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What Are Some Of The Ways To Find A Jungle In Minecraft?

The occurrence of Jungle in minecraft free is very rare. Generally, in Minecraft gaming, the location of jungles is not definite or particular. But the chances of Jungle are usually near-desert biomes, mesas, and Savannas. One can easily recognize the Jungles with the help of tall trees, which are very large in number. The leaves of the tress cover all the roofs of the Jungle.

Jungle trees

The tress of the Jungle is 30 blocks high, which is covered with vines. The players can easily climb this tress with the help of vines. The extended upward base of four blocks is generally of the largest trees in the Jungle. A player can collect a large number of blocks even through a single tree. For tree houses, jungle trees are the best option.

The wood of the jungle trees turns into pinkish-red color when the Jungle’s woods are refined and converted into wood planks. The wood planks of the Jungle have a single attribute of changing color. As we know, the planks are converted into various items or tools; therefore, variations can be made on the items like stairs, Boats, and doors.

Types of biomes in Minecraft

The question might arise in your mind whether the Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock have the same biomes? The answer to this question is yes; they both share the same biomes. You will find a discrepancy among these two editions because both the editions have different updated times.

The latest biomes in Minecraft are as follows:


In order to start the game, well forest is the best place. The forest is the only place where a player will easily harvest various woods because there are many trees in the forest. Apart from this, there are lots of other variations also. The best feature of a forest is that you will find every flower in the forest. Dark oak and birch forest are other forms of variations a player will find in the forest as these forests have color variations of dark and birch trees.

The additional advantage a player can get is mushrooms that are found very rare. But in forests, there are high chances of mushrooms being found. It is important for a player to be aware of the mobs that might be present there.


With the help of alcoves, a large number of stones, spires, and floating islands, the mountain biomes can be easily recognized by the player. For village trading, the mountain biomes are the best kind of biomes a player can found. There are usually two major alternatives of mountain biomes which are wooded mountain biomes and gravelly mountains.


The desert biomes in minecraft free gaming are also very rare. It contains brown rabbits, sand, dead bushes, cacti, and sandstones. Apart from this, sometimes you will also find temples, desert villages, wells, lakes, and pillager outposts.


Generally, there are three kinds of jungle biomes found in the Minecraft game: the normal jungle biome, jungle edge biome, and bamboo jungle. The jungle edge biomes are a mixed type of biomes, which helps in the transition of jungle edge biomes into other biomes. A bamboo jungle biome is a very common variation that a player will find in the Jungle. The bamboo jungles have a unique feature that here you will also find some pandas.


If you find forest and jungle biomes interesting, you will definitely enjoy taiga biomes because this biome is a mixture of both. The biomes consist of ferns and spruce trees. The taiga biomes also contain foxes, villages, wolves, pillager outposts and sweet berry bushes, etc. The ‘giant tree taiga’ is one of the variations of tiger biomes. The best part of this variation is that it contains mycelium and large spruce trees.

Ice spikes

Ice spikes are a kind of biome where clumps of ice with large structures are scattered around. These large structures of ice are like trees that are present everywhere. The resources present in the Ice Spikes are very complicated to find. Finding snow tundra biome is much easier than all other resources. One can access a greater amount of ice through ice sperks.

These are some of the ways to find Jungle in minecraft free and to enjoy the game.

Features Of Hypixel Server of Minecraft That Will Give You An Amazing Experience Of Gaming

Minecraft is a game in which a player can enter an infinite terrain and have to create a city of dreams of their own. In this game, the player will get many tools and materials while roaming in the terrain, and by using them, they have to create a city of their own. But that is what a basic Minecraft game launched in 2009 was all about. But today the things have changed a lot, and there are many different types of Minecraft servers that you can even own or join to enjoy next-level entertainment in the gaming world.

What is a Minecraft server?

Well, Minecraft has provided the facility of creating and joining different servers of the game from which a person can gain a lot of things. The server is like a station that you can buy from the Minecraft official website and there, you can ask people to join and play with you. Yes, a server is just like your own space to allow people to walk in and play different types of games that you offer them.

It can give you a higher level of benefits like you can be the rule maker and all other people who join your place will have to follow the rules. Apart from this, you can also ask people to buy stuff from you in this way they can get an opportunity to do business there. However, if you are the owner of the server, then you can create your own community, saying the people who will join the server to play the game.

What is a Hypixel server?

