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Dust Mites Arent So Mighty When It Comes To Natural Latex

Welcome to another edition of America’s Bedroom’s Most Wanted. This week we’ll be profiling the dust mite. Billions of these fugitive bugs are wreaking havoc on non organic mattress users all over South Florida. If someone you know is still sleeping on anything other than natural latex, they may be this merciless villain’s next victim. As of now, the dust mite is at the top of the non organic mattress’ Top Ten Most Wanted list alongside bed bugs, bacteria, and conscience-less chemical toxins. Have you yet to secure your home with natural latex? Keep reading for what you and your loved ones need to know about staying safe from this ruthless bedroom offender.

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The dust mite’s previous crimes

Dust mites are microscopic critters that feed on dead skin cells from people and their pets. These heartless creatures then excrete feces that trigger allergies and respiratory problems in their human victims. Some innocent sleepers even report headaches, fatigue, and depression as a result of a dust mite infestation.

Last seen inside South Florida’s non organic mattresses

Are you harboring dust mite fugitives in your home? Chances are, if you’re sleeping on a non organic mattress, you are playing the unwitting accomplice to their crimes. The older a non organic mattress is, the more likely it is that millions of dust mites may be stowing away, lurking in your bed’s dark corners, just waiting to attack. And dust mite crimes are especially prevalent in South Florida, because mites thrive in damp, humid conditions. Beds made out of synthetic materials instead of natural latex and organic wool are the perfect hiding places for these common criminals because they aren’t as good at absorbing moisture and tend to stay damp on those muggy South Florida nights.

Keep your loved ones safe with natural latex

What’s the best weapon for protecting yourself against these wily offenders? Natural latex. Organic mattresses made with Talalay or Dunlop latex naturally act as your bedroom’s best security system because they keep mites from breeding and creating the next generation of creepy criminals. Organic mattresses also defend against other perpetrators like mold, mildew, and bad boy bacteria. Protect yourself and your family with a natural latex line of defense. (Don’t forget to arm yourself with a natural latex pillow, too!)

You can help the team at America’s Bedroom’s Most Wanted ensure that dust mites have claimed their last victim by securing your home with natural latex. And we won’t rest until all of South Florida is sleeping safely atop an organic mattress. Help us win the fight! Take a trip to the Florida Organic Mattress Store today and pick out your preferred weapon of choice.