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Monthly Archives: April 2021

What Makes Digital Photo Frame Different From The Rest?

Due to the advancement in technology, there are many changes have been taken place in the field of photography. There were times when only black and white photographs were printed, but now, with the help of digital cameras, one can get their colorful pictures. In an earlier time, on every occasion, a photographer takes few shots of the moments to avoid getting the unnecessary long album. There was a drawback in the digital cameras as it doesn’t provide the prints of the photographs instantly. 

In order to remove the drawback of digital cameras, it is replaced by digital picture frames. With the help of these frames, one can watch their pictures instantly in a frame without getting printed. Let’s learn more –

 What is a digital picture frame?

Digital picture frames are the unique types of frames that allow you to display your digital picture in a frame. Apart from this, you can also add any background music of your choice. One can also insert their camera’s memory card in it and select the picture they want to display. 

The digital picture frame has enough built-in memory, so you can also store your images in it and change the picture in a frame whenever you want.

How is the digital picture frame different?

Whenever we read about digital picture frames, many questions hit our mind, such as how digital frames are different from other frames? Why should one choose to but digital frames? What are the unique features of digital frames? Today, in this article, we will study the answer to all such questions:

Here are some of the features of digital picture frames that make them unique and different. Let’s learn more about it-

Image quality

The critical factor that you must consider while buying a digital frame is checking the quality of the image. The quality of the image depends on the surface of the screen. The best digital picture frames have a non-reflective and matte screen. In contrast to this, some other frames in which a piece of glass covers the screen. The glare of such frames can affect your eyes; therefore, it is necessary to buy the best digital frames.

Memory card

Of course, the digital picture frames have internal memory. But if you want additional storage space and internal storage, then memory card slots are also available. It generally supports the memory cards like compact flash, SD card and memory stick, etc. It is important to note that you must insert the same memory card in the digital photo frames used in a camera. 


There are various connectivity options available in digital photo frames like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB. With the help of these connected devices, one can directly transfer their pictures of videos from their laptop or computer to digital frames. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can even download the images from the hard drive of the computer.

Size of the screen

The screen size of digital photo frames usually ranges from 4 x 6 to 10 x 12 inches. Different sizes of digital frames are available so, to learn more, you can check the size on the internet and make the buying decision accordingly. The digital frames with screen sizes 6 inches to 9 inches are the best ones. There are even larger size digital photo frames also available with a screen size of 20 inches.

Apart from the above, if you want to learn more about the basic features of the digital photo frames that make them different and unique, you can effortlessly search them on the web. These frames also include a mini built-in speaker to enjoy the music while watching the pictures.

Seeds Vs Clones The Debate Continues about the legality

Today I’m going to address a very common question that I get from all kinds of growers: “Which is faster and/or better, seeds or clones?”

This question seems like it would be simple to answer, but just like most things when it comes to growing good weed efficiently, it is too complicated to just give a quick answer.

The best cbd flower is providing a lot of health benefits to the individuals. There is maintenance of good lifestyle with more health-related pros. The finding of the correct answer for the questions is essential to get the desired results. The purchasing of the flowers should be from the right source.

Typically, if you are just starting your first grow, unless you live in a state where you can buy clones, you will be using seeds to start your first grow. But with that first grow you have to decide if you are going to keep a mother plant for cloning.

For those that don’t know, clones are cuttings taken from another marijuana plant.

Clones can be planted and, after rooting (through methods I’ll be discussing in an upcoming article), will be an exact genetic copy of the plant it was cut from.

This means that if all other conditions are the same, that clone will grow up to be just like its “parent.” Due to this, there are a number of benefits you gain from taking clones vs. planting seeds.


  1. All clones of a single parent plant will grow very similarly. Again, this means that with similar conditions (grow environment, nutrient systems, and feeding schedule) each of the clones will grow to the same height and same girth.

This is great in all kinds of gardens, from big to small. In a large commercial grow operation, it adds predictability to your crops, so that through time, you can refine your methods and nutrient schedules.