By now, you are pretty much aware of the fact that there are many different types of servers available online where a person can join to play different Minecraft games. Hypixel is also one of the servers for Minecraft gaming and from which a person can gain a lot of things. But to be specific about this server, you should know that this server is the largest and the highest quality server that you will have in the marketplace of Minecraft. There are many benefits that you can see and from which you will get the chance to play the best of Minecraft games on this server, but all you need is a Minecraft Premium account.

The premium account can give you a straightforward entry to the best of the Minecraft games and you can all enjoy them without any type of doubt. The best for you will be that you can get the chance to buy and generate minecraft premium account generator from where you can get the account to be part of the Hypixel server.

Features of Hypixel server

  • Free to play:-

Once you are holding a premium Minecraft account, you are almost free enough to enjoy all the games on the Hypexil server. The server is the best server of the Minecraft community, and you can enjoy it a lot from it without any type of doubt for free.

  • Premium games:-

Well, what can be better than playing some of the luxury and premium Minecraft collaboration games on a free server? And that is something that can happen with you now. You will get the chance to manage things right, and hence you can get the chance to play Sky block, Star Wars, and many other premium games here.

  • Safe to play:-

The best part about the Hypixel server is that it is the safest server in the history of all the gaming servers and you will not be at risk of losing your personal data when you make use of this server for gaming. So it is safe for you all to use and enjoy the gaming experience!

Microsoft Account Required By Java Minecraft Players To Continue Playing

The most recent update related to Minecraft gaming is related to the change in the login process. As of January 2021, a Microsoft account for Minecraft java edition players is mandatory, and they would be logging in with the Microsoft account in the future. Their stats will be linked and saved on the Microsoft account from then onwards, and the Mojang account stats will be migrated to Microsoft’s servers immediately.


Developers have ensured that the rest of the game will remain unchanged, and only the login procedure will be changed. For new users, this will be the only option to register. As the java edition is typically played on windows PC or Mac, it won’t be hard to link the game with Microsoft due to the pre-installed application on most devices.

Benefits To Enjoy With Microsoft Login On The Game

Firstly, you will be able to secure your accounts with two-factor authentication; this way, you will be able to safeguard your game data and progress from intruders. With Microsoft’s login security, it will be tough for someone to access another’s account unethically. Furthermore, you know, all other Minecraft editions were already on Microsoft, and just the Minecraft game used the Mojang for the database.

So, now all your Minecraft game editions will be on the same account and same platform that makes it easy to remember the details and access the account quickly. Also, when kids would be playing an online Minecraft game session, parents would be able to control that and supervise their actions easily.

Legacy Minecraft Accounts And Their Role In This Migration

If you don’t know what a legacy Minecraft account is, then you should know that these accounts were made during the initial years of the game release from 2010 to 2012. Back at that time, players used to log in with the username and password. Then Minecraft introduced the email facility, and users got to log in with email and password. So those who still log in with username and password are the legacy accounts.

For them, it is not mandatory yet to migrate to Microsoft, but soon a solution would be planned to migrate the legacy account stats to Microsoft as well, and then they would also be able to log in to Microsoft account. Till then, keep enjoying the game with the legacy account credentials.

What Not To Expect With A Microsoft Login Process?

Many people are arguing that logging in with Microsoft is going to bring several changes to the game. But for now, there is nothing as such, and this will only impact the login procedure and nothing else. Moreover, you should not expect that after Microsoft login, the java edition player would be able to play with cross-platform players. This feature is only meant for bedrock edition players and would continue to be so.

The Process To Migrate Minecraft Mojang Account To Microsoft 

When your account would be ready for migration, you will be notified by the team to carry on the process. This notification will appear on your profile page, as well as an email will be sent to you. Once you receive the message, the process would be as follows.

  • Click on the migrate link in the email or the announcement notification.
  • You will be redirected to the Microsoft login page, where you can log in to an existing account or create a new one.
  • After login, you can set up your Xbox profile like username, etc., to be linked with Minecraft.
  • Once done, you have to confirm the migration, and this is done. You can now log in through your Microsoft account and continue playing Minecraft with all your stats migrated and secure.

All your information available on Mojang’s server will be migrated to Microsoft, including the worlds, username, capes, and other achievements. Make sure you have backed up the most current updates on the Mojang server before the migration. If you were playing offline for a long time, then it is advised that you manually back up the progress so that all your recent game updates are on your Microsoft account.

