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Daily Archives: July 27, 2020

First Person: The Video Game that Made Me a Gamer

The video game that made me a gamer was Nintendo: Super Mario 4 that I now play on unblocked online games free. I’m a young adult, and this game happened to be my Mother’s in the late 1980s. It was the first true video game I was introduced to at the age of six. As a child I was never engulfed by the latest “gadgets” or “systems,” I was intrigued only by this one game. I’d spend hours in the basement playing on the ground, determining ways to master each new world on an ancient Nintendo 64 device. And as I got better at the game, as Mario managed to grow more powerful, I officially became a gamer

My delight at gaining extra lives while gathering endless coins jump-started my road into the world of gaming. After countless years of trying on and off, I finally mastered the animated worlds and completed the game. I was overjoyed but also saddened. I was twelve years old when I finished, six years after being first introduced to the game. A feeling of emptiness overcame me; a sullen preteen who had nothing to do with his spare time now. Nonetheless, I recovered and began my new gaming experience. After saving up money through chores for months, I bought a play station two. My passion for action and adventure presented through Super Mario reclaimed itself through new titles like Spiderman and The Incredibles.

Eventually, I evolved into video games like Call of Duty and Halo. Nonetheless, my passion for video games roots in the adventures I experienced as a little kid on an antique game system that most people my age haven’t even heard of. Now, I’m an avid gamer who is always searching for the next best thing. I still, however, love to play my favorite original video game once in a while; it brings back vivid and exhilarating memories of my childhood.

I learned that Super Mario 4 is a harder game than most of the modern games I play, with both difficulty and time spent to complete. I’ve also learned that even though modern PS3 and Xbox 360 games are far more “high-tech” and “life-like” both types of games are extremely similar to Super Mario 4. They both continue to engage my mind in ways school and education cannot. I owe a multitude of credit to video games because they’ve taught me how to engage and problem solve. But they’ve also been my prevalent outlet for stressful times in my life, my sanity. In a way, instead of drowning my brain in nonsensical information to rot my mind, I’ve learned how to take all the positives out of gaming. I owe all this to Super Mario 4.

Great Gifts for Dad

Dads love gadgets and electronics. Many of these are probably too expensive for your gift-giving budgets but I will list some here that are less expensive along with some of the more expensive ideas for those of you with larger budgets. Whether you spend a lot of a little, if you put a little thought into your gift, surely your dad will be happy with what you choose for him! Besides all this, if you are looking for gift baskets, then these corporate gift baskets are quite perfect as they are not only affordable but have utility as well. 

Many dads love to watch sports on television so what better gift than a TV set. But, not just any TV set will do, of course! Dad will be overjoyed with a JVC – 61″ Rear-Projection HD-ILA HDTV with TV Stand. This can be purchased at for $2500. Dad will never leave the family room if you buy this television for him. This could be good or this could be bad!

Unfortunately, this may be too expensive for many gift-giving budgets. There may be cheaper large-screen models available, especially if you shop around. Super warehouse stores such as Costco or BJ’s may be good places to check out to see if you can get a better deal. But, if this is still too much for you, you may have to consider something different.

There are many ideas of things you can buy to go with dad’s new television set. Even if you can’t afford a new TV set, dad may be happy with some accessories or things he can use while watching television sports. Put together your own snack variety pack with large bags of dad’s favorite snacks in a big bowl and add some dips and it will make a nice homemade gift that is not too expensive. Buy dad a remote control holder that goes over the armrest of his favorite chair and dad will be able to keep his remotes organized without having to yell for you to come to find them for him every time he needs a different one! One place you can find such a remote control organizer is and it will only cost you $7.99!

A totally different suggestion would be to buy dad an iPod. Most dads love little gadgets like this. There are many different features in iPods and the prices can be significantly different. They can range from $70 at Circuit City on up, depending on the features you choose. If your dad loves to listen to music, this may be a good choice for him.

Another good choice for a music lover is to purchase CDs with music from dad’s favorite groups or artists. You can purchase CDs starting at $10 so this is definitely a reasonable amount for the budget-conscious shopper. There are many places one can buy music CDs from online to in brick and mortar stores. And, if you can’t figure out what dad’s favorites might be, you could always get him a gift card from a place that sells a wide variety of ‘CDs such as Best Buy or

Cell phones and Blackberries are a few more gadgets that dad may like to have. Cell phones have so many features on them now that they are very popular with those who love electronic gadgets. The Blackberry, essentially a miniature computer, is popular among those who need to have available access to email and other information on the computer even when they are on the go. There are also many accessories such as leather carrying cases, car chargers, and Bluetooth earpieces that you may choose to get for the dad who already has a cell phone or Blackberry.

With a little thought and a few bucks, you can surely find something that your dad will appreciate. Most dads will be happy that you have put the thought into a gift and will appreciate whatever you can do for them. After all, it is the thought that counts when gift-giving!