With each plant being the same height and general size, you can often times get the light closer to the canopy of your plants, therefore increasing yield and promoting more crystal growth (which is obviously what we all want!).

In small grow environments, such as a small grow tent or a closet grow, you will be trying to maximize your yield per square foot of grow space.

Having each of your plants grow uniformly with each other allows you to completely fill your grow space with one solid canopy, ensuring that the maximum amount of light is absorbed by your plants.

Combining a solid canopy with a high performance light and good nutrients is a perfect recipe to grow extremely efficiently. In later articles, I will cover plant training methods which help guarantee a solid canopy.

  1. Since all of the plants are of the same DNA, they have the same exact nutrient requirements (assuming the same age of plant). This is especially helpful in hydroponic environments where there may only be one nutrient reservoir servicing many plants.

If you have 10 plants growing off of one nutrient reservoir, you can only send one nutrient mix to your plants. If, in those 10 plants, you have different strains or even different phenotypes from within the same strain, they could all have wildly different nutrient requirements.

This would keep you busy constantly changing your nutrient solution strength and trying to make every different type of plant happy, while at the same time not trying to upset the ones that are happy. It can be a nasty back and forth of constantly fighting your plants.

This would likely also prevent you from running any of your strains at peak nutrient strength because you would be averaging different nutrients to keep everything somewhat happy.

Because each plant would not get the most out of its nutrient intake, each plant in your hydroponic system would also not be reaching peak weight production or strength.

Cloning, while a great and efficient way to start your plants, also has a few minor downsides that I have encountered.

  1. If you are growing on an extremely tight budget, keeping a mother plant (a larger plant that you take your cuttings off of) can require a large space and an extra light that in reality is not making you any money. Though that light can be of smaller wattage, that light and space will not actually produce bud or money since the mother plant must permanently stay in the vegetative growth cycle.
  2. If you are just starting out, cloning can be a little difficult to master. Sure there are those out there that achieve success their first time by following some instructions very well or investing in a machine to help clones root themselves (while most of them aren’t expensive, for some people that’s money they simply don’t have).

The first few times I took clones, I only had a 50% rooting rate because I was using homemade gear to help the clones root. This definitely made it harder on me than it should have. However, as my experience grew, I was able to get my clone rooting rate up around 90%.

  1. This next point may be a bit controversial, but this is something I have witnessed myself many times. Through my years of growing, I have noticed that as a mother plant ages and has had hundreds of clones taken from her, the clones seem to start doing some weird things.

They root just fine, but when they are vegged and then flowered later, they seem to produce less and less as the mother plant ages. Sometimes they will hermie in the flowering cycle, which can cost you lots of money depending on how early or late it happens – more money if it makes you harvest early.

“Hermie” (like hermaphrodite) is when a plant will try to pollinate itself, which is the opposite of what we want a female plant that is producing us BUD to do.

I avoided this by creating new moms about every 18 months just to eliminate any chance of my factory falling behind on production or producing a less potent product than was expected by customers.


Just like with cloning, there are positive arguments to be made for using seeds to start your planting process.

First, a little background.

When you get a bag of seeds from a seed bank and you plant say 5 of them, within those 5 there will be what are called different “phenotypes.” I will be writing a very extensive article on this in the future, but for now I will just give a general explanation.

Each of these phenotypes are the same strain but can have varied characteristics. It’s just like in humans where a brother and sister from the same parents can be wildly different. In marijuana, this manifests itself in a few different ways.

For starters, you can see different weight production from different phenos. You often see some taller and skinnier than others, while some are going to be short and wide. These differences can also extend to how long it takes for the plant to finish the flowering cycle and even how potent the bud is or how it tastes.

I point this out because within each strain, there is usually a phenotype you will like better for whatever your situation is. For example, if you are growing commercially, then something that produces the most weight while also finishing under 55 days would be incredible.

