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Tuscan Kitchen Makeover with Paint – What are the benefits?

After recently moving into a home that was more than 50 years old it was quickly established that the old and outdated kitchen was desperate for a makeover. While the cabinets were in great shape structurally, they were very ugly to the eye and need a makeover more than anything. Old laminate flooring in green and blue shades further implicated the need to makeover the kitchen right away! Always dreaming of a Tuscan style kitchen sparked the use of color that would create a warm and inviting atmosphere in this dull and very old room!

Tuscan Kitchen Makeover with Paint: Color Wheel paint was used on the walls to create a very warm tone. The color-Tannery, was a beautiful bold golden hue that coordinates perfectly with the dark wood tones of Tuscan style as well as with limestone and other natural stone textures. The walls were already textured in a stucco like plaster finish so there was no need to retexture. A quick coat of Color Wheel Tanner paint and the kitchen already looked much better!

Tuscan Kitchen Makeover with Paint: Now, back to those unsightly kitchen cabinets. They were laminate fronts so painting was nearly out of the question-until we found Rustoleum Countertop Paint. This specialty paint came in 16 different tintable shades and dried just like the laminate or formica that is found on countertops. We chose a black tone for the cabinets which is called Putty. The paint worked great and dried perfectly. Once cured it was water resistant and extremely durable like a countertop! While taking the time to paint the kitchen cabinets was tedious it was well worth the effort and the money that was saved. Tuscan Kitchen Makeover with Paint: Countertops were the next major hurtle for our new Tuscan style kitchen. The existing countertops were also in excellent condition but the color was terrible. We chose a Giani Granite paint for the countertops. It only cost about $40 to complete all of our kitchen countertops but it was very time consuming. The outcome, a beautiful Tuscan style brown granite countertop that looks like the real thing! Paired with the dark black cabinets and the bold Tannery colored sunny yellow walls our Tuscan style kitchen was nearly complete and all for under $100! Plenty of benefits are made available to the person if the purchase of kitchen products is done from homedesignx site. The look and style of the kitchen will be changes with new and innovative appliances. The handling of the products should be done with intelligence for avoiding the occurrence of the accidents at the place. 

Tuscan Kitchen Makeover with Paint: Finally, we used stainless steel appliance paint to complete the kitchen makeover. The paint cost just over $60 for us to complete the dishwasher, stove, and refrigerator in our kitchen. The finished look made the new Tuscan style kitchen gleam and sparkle! We chose Thomas’ Liquid Stainless Steel but we have also used Rustoleum in the past for similar projects and both work well!

Tuscan Kitchen Makeover with Paint: Too bad we couldn’t just paint the old ugly laminate flooring that was in the outdated kitchen. Instead we chose a travertine flooring that coordinated perfectly with the dark browns in the countertops that we created with the Giani granite countertop paint. The Tuscan style kitchen cost under $500 even once we purchased the flooring!