This way, you will finally have a Microsoft account for Minecraft, and signing in will get easier and quicker from the moment onwards

Everything You Should Know About Minecraft Badlion Client

Are you interested in using the Minecraft Badlion Client but are still having doubts about it? We got you covered. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Minecraft Badlion Client, including an installation guide. Without further ado, let’s start:

What is Minecraft Badlion Client

Badlion client is a Minecraft alts client that provides various modifications and game improvements. It is a game client that is popular for its modding and cosmetic customization features, as well as social features like adding and messaging friends.

Features of Minecraft Badlion Client

In this section, we will discuss some of the features of the Minecraft Badlion Client that will make playing Minecraft easier and more enjoyable. First, it improves performance, providing an FPS or frames per second boost even on low end computers. This is a huge help for people without an expensive gaming rig, allowing them to enjoy a Minecraft session with high framerates. Next, it features cosmetics, allowing you to customize your Minecraft character in more detail than what the base game allows. It also features animated emotes in addition to appearance customizations.

Badlion supports texture packs made for Minecraft version 1.7 or 1.8. Take note that Linux computers are not supported at the moment, so make sure that you have a Windows operating system before attempting to install.

There is also mod support. Most importantly, this game client features Badlion Anti Cheat, which will block most cheats from the game. This is important mainly on online sessions where you will have to play with other users, which increases the chances of running into hackers and cheaters. Badlion Anti Cheat will protect you against that, making sure that the game is fair for everyone on a server as long as they are using the Minecraft Badlion Client.

Installation Guide
In this section, we will guide you with a step by step process on how to install the Badlion client so you can enjoy all of its extra features, servers, and anticheat.

  1. First, visit this link
  2. Click on the download button, wait for it to finish.
  3. Once the download is complete, open the installer and run it
  4. Accept the pop up that will appear on the screen. Do not worry about anti virus pop ups, this software is safe and is used by thousands of players daily.
  5. Read and accept the license agreements as well as the terms and conditions.

    6. Select the destination folder for the Badlion client. If you have no idea about this, better leave it at the default settings and click on install.
  6. Wait for the installation to finish
  7. Once the client is installed, go to your desktop and open the new shortcut on it. If you cannot find the shortcut, go to the installation folder manually as specified by step 6, open that folder and look for the Badlion program. Double click on it to start the program.
  8. Badlion is now running, enjoy all of the new features!

Learn How To Pick Up And Throw Snowballs in GTA 5 Online

One of the best things about GTA is that it is very interactive with what’s really happening in the real world. As we all know, the holiday season is fast approaching and sooner, the entire city will be layered with snow. This kind of event will also be evident in GTA 5 online. Los Santos will be covered by a thick later of snow and it will be hard for players like you to drive in the game. On top of that, the healthy layer of snow can also make a huge change in terms of scenery in the game. If you are the kind of player who is not a huge fan of snow, there are other ways in the game that could allow you to get rid of the snow. First, you can take a trip down top Cayo Perico. This is one of the best parts of the game, it allows players like you to rake in the warm tropical sights of Cayo Perico and take part in the biggest Heist in the game.

But if you are the kind of person who loves the snow, you can do lots of things in Los Santos. One of the parts of the game that you will surely enjoy is that you can throw snowballs in GTA online. To do this, you must first stand in snow and get rid of all of your weapons that you have. This means that you must be unarmed so you can pick up snowballs. You can also press the right button on the D-Pad so you will be able to pick up snowballs. As per the game, you can keep up to 9 snowballs in your inventory. To throw this, you just have to simply open the weapon wheel, look for the snowballs and use your mouse buttons to throw it to your target.

The use of snowballs in the game will depend on the device that you are using. If you are using PS4 and Xbox one, then you need to follow these steps. First, you need to be unarmed and stand on top of a snowy surface. Second, pick up the snowballs by pressing left arrow on the D pad. Keep in mind that you can store up to 9 snowballs only. Lastly, you can throw the snowballs as usual as you do with any other weapons in GTA.

If you are using a PC, you just have to press G on your keyboard to get the snowballs but you have to be unarmed as well. You can only store 9 balls and to throw them to your target, you just have to select ythe snowballs in the weapon wheel and shoot them as you would with any other weapons To help you more, you can check this GTA 5 Modded Accounts for PS4.

Now that you know how to pick and throw snowballs in the game, you will certainly enjoy everything!