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The Importance of Staying in Touch with People After Connecting on LinkedIn or Other Social Networks

Why is it so important to nurture and stay in touch with your network? Well, simply put, if you don’t stay in touch, you will quickly be forgotten and all your hard work of getting these contacts will be for nothing. This is especially true in online networking which sometimes takes a bit longer to make a meaningful connection. For that, you can also Buy Real and Active Tiktok Followers at Cheap Price to keep your account active all the time. 

We know that you worked very diligently to build your LinkedIn network. However, now that you built it, what are you doing to stay in constant contact with your network? Here are some suggestions on how you can stay in touch, and continue to build on that initial introduction.

Send a message or e-mail to thank them for connecting with you, and ask if there is anything that YOU can do to assist them (only say it if you mean it). See an example of this in “11 Keys To Successful Job Search Networking” by Tim Tyrell-Smith (SpinStrategy).

Send a brief note to say hello, and ask them how they are doing. People appreciate it when you show a personal interest in them. Be sincere about it, and really listen when they tell you how they are feeling. If you are able to share encouragement, do so.

Always be ready to help others in any way that you can. Sometimes you might not be able to do very much, but something is better than nothing at all.

Here is a quote from Susan Guinn (Success Through Networking group) to give you an example of ways in which you can help others: “I am a firm believer in this quote and I have it listed on my website… “The best way to achieve your goals is by helping others achieve theirs.” When I connect with people on LinkedIn, I make a mental note of their main purpose for using the site (i.e., networking, looking for a job, keeping in contact with colleagues, etc.). Then when I see something that would be of interest to the contact, I send them the information. I do that with contacts outside of LinkedIn as well.”

What about if you don’t really know what to talk about, or what would be of interest to your new network contact? Google their name or company to find out something interesting about them. Ask a question or provide positive feedback based on your findings. Most people love that you took that extra step to learn more about them, but some might not.

We are all very busy these days, but if you don’t reach out to your contacts now and again, you will be quickly forgotten. Try to keep in touch twice a month, if you are able to. If you have a lot of contacts and find it difficult to contact them twice a month, then you might want to contact them once a month, or something close to that. For some people with very large networks, it might be impossible for them to contact each person; so they might have to depend on updating their profile and adding creative status messages to get people to contact them.

The key is to make sure that you are not out of contact for so long that the person has to say “can you remind me who you are again?” If that happens, you will have to start over from the beginning and rebuild that relationship. Trust me, it happens to me too. Sometimes I have to move on instead of trying to rebuild.

Have you been out of touch for a long time and feel guilty, or awkward about reconnecting? There is help for you! See what Linda Griffin has to say about reconnecting in her EzineArticle, “How to Rebuild Your Professional Network.” She gives practical suggestions on reconnecting after a long period of time and not feeling bad about it.

In conclusion, if you want to be a successful networker, it is important to stay in touch with your network contacts on a regular basis!

The Importance Of Network Advertising

A successful way to advertise your website is to use network advertising. By joining a network, you can become part of a wide group of people and businesses to showcase your website and business. There are a variety of networks that you can join such as banner advertising networks, social networks or even the Google network. Some popular networks may cost you more money upfront than others. The main thing about network advertising is that you must set an acceptable daily budget, so that you do not overspend on your marketing campaign.

When you join a social network, you can have access to popular networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace or even Twitter. Social networking is one of the biggest forms of advertising since so many people visit them many times per day. Members of Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are not only just using the websites by computer. They also are “Facebooking” on their mobile phones such as Androids and iPhones. Members of social network websites have access every hour, minute and second of the day. Facebook also offers ads for businesses and individuals to use to post on the sidebar of Facebook too. If you can become part of the advertising network of Facebook, you are sure to be seen by thousands (if not millions) every day. Although, your network campaign will also depend on the amount of money that you are willing to spend too.

Another form of network advertising is becoming part of a mobile phone network. Businesses and companies use mobile phone networks and send out text campaigns to possible customers every day. More than 50% of people own mobile phones and use texting every day. By sending out text campaigns, you can reach millions of people to sell your products and services to. The importance of advertising through purchase of followers is shared at A check over the website will offer plenty of benefits to the people. The use of the information available at personal computer and mobile phone should be great and effective.

