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My Child Hates The Dentist

A dentist’s office can be a scary place for anyone, especially a child, considering the noisy and large equipment, oral procedures and specialized chair with all of its accompanying gadgetry. The dentist’s office, however, can also be one of the places where your child picks up important oral hygiene habits that they’ll use the rest of their life to maintain a healthy smile.

At Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we strive to provide a safe location that does not make anyone feel fearful or uncomfortable –– and that goes for adults and children alike. Many of our Cary, NC dentists and hygienists are parents themselves, and know how to interact with your child to improve their dental care experience. Our Cary pediatric dentistry program’s core mission is to treat any patient with the same level of respect that we’d treat others, including children. That means that we won’t talk down to your child, or assume they aren’t observing everything that is going on. Our dentists and staff will take care to explain procedures to your child, enhancing their overall understanding of why visits to our offices are important.

While good oral hygiene practices generally start at home, we continue those into our teachings at Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, impressing upon children the importance of twice-daily toothbrushing and flossing. We generally hone in on pediatric preventative dental care, and recommend your child start visiting us around age three. Our dental treatments for children include fluoride and sealant applications to combat tooth decay, as well as extensive oral health education.

Gentle, High-Quality Pediatric Dental Care at Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

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