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Five Budget Friendly DIY Apartment Accessorizing Tips

Living in an apartment complex offers many amenities and conveniences not found in living in a detached house. Unfortunately, apartment living also brings about certain restrictions that may interfere with your personal preferences.

Personal preferences regarding the decorating and accessorizing of ones apartment space, remains a major issue for many. Restrictions ranging from ‘no painting walls’, to ‘no major changes’ whatsoever, are often stipulated in the apartment lease agreement.

Therefore, what is one to do when desiring to decorate and accessorize their apartment space? Listed below are five budget friendly, do-it-yourself tips, for decorating and accessorizing your apartment space.

1.) Frame It.

Since painting walls is a huge no-no, opting for framed prints of varying sizes and colors, will really bring that added pizazz needed to brighten things up. When attempting the high-end look without the high-end cost, pair modern frames with simple mat boards (craft stores such as Michael’s and AC Moore offer classes to help you achieve the look you are going for).

2.) Curtains.

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to bring an elegant statement to a blase’ room, is simple window treatments. Large retailers like Target, Ikea, and others offer many prints, colors, and sizes at affordable prices.

For those who want to ‘get creative’, purchasing unique sheet sets, and using them as your window treatments are an excellent way to go. Caution is needed however, when going for this option. Choosing a sheet set with a good print/material, and layering it appropriately, will prevent your window treatments from appearing tasteless.

3.) Lamps

Light can transform a room entirely. It not only has the ability to transform the way a room looks, it also effects the rooms feel and warmth. Therefore, ‘let there be light!’

Purchasing unique and beautiful lamps does not have to be expensive. Retailers such as Home Goods, Pier One, and Kirkland’s, offer several beautiful and unique pieces at affordable prices.

Want to get personal? You can personalize your lamps by painting the inside of the lamp shade to match your decor, or switching out the lamp shade all together.

4.) Throw Pillows.

Talk about a no-brainer! Throw pillows are an excellent and inexpensive way to add a touch of whimsy, color, and life to a couch, chair, or bedding set.

Unlike the throw pillows of yesteryear, todays throw pillows feature different colors, shapes, textures, and patterns enough for everyone to find the right match for their decor. Retailers such as Ross, and Tuesday Morning offer a great selection at deep discount prices.

For those strapped for cash, using inexpensive scrap material (found at any fabric store) to cover your already existing throw pillows, will give you the same unique and appealing look you’re trying to achieve.

5.) Carpet Floor Tiles.

Also known as ‘Flor Carpet Tiles’, these inexpensive tiles (many starting at only $5 per tile) are an inexpensive way to add some pizazz and color to your space.

Since there are a bevy of colors, patterns, and pile options, the looks you can create with them is endless (for styles and information visit ).

As you can see, even with restrictions in place, there are still ways you can personalize, and accessorize your apartment space to represent your individuality. Therefore, don’t hold back, get your decorating juices flowing. You’ll be amazed at how little it takes to make your apartment look like a home.

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