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What are the different ways to juice pomegranate? Try these top-3 methods!

Pomegranate is a fruit that comes with several health benefits. The fruit is probably the healthiest of them all, as it comes with many nutrients. So, what is the best way to consume it? Well, doctors suggest that consuming the fruit as it is, is the best choice, but it can get a little boring sometimes, you can try to extract the juice of the fruit for consumption. You need to understand that nothing compares to fresh juice, so use your pomegranate juicer to remove it now if you have the opportunity.

Fresh juice VS packed juice – which one’s most nutritional?

If you ever face a dilemma between full juice and fresh juice, you have to always go for fresh ones. Why? Though they claim that the juices they sell are new, but that is not true. They add a lot of sugar to the liquid and steal the nutrients away from it. This factor affects the system a lot. Fresh fruit juice is a much better choice. If you think about it, then fresh fruit juice is the best because it has a natural sweetness and all the nutrients. This way, if there is an option, then you have to go for the fresh ones.

What is the method to make the juice?

You can follow the following steps to extract the liquid:

The first step is to remove the seeds. It is one of the most challenging tasks, but you have several tricks to do it. You can gut the pomegranate in half and hit the back of it. This method will loosen the seeds, and they will fall off itself. Another approach is to cut one-fourth pieces of it. The last step is to roll the pomegranate on a strong base and press it gently. This method will loosen the seeds, and they will fall off immediately.

Next, you have to use a pomegranate juicer. The juice will extract itself in the blender. After that, you can remove all the remains of the seed through the mesh strainer.

Transfer the juice to a glass container for a drink.

If you do not want to follow the simple method, thou can add sugar or honey. Honey will be a much better preference as it is good for health.

If you want your juice to have a significant taste, you can add chocolate syrup to it, as well.

Adults can make a simple pomegranate juice to a party drink by adding alcohol to it. This way, you can enjoy a new flavor of it.

These are some of the ways that you can try to drink these juices.

Make sure that you get the best pomegranate juicer. It is because some of the mixers get jammed or make it troubling for the individual to use. So, always go for a quality product.

Having a healthy diet is of utmost necessity. So, make sure that you consume the juice suitably.