel odour, but natural gas generators have not such issue.

  • Availability

The availability of natural gas is much easier in cities as compared to other fuels.


Some of the disadvantages of natural gas generators are:

  • Explosive

Natural gas is much explosive that diesel, thus it is not that safe.

  • Mobility

The fuel is supplied through gas pipelines, therefore in case of calamities, the supply can get restricted.

  • Expensive

In the long-run natural gas generators are expensive as they require continuous maintenance and replacement of parts.

Choosing the right generator

When it comes to picking the right marine DC generators, pondering on some major factors become a necessity. This is because, if one makes the right decision, then they can get the right value for the money spent. Also, one can save more in the long run as well, which is the most crucial thing about businesses. Some of the things that one should remember are:

  • Size

Always take into stride the power consumption of the business and power capacity of the generator. Not choosing the right size means, lacking efficiency.

  • Cost

Make sure that the generator is fitting the budget. Also, cost should be including both the generator and the overall cost the fuel and maintenance will incur in long term.

  • Safety

Look for a generator that is safer and cleaner for the premise, while keeping in mind the location it will be installed.

  • Noise

Lastly, it is crucial to take into consideration the noise levels of the generator, always take proper steps like using noise mufflers to keep noise pollution away.

Both diesel generators and natural gas alternative have some pros and cons attached to them. Usually, it is up to the customer to choose according to their requirement and budget. Both can work well if provided with expert management and proper fuel supply.