But if you are growing for your personal consumption or medicinal purposes, you will probably want the one that produces the most powerful buds or the one that helps whatever ailment you are looking to help. Having seeds, and lots of them, allows you to essentially sort through a strain and find the phenotype you really want.

This is a more advanced technique, and beginners shouldn’t be concerned with this for the most part.

Now on to the reasons why someone would choose to use seeds vs. clones

  1. You are looking to find that perfect phenotype to create your mother plant. If you get a clone from someone or buy it from a dispensary, chances are it is not their best strain or best phenotype within that strain. Why would they sell you their best strains and phenotypes when they can sell you the finished product from their own grows instead?

With each seed you plant, you have a chance to find that incredible phenotype that only shows up in 1 out of 100 seeds. If you are lucky enough to get a mother from it, you could then clone her for months to come and even use her in the future to make crosses with other strains and create your very own custom strain.

  1. In this age of medical and recreational marijuana, plant counts are everything when it comes to staying legal. In the state of Colorado, for example, it is legal for anyone who is both over 21 and a Colorado resident to grow up to 6 plants in their home.

Why would we want one or more of those plants to be mother plants that just sit there and veg, never actually producing us that sweet bud?

Also, by using seeds, you can rotate your strains throughout the year with each crop. This is handy because if you are a heavy user, you will develop a tolerance to a certain strain. This is easily fixed by simply changing which strain you are smoking.

With cloning, once you have an established mother, your plants to continue your operation are essentially free. Sadly, seeds always cost money and don’t necessarily get you exactly what you want.

  1. Seeds can be expensive if you have to buy them each crop. Seeds can run upwards of 150 dollars for 5 of them, which can be high if you are only growing small plants in a very small grow environment. That’s 30 dollars a seed!
  2. Seeds do not guarantee female plants. Female plants are the ones that produce us the bud and, for the most part, are the only ones we actually care about. Yes, there are feminized seeds out there on the market which guarantees a female plant, but in my extensive experience, there are lots of drawbacks with these types of seeds.

They often times hermie on me before I can complete the growth cycle. This isn’t always the case, but why am I going to pay more for a product that was literally created through stressing a female plant to reproduce with herself (look for an upcoming article on feminized seeds)? Just think about that logically in terms of nature, a female plant reproducing with itself – that to me sounds like a less than perfect idea, especially if you are looking for consistency and efficiency in your grow.

So with that in mind, a normal package of seeds (non-feminized) will produce male and female plants and should be 50/50 male to female. So if plant count is an issue, you will have excess plants that you have to keep for 2-8 weeks before they show their sex.


I am sure some more experienced growers have read this article and have been waiting for me to say that clones take less time to get through the veg process and into the flower room than seeds. In my experience, this is just not true.

I have literally taken cuttings for clones and planted seeds on the exact same day (of the same strain of course). With the time it takes clones to root and develop a healthy root ball before officially planting them in whatever grow medium, seeds and clones both take about the same time. The similarities on the time scale continue all the way through the lifecycle.

I’m sure there are many growers that would argue with me all day about this point. This is just my experience, and I have run this experiment many times through my career.

With the information I have laid out here, any skill level of grower should be able to make an informed decision on which to use for their specific situation.

Top 3 Electric Folding Bikes That Suits Your Style

We are living in a world where the pollution levels due to the automobile sector are rising at a huge pace. In this case, people are thinking to shift to electronic vehicles that can save the environment from such issues. Now to show their love for the environment, they either have the option to buy an electric car which is not possible for every person out there. That is why most people are opting for electric bikes. 

If you are also looking to buy electric bikes but don’t know which one will be best for you, you have entered the right place. Here are the best electric bikes that you can choose from in the year 2021.

Rad Power Bikes 

The Rad folding bike is rated as the best bike that you can easily find on The bike is known for the best in class quality and tough design, which can give a tough competition to the normal electric bikes and is better than them in many aspects. The tires that are attached to this bike are plus-sized, having a size of around 20 inches by 3 inches that are puncture resistant. There are a few mini forks present with the bike that is known to offer more comfort to your ride. 

