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Tips in Building Deck in Clash Royale

For you to be successful and victorious in playing Clash Royale, it is crucial to understand first the fundamentals of deck building. Knowing the basics of how to make a powerful deck will help you easily advance in the game. So to help you out, here are some tips o how you can build a winning Clash Royale deck. 

Know Your Spell

One of the best ways to make a powerful deck in Clash Royale is to know your spells. You can use your spells in wide variety of ways in the game. Aside from buildings and unites, you can also use it to counter your opponent, support your main unite and clear out the supporting units of your enemy. One of the common examples to effectively use your spell is to follow up your Hog Rider with a pre-emptive Log. In this way, you can clear out any swarm units that your opponent uses to counter you. Spells are also effective when you use it on units standing next to the towers of your opponent. This will maximize the value of the spells by also hitting the tower. Another way to use your spell is by using a higher elixir cost to eliminate numerous enemies. So always keep in mind that choosing the right spells is really crucial in making a powerful desk. But you should also take into consideration that your spell would depend on the needed support of your main units, the spells that your opponent’s counters are susceptible to and the most common counters it faces in the current meta.

Effective Support and Counters

It is also a sound strategy to use effective counters and superb support. Let say you are playing Hog Rider at the bridge, keep in mind that there are several and different cards like swarm units and buildings that can counter your action. The main purpose of the support card is to have them assist the main action of your opponent by countering the defensive cards of your enemy during a clash world. So in your situation, your opponent might counter your Hog Rider at the bridge by using a minion Horde. So, your ideal strategy or action would be to support your unit using Executioner which has the ability to take care of a huge variety of swarm units. 

Choose Your Win Condition

Basically, your win condition would determine your chances of winning the battle. So, it is advisable to use a card that will give you an offensive tool in order to damage the tower of your opponent. As an example, let’s use Hog Rider of the Giant. Normally, Hog Rider relies on dealing a medium amount of damage every time they are used. The Lava Hound of the Golem are used in order to create big pushes in order to deal huge damage to the towers of the opponent. So when choosing your strategy, always choose a card that you are comfortable with and which is not easily countered by current meta decks.