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You Need To Know About The Experience Of Miroslav Vyboh

Most people gain fame due to their social media or personality, but very few get known for their work experience. Fifteen minutes of publicity can indeed make you famous for life, but when you get recognized for the work and the experienced you’ve gained, that’s a real feat. And one such person to have achieved this is Miroslav Vyboh.

But if you have been living the rock, keep on reading to understand who he is and why he is essential to this world.

Who is Miroslav Vyboh?

He is an international businessman who was born in Zvolen in central Slovakia. He possesses a master’s degree from the University of Economics in Bratislava. His work is mainly in the field of real estate and financial consulting through the two companies he is a part of; and currently is CEO of Mayfair Assets Limited. 

What experience does Miroslav Vyboh have?

  • Export Director-

He has been the Head of the Commercial Department for three years in Detva from 1986 to 1989. As an Export Director, he has led his team to reach the goals and increase and maintain export sales. During these years, he owned a Heavy Engineering Company.

  • Commercial Representative in Branch Office-

Miroslav Vyboh has worked as a Commercial Representative in Hannover in Germany for a year in Martin from 1989 to 1990; this experience has been valuable in adding to his excellence.

  • Advisor to the Director-

Continuing his work in Detva, he has worked as a general advisor to its director. From the year 1990 to 1991, he got the chance to operate so closely with one of the head members to learn several skills and improve as a businessman.

  • Commercial Director-

His work in Zvolen continued as a Commercial Director from 1991 to 1994.

Currently, he is operating from his companies- AMW and Mayfair Assets Limited and is continuing to grow his business and is a role model for those aspiring to be businessmen.