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What Are The Benefits Of Social Networks

I advise executives, brands, non-profits, academics, and artists on how to leverage social media and social networks to add value. I believe the social web is a tool for building genuine relationships and communities on and off the web.

Facebook Application, LinkedIn, Social Networks Posted on September 28, 2007, by Yianni Garcia on Facebook Two social media networking giants will take a major step forward on Friday, September 28th. Professional social network LinkedIn will add photo capabilities to the profile page. Photographers, get ready for a million professional headshots request. While

Facebook gets ready to launch its first IM client, Friendvox. Can’t wait! There is fierce competition between the top social networks to see who will provide the most attractive platform and eventually steal the greatest majority of people. I think

Facebook is the main player so far although there are a few things I would like to see on Facebook. Mainly, I will like I way to organize my friends into groups and give specific access to each group. For example, I will like to drag and drop all of my professional contacts into my “FB Rolodex” and give them limited access to my pictures. This way I can access them without having to scan through my 500+ friends and I can keep my drunken college pictures private. The IM client will keep me happy for now. I hear Twitter is coming ours with video capabilities. What is that all about? Hit me up with a comment if you have any interesting news about new developments with major social networks. I’d like to hear about people’s reactions to the Facebook IM client as well.

Social Web, Web 2.0 in Politics Posted on August 13, 2007, by Yianni Garcia in Social Networks What do Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards have in common? It’s not their stance on Iraq I’ll tell you that much. Actually, they’ve managed to engage millions of voters and raise tons of revenue using the social web. Hillary has her very own Hillary TV, a weekly segment where she answers questions posted on her blog and gives a video collection of her latest achievements. She has also cleverly used other popular websites such as YouTube and if you are interested Buy Real YouTube Subscribers like her to post her “Clinton Soprano” parody that advertises her campaign song contest.

Obama even has his own social web network— They should have gone with if you ask me. Members can create profiles, meet other supporters, join groups, and events and, of course, help in campaign fundraising. According to TIME magazine, more than $10 million of Obama’s whopping $31 million second-quarter contributions were made online. However, the prize for “Best Social Web Ideas” goes to John Edwards.

Two of Edwards’ top advisors posted a “How-to” video on YouTube for making John’s favorite Pecan Pie, courtesy of “Mama” Edwards. In return for the dish, the Edwards campaign asked for a minimum donation of $6.10 to share the recipe. The video brought in nearly $300,000 in one week! As you can see, these select presidential candidates have recognized an untapped resource for connecting to voters and raising funds. Having a profile on MySpace just doesn’t cut it these days.