On a single charge, the bike can travel to around 45 miles which is pretty good for a bike weighing just 67 pounds. The motor that is present in the bike is 750 watt that works at 80 Nm. The size of the battery is 672 Wh which takes around 6 hours to get fully charged. 

The bike comes with a complete set of throttles and fenders that supports light and a display screen. This screen shows you the battery and some other important information with which you must stay updated. 

Ecotric Folding Bikes 

If you are looking for a cheaper bike that can fulfil all your demand and match your style, you can opt for the Ecotric folding bike. They are cheap and is offered by the company with 30 days trial. If you find that the bike is not working for you, you change it and get your money back. If you like the bike, then there is a bundled 18 months of warranty for you, which cover almost all the issues that the cycle may encounter in future. 

Specifications of the bike are mentioned below in detail.

  • The tires of the bike are 20 inches by 4 inches fat ones that give a distinctive look to the bike. 
  • The weight of the bike is around 52 pounds. 
  • There is a 7-speed gear set in the bike, bundled along with the mechanical disc brakes. 
  • In a single charge, the bike can go upto 24 miles with the help of a 500 W motor that is available on the bike. 
  • The bike is best suited for riders of the height range 4’8″ to 5’10”. Above that, the bike can be a bit uncomfortable.

Oyama- CX E8D V2 

The Oyama bicycle is also known for its fat tires that give it a unique look. This bike is specially designed for the users of urban areas who are regular riders and want to take this bike outside every day. The bicycle has a simple pivot mechanism that can fold the bike into two half. The battery that is fitted around in the cycle is a 36V Li-Ion battery which can be removed and replaced easily. With the help of the 350W motor fitted into the bike, one can speed up the bike to around 20 miles per hour quickly. 

The weight of the bike is 47 pounds which is minor as compared to the above-discussed bike. The tires that are fitted into the cycle give an extra grip to the riders when using the bike in wet and sandy areas. The bike may take around 4 to 5 hours, after which it can smoothly run upto 40 miles. The final and most important specification of this cycle is that it has an 8-speed gear set supported by disc brakes which is sufficient for stopping the bike when needed, even at full speed. 

How going to strip clubs have become beneficial for men?

Men love to go to places that give them pleasure. Strip clubs are one of them, and they find it a fun place as there are so many ladies, which gives them pleasure by doing so many things. Some people don’t feel comfortable going to a strip club as they think that strip clubs are a bad place and it is not meant for them. They have a wrong perception as strip clubs have some benefits also. Even in some countries, the government has made strip clubs legal, and men can visit anytime and anywhere as it will give them mental happiness. 

Miami Nightclubs have various girls in them, and you can fulfil your fantasy in those clubs. Some tips should also be followed while going to a strip club. These tips will help you to look more sophisticated, and more ladies will attract you. You should dress well, give tips to the ladies, follow the rules and respect the ladies. These tips are important for taking the benefits of strip clubs. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of strip clubs.

  • You Will get a bossy feeling

Going to a strip club will give you a bossy feeling. This is because you can access everything around you without taking anyone’s permission, and you can enjoy yourself with any girl you love. Shy and working men have the most advantage of it as they have never talked to any girls and they will get so many girls around them at just one place. The working men have to work under superiors will also feel good as they will become the boss in the club.

  • Gain knowledge of to talk to women

Men can get some knowledge of talking to women. This is good for the shy and introvert men who have a bad experience in talking with women, and they feel complex in talking with them. In the strip clubs, women will approach you themselves, and you will feel very good and can get confident and comfortable at the same time to talk to them. If you just wanted to talk with them, pay them and talk for the whole night.

