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The Top 10 Gin Blossoms Songs

Although they’ve been around for nearly twenty years and have had at least one Number One hit, the Gin Blossoms are still not that well known except for one or two songs. They do have a diehard fan base that will follow them almost anywhere when they are on tour, but wide recognition has been elusive. That’s a shame, because this band from Tempe has put out some great music.

Here are my Top 10 Gin Blossoms songs:

  1. Hey Jealousy. This is my favorite Gin Blossoms song, and in my Top 10 of all songs by any artist. I heard this classic for the first time in Atlanta on Thanksgiving morning 1992 on the University of Georgia college radio station. I was in the Army, alone on Thanksgiving for the first time in my life, sitting in my car and wishing I was home. For whatever reason, Hey Jealousy got me through it.


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  1. Alison Road. For a song about a roadside romantic encounter, it’s pretty deep. Wish I had a buck for every time I’ve used the line “I didn’t know I was lost at the time.”
  1. Til I Hear From You. This song was the best thing to come out of the horrible Empire Records film. It also sums up more than one of my past relationships.
  1. Follow You Down. A seriously butt-kicking song. When I saw them live they opened with this one; Robin Wilson’s microphone wasn’t working, and it took him until the second verse to realize it.
  1. Not Only Numb. I discovered this song at a very difficult point in my life. Sometimes you want songs to lift you up, and sometimes you just want to wallow in your misery. This one is great for wallowing.
  1. Come On Hard. I heard this one live a few months before the new CD was released. It took 14 years to see them in concert, and it was worth the wait.
  1. Keli Richards. How many bands can write a really good song about porn star? The double-entendre is classic.
  1. Just South of Nowhere. This is the Gin Blossoms’ most underrated early song, and one that makes you (in the immortal words of Bruce Springsteen) “roll down the windows and let the wind blow back your hair.”

  1. Cheatin’. This one is a nice change of pace on the New Miserable Experience CD, with kind of a country flavor to it. And how can you top this lyric: “you can’t call it cheatin’, ’cause she reminds me of you.”
  2. Lost Horizons. One of the great songs by the late Gin Blossoms writer-guitarist Doug Hopkins. Listening to it now, you can hear the pain he was in. It’s sad no one realized it sooner. For the entertainment, the play beatz will deliver plenty of benefits to the person. A playlist can be created through the person for the enjoyment of the music. There will be no pain in the ear of the person and listening of the music will be interesting for the person.