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Daily Archives: August 8, 2020

7 Questions to Ask Yourself before Working from Home

Are you ready to become your own boss? Ask yourself these 7 questions to find out if the work-at-home lifestyle will work for you:

Can you work independently and rely on your own skills to set out goals and accomplish things? If you are good at managing your own time and can stay productive when you have to create your own work structure and schedule, you will be more likely to be successful in running your own business.

This is the perfect option for new generation folks to try out in such grave times as Covid-19 has virtually confined people to the four walls of their house but working from home has become a comfortable experience that people don’t want to get out of but regarding business, the Evergreen Wealth Formula is surely worth considering for aspiring businessmen.

Working for yourself will allow you to choose your own assignments, rather than performing the same tasks over and over again. It will also bring constant exposure to new projects, work environments, and business contacts.

  1. Are you interested in gaining new skills?

You’ll be able to expand your skills on a regular basis by choosing assignments that challenge you. In fact, you will likely have to keep on learning new skills in order to stay competitive and attract new customers or clients.

  1. Do you want a better balance between your work and your life?

Since you’ll control the hours you work, it will be easier for you to reserve time for your family, hobbies, volunteer work, and other personal interests. You can work when you want (or need) to work.

  1. Do you like the office environment, or are you tired of office politics?

Working at home will allow you to focus on your work without preoccupying yourself with climbing the corporate ladder in another company. Working for yourself will allow you to build your career on your own terms.

  1. Can working at home support your financial needs?

Will you be able to make a living running your own business? You’ll need to determine the minimum amount you’ll need to make every month to live on and break that down into an hourly rate based on how much you anticipate working. If you only want to do it on a part-time basis, divide your monthly income needs by 80 (20 hours a week for four weeks) to see how much you’ll need to be earning per hour to make your venture viable.

  1. Can you afford to start your own business?

Do you have money saved up that will allow you to absorb any losses you might experience when you are first starting out your business? Take a look at your current expenses and see which ones you can cut down on. Then assess if you can afford to buy the things you need to get started. Remember that you may already have most of the necessary items, such as a computer, internet access, an email account, and a telephone.

The Key Steps in Making an Accident Compensation Claim

Picture this. You are simply driving down the road when someone suddenly hits your car and you sustain an injury. You know you are not to blame and in that situation you have every right to submit for injury compensation.

Accident injury claims will help you to shoulder the repair of damages or the medical expenses, which could run into many thousands of pounds, due to the accident. But to make sure that you can win your case when it comes to compensation there are a few steps which you must get right before you even submit your claim application.

Step 1: At the scene of the accident, especially when someone is injured, you must call the police. This will ensure that there is a public record of the accident, any damages done to your car but also a record of any injuries which you have sustained in the accident. Once the police have this recorded it will be vital for your ongoing compensation claim.

Step 2: Obviously the police won’t be able to provide a full medical examination report so you must ensure you get a medical report from any paramedics, doctors or medical staff who are treating you. If you only have medical attention at the scene of the accident then it’s vitally important that you do not forget to get this report as soon as possible.

And if your injury is bad enough for you to go to hospital then the medical records will be easier to come by but you must still ensure that ALL your injuries are recorded, regardless of how minor you feel they may be. In some situations certain injuries may get worse over time so if you have every injury recorded then it’s easier to say that a future injury was also caused by the initial accident.

Step 3: As pat of making sure you get all the paperwork correct you must also ensure you get a testimony from the other party involved in the accident. It may well be that they fully acknowledge they were responsible so you should do everything you can to record those facts and where possible get them to provide their full details, including insurance and contact details. Under the UK law, you have the right to get personal details from the other vehicle’s driver.

Plus, you should also try and get additional statements from any other witnesses to the accident. Every little piece of evidence will be vital when you make a car crash injury claim so even though you may not be able to get all the statements at the scene of the accident the police should also be getting this information so make sure and check with them too.

Step 4: Where possible, take a picture of the accident scene. Obviously this can only be done if you are not too badly injured. Most mobile phones will have a camera so make sure and take as many pictures as possible. The police will also be taking pictures, but do not assume that unless you see them doing it.

It’s also a good idea to take any pictures of your injuries as soon as possible after the accident. Obviously you may have injuries like whiplash which are internal so may not be taken but any other injury, no matter if it’s only a few scratches, should be photographed.

Both pictures of the accident scene and any injuries will be vitally important so treat them with a very degree of importance.

Step 5: Once you have gotten over your injuries or once you are well enough to take matters further then you should seek out a car accident compensation claim solicitor. There are so many ways to find a reputable one and apart from ones that regularly advertise on TV, you can find lots of them by searching online. And the best ones to use are those that offer a ‘no win no fee’. As the name suggests they will only take on your claim if they believe you have a good case and in that situation if they don’t win your case then you don’t have to pay them any money. To help you with all the processes of claiming compensation, it is advisable to hire an el cajon auto accident lawyer so you will be guided from the first part to the last part of the process.