  • Girls show their love to you

In the strip clubs, you will be loved by the girls. The ladies will hang around you and show you their moves of dancing. They will dance on your lap and give you so much pleasure which you have never experienced in your life. If they are attracted to you so much, they can do so many more things that you will not expect. You just need to learn some etiquettes for it, like looking attractive, talking with them respectively and so on.


To sum up, we conclude that strip clubs are not meant to give pleasure to men, they have some good benefits also which will improve so many things in men. Some of the benefits have been discussed above, which are Will get a bossy feeling, Gain knowledge of to talk to women and Girls show their love to you. 

Fit Yummy Mummy Review – Check the reviews 

Fit Yummy Mummy is a diet and exercise program with a difference. It is aimed at a particular niche audience; busy mothers. This Fit Yummy Mummy review is designed to give you more in depth information on this new diet and fitness program which has resulted in thousands of mums getting their body back! Learn the secrets and you too can join them!

You can understand the secrets and learn the reviews information of the healthy fat burners. The burning of the fat and calories is possible as per the need of the customers. The designing of the pills is excellent to offer the benefits to the individuals. 

Fit Yummy Mummy gives you a comprehensive guide to getting your pre-birth shape back through easy to follow, simple and effective training and diet guides. It is written by Holly Rigsby, a nationally recognized women’s fitness coach and certified personal trainer so you won’t be getting any ill-informed weight loss advice like that offered at your local mums and tots club! What’s more, she is a Mum herself and knows just how difficult it is to get rid of that stubborn fat when you are busy looking after the little ones!

Fit Yummy Mummy is friendly and understanding and lends a common sense approach to your weight loss efforts. You won’t be getting any unrealistic recommendations here. There are no long and disruptive workouts or zero carb diets and you even get a follow-up email correspondence with the author herself included in the price helping you stay on track!

So with Fit Yummy Mummy what do you get for the price of a personal training session down your local gym?

Well, the Fit Yummy Mummy ebook begins with some goal setting and morale-boosting advice as well as background information. We all know how essential it is to become clear about what we want when it comes to weight loss and having set goals can be one of the most important things to help you stay focused and avoid any potential pitfalls.

Next up is a supportive nutrition plan which lays out just about every conceivable diet issue. You’ll learn what to eat, when and how often and you’ll also receive a ‘Create Meal Planner to help you design your own meals so that you can burn bay fat quicker than you ever thought possible.

The focus with Fit Yummy Mummy nutrition is on eating a balanced and moderated diet, there is no space for any of the type of ‘fad’ diet eating that is endorsed by the A-List celebrities. Why not? Well because most of those diets lead to massive weight-gain once they are finished with; Fit Yummy Mummy is more concerned with lifestyle changes and with those comes permanent fat loss!

After you have learnt exactly what you should be eating it’s time to get your exercise sorted. Fit Yummy Mummy fat loss workouts are easy to follow with explanations and reasons why you should be doing each exercise. There are four different formats featured which can simply be plugged into your lifestyle – whatever your fitness level rest assured you’ll be catered for!

Fit Yummy Mummy workouts utilize plenty of resistance training which burns calories and keeps your metabolism in tip top shape. The authors experience of working with over 250 mums is reassuring, even the most exercise illiterate will find the information easy to process and most importantly, apply.

The final section in the Fit Yummy Mummy program is called the ‘Busy Mum’s Fat Loss Companion’ and is choc full of tools and resources to bring everything you’ve learnt together. There is a grocery list, goal setting sheet and fitness journal to help you overcome any excuses you have or any obstacles you may face along the way.

When all is said and done, if you are a busy mother and want to lose weight fast there is no better program than the Fit Yummy Mummy program. With it you will lose baby fat, get rid of love handles and feel fitter than ever.

You owe it to yourself to give it a try and with the 60 day money-back guarantee you have absolutely no excuse! Visit Fit Yummy Mummy now and start your journey to a new body. Imagine what your friends and partner will say when they see your old shape back! I hope you enjoyed this Fit Yummy Mummy review, good luck!