Google has also grown into a giant company within the last few years. There are millions of people who are connecting and use Google’s services daily. If you learn how to use their network correctly and use their available tools, your website traffic could grow very quickly. By using the Google Adwords network, you can invest in pay-per-click advertising and only spend a certain amount per day. Your business will only pay when your ad has been clicked on. Your Google ads will be displayed in search engine results and in Google Adsense banners that are displayed on websites all over the Internet.

Once you have learned about network advertising and the positive outcomes it can have on your website, it could be an easy way to increase major traffic to your website. Networking advertising does require some upfront fees, though. If you have the upfront cash and you are ready to increase viewership, you could think about joining a variety of networks.

Tiktok- Slippery Slope To Success

Today’s times are quite charged up and given the corona virus scare, the whole country is under a nationwide lockdown where all federal governments have taken this drastic step to prevent further spreading of this disease that has already claimed thousands of lives.

As such, people have become completely bored being confined to their homes since the past few weeks with little respite and have to practice social distancing when forced to be out in public to buy groceries and other daily needs.

The youngsters are having it much easy as anyhow they were equally comfortable being both indoors and outdoors. If this had been the case around two to three decades back, people would have anyhow died of boredom.

Luckily, things are different today as it is 2020 and you have smartphones and internet with the highest possible technology and speed that has made the situation an excellent experience for many people, especially the youth brigade.

TikTok Sensation

Mobile apps and games have proven to be literal game changers and none more so than tiktok that has taken the entire world by storm. Basically, it is a video application where anyone can upload and share different videos.

In essence, it is quite similar to dubsmash and has overtaken it in popularity as you can dance, lip sync and act out your favorite scenes and songs of your favorite cine stars by mouthing their dialogues.

Today’s youngsters are so hooked to it that they are willing to go to any lengths to get themselves noticed on the wider spectrum and get their fifteen minutes of fame by posting unique videos that might get them attention.

TikTok has made it easy for budding actors who can’t afford the acting fees or the long distance auditions in far off cities and use this platform to upload their audition videos in the hopes of getting noticed by big time filmmakers and get a meaty role in a film.

There are many people who have reaped benefits through this app and have become extremely famous all around through their videos and are dubbed as ‘tiktok sensations’ and ‘internet darlings’ by the mainstream media.

Made for Fun

Well there are many different opinions formed regarding Tiktok and they are totally polarized to say the least. It is a social app that should purely be taken as a fun tool that is designed to entertain than to instruct.

This is exactly how the youngsters treat this app as there is hardly a youngster in existence today who doesn’t have TikTok downloaded on his/her smartphone, which is a spectacle to behold indeed as such craze has never been seen for any other app yet.

TikTok app has some new and interesting features to its name where you can not only upload videos but also make use of the platform to convey important messages based on social causes for the benefit of mankind but as a whole, is made for fun and purely for entertainment purposes.

Increasing Fan Base

Nevertheless, as long as you don’t have good content, your videos cannot become big hits, which means that your fan following is quite negligible as there are not enough people following you on tiktok.

Therefore, we are going to talk about some important points on how to buy tiktok followers and that does not mean literally bribing them with goodies into following you but simple ways to increase the following in an organic manner.

The points are as follows:

  • Discard your shyness and embarrassment completely by unleashing your fun side that has been lying dormant within you and post some funny videos so that it can tickle the funny bone of viewers and thereby increase your subscriber base
  • Practice facial expressions that showcase different emotions like joy, sorrow, fear, anger, love, madness, etc. to name a few as this will reveal your versatility in handling various moods and pique on the viewers’ curiosity.
  • Always watch other videos on tiktok itself to get inspiration from others but take care to never copy-paste everything as you will end up being a wannabe caricature with no originality so think of some unique content
  • Keep posting different videos at regular intervals to subsequently gather a fanbase, who will surely be interested to see your point of view