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Shipping Containers Home- A Unique Way of Living

Which is the best country in the world? What is the best city to live in? There are many that instantly come to mind but nothing can equal your own house. By ‘own house’, I don’t mean any building that you are occupying or even your parents’ house.

Your own house is one that you can call and feel at home, which serves as proof of your hard work and sweat because you bought it with your hard earned money and that is saying something.

Having your own house is the best feeling that you can get but now we are going to discuss about another type of house that may look somewhat different from regular house but is quite effective enough to qualify as one.

Makeshift Home

Shipping container is not a term that you get to hear in your everyday conversation but not many people are aware that it can be used as a home, which has served as an alternative for sailors who are always on navy missions and the containers are used for storage purposes that contain food and arms supplements.

They are also known as freight containers as sales executives working in shipping companies are called freight brokers and have a vast knowledge of these vessels that are used for various purposes.

Shipping containers are quite up to the mark when you don’t play around with them for the sake of it, which is why the base becomes weak that leads to dents in various parts of steel and they are not as useful as they used to be.

Many people might hesitate to consider it even close to a house but fact is fact and it cannot be denied once you see it for yourself how most containers are indeed used as a makeshift home even in current times.

Box Design

Shipping containers are first and foremost containers or vessels that are used for storage purposes and therefore come under various shapes and designs depending on the size of the ship and the mission at hand, which makes it interesting to explore a bit more.

Corrugated boxes are the first that come to mind and can be used as freight containers in a perfect manner as they fit the description to a tee and have been used for various missions at sea.

These boxes are used for keeping smaller products as they provide protection by their own self and are entirely reliable for cushioning and managing contents that are sensitive and fragile.

Even with disaster lying in wait at every corner in such dangerous missions, these boxes are strong enough to handle a large deluge and even powerful waves that strike the ship every now and then, especially during a storm.

In such situations, the entire logistics system is put into play where a complex operation is organized by the people onboard and these containers are kept in a separate cabin on the deck of the ship and on the rare occasions when the enemy attacks if you accidentally stray into his quarters, they simply refuse to budge and leave the containers behind.

Crate is quite a large container compared to its other counterpart and is used for ferrying large and heavy items into it but at times of siege, act as the perfect home for the people on deck as it is strong enough to hold a couple of people inside it along with the food supply, which helps them to survive onboard for many days and is an extremely inventive use of shipping containers.

Worthy Choice

Shipping containers weigh about two to three tons in size and are usually for lodging and perfect as a mode of transport but also have a plus point that it is virtually impossible to migrate.

Unlike your regular house, there is no need to destroy the container to use it for transportation purposes and simply need to lift it from one place to another, which is a practice that has been utilized by shipping expert right from the early days but can only be lifted by a crane or forklift due to its immense weight.

All in all, a truly worthy choice for people who aspire to use shipping containers as an alternative for their house and most of them are even willing to try out this experiment on their own.