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Daily Archives: August 4, 2020

Ultimate Tips for Drag Racing

If you are a muscle car lover or you like Ferraris like Miroslav Vyboh, you might be into drag racing for sure then. This is a competitive form of racing and there are millions of drag racing fans all over the globe. If you are an aspiring drag racer and want to learn all about the best practices when it comes to drag racing, then you should continue with this article as we are here with the ultimate drag racing tips that you should keep in your mind to improve your skills and reign over your competitors. 


  • The most important aspect when it comes to drag racing is the safety of the driver. As you start with any drag race it is necessary that you double-check all the safety gear and equipment in order to ensure your safety along with the safety of your crew and spectators a well. Moreover, make sure that you invest in reliable safety equipment as they are the most vital aspect of your safety as car crashes are really common when it comes to drag racing.

  • A great launch can make a huge difference when it comes to drag racing, which is why contrary to popular belief which is to keep the type pressure low in order to get a good grip on the surface which will ultimately provide a good start to the driver. However, this is a big misconception as there is no such thing as this. As you decrease the tire pressure, you also increase the overall surface area that is in contact with the ground, which is also going to increase the friction slightly affecting the speed of your vehicle. This may not look like much but can really affect the results when in drag races. 
  • Doing wheelies during the start of your race may look flash and fun but if you are competing against others you should avoid such stunts as they adversely affect the performance of your vehicle and also affect your start. Moreover, there are tons of cases when drivers were unable to control their vehicles while performing wheelies which lead to ugly accidents. Considering all this, while competing in a drag race, drivers should make sure that they are always in control of their vehicle while avoiding wheeling and other fancy stunts.
  • Drag racing is not all about drivers and cars. A good crew and crew members are equally vital. With the help of your crew members, you will be able to improve your performance as you will get all the necessary support from them. Additionally, your crew is responsible for all your backend processes and everything else that goes on during the race and a compatible and helpful crew will surely get you the best results with your drag races. 
  • Besides having a fast car, sponsors, and an excellent crew, in order to win a drag race you need to perform consistently as well, which is why you should practice a lot and improve your skills over time. This way you will be able to maintain your consistency on track and make your crew members and yourself proud during the race. 

  • If you are trying to be a champion drag racer then instead of tuning your car to make it better than before, you should try to improve it while keeping the stats and performance of the fastest car that is there on the track. This way you will be able to compete with your opponents in a much better way and will have more chance of winning the race in the end. 

Lastly, drag racing is all about having fun wit your muscle cars, which is why it is really important that you enjoy this sport and have fun with your crew members and in your car. Moreover, at regular intervals of time, you should take a little break from your racing life as well.


Tuscan Kitchen Makeover with Paint – What are the benefits?

After recently moving into a home that was more than 50 years old it was quickly established that the old and outdated kitchen was desperate for a makeover. While the cabinets were in great shape structurally, they were very ugly to the eye and need a makeover more than anything. Old laminate flooring in green and blue shades further implicated the need to makeover the kitchen right away! Always dreaming of a Tuscan style kitchen sparked the use of color that would create a warm and inviting atmosphere in this dull and very old room!

Tuscan Kitchen Makeover with Paint: Color Wheel paint was used on the walls to create a very warm tone. The color-Tannery, was a beautiful bold golden hue that coordinates perfectly with the dark wood tones of Tuscan style as well as with limestone and other natural stone textures. The walls were already textured in a stucco like plaster finish so there was no need to retexture. A quick coat of Color Wheel Tanner paint and the kitchen already looked much better!

Tuscan Kitchen Makeover with Paint: Now, back to those unsightly kitchen cabinets. They were laminate fronts so painting was nearly out of the question-until we found Rustoleum Countertop Paint. This specialty paint came in 16 different tintable shades and dried just like the laminate or formica that is found on countertops. We chose a black tone for the cabinets which is called Putty. The paint worked great and dried perfectly. Once cured it was water resistant and extremely durable like a countertop! While taking the time to paint the kitchen cabinets was tedious it was well worth the effort and the money that was saved. Tuscan Kitchen Makeover with Paint: Countertops were the next major hurtle for our new Tuscan style kitchen. The existing countertops were also in excellent condition but the color was terrible. We chose a Giani Granite paint for the countertops. It only cost about $40 to complete all of our kitchen countertops but it was very time consuming. The outcome, a beautiful Tuscan style brown granite countertop that looks like the real thing! Paired with the dark black cabinets and the bold Tannery colored sunny yellow walls our Tuscan style kitchen was nearly complete and all for under $100! Plenty of benefits are made available to the person if the purchase of kitchen products is done from homedesignx site. The look and style of the kitchen will be changes with new and innovative appliances. The handling of the products should be done with intelligence for avoiding the occurrence of the accidents at the place. 

Tuscan Kitchen Makeover with Paint: Finally, we used stainless steel appliance paint to complete the kitchen makeover. The paint cost just over $60 for us to complete the dishwasher, stove, and refrigerator in our kitchen. The finished look made the new Tuscan style kitchen gleam and sparkle! We chose Thomas’ Liquid Stainless Steel but we have also used Rustoleum in the past for similar projects and both work well!

Tuscan Kitchen Makeover with Paint: Too bad we couldn’t just paint the old ugly laminate flooring that was in the outdated kitchen. Instead we chose a travertine flooring that coordinated perfectly with the dark browns in the countertops that we created with the Giani granite countertop paint. The Tuscan style kitchen cost under $500 even once we purchased the flooring!

Meditation Is The Key For Beating Illness and Ageing

Want to avoid getting sick this winter? The answer might lie in meditation. Researchers have found that people with an active meditation practice have been found to have higher amounts of antibodies in their bodies, leading to improved immune response and giving them the edge when it comes to fighting off seasonal colds and flu. Along with ramping up the immune system, meditation has been found to balance mood, lose weight, increase the ability to handle pain, and even protect the brain against ageing. Here is a quick introduction to different kinds of meditation:

Zen Meditation:

Also known as Zazen, or sitting meditation, is perhaps the most well known of all meditations and is practiced by Zen monks. It involves sitting in a cross–legged position with the hands in a mudra, or prayer gesture and a very straight spine. You breathe deeply from the belly and focus on the the breathing. When thoughts arise you acknowledge them but don’t fixate on them. Let them go and return to the breath. If you wander off into your thoughts come back to the breath. Sometimes it is helpful to have a mantra or special word to repeat or count numbers to keep from thinking. This is one of the simplest kinds of meditation and can be done anywhere.

Walking Meditation:

Easier for many people than sitting meditation, walking meditation is just as simple and has the added benefit of exercise. It can be done outdoors or inside. It can involve walking in a pattern–a square or circle, walking a labrynth shape (which is found in many churches and meditation centers), or just free walking outside. It involves keeping the eyes open, focusing on the breath and the body, feeling the ground beneath your feet, and releasing thoughts instead of grabbing them.

Kundalini Yoga:

Kundalini Yoga is a physical and meditative discipline, comprising a set of techniques that use the mind, senses and body to create a communication between “mind” and “body”. Kundalini yoga focuses on psycho-spiritual growth and the body’s potential for maturation, giving special consideration to the role of the spine and the endocrine system. It consists of kriyas, which are sets of exercises that help to balance the body and the mind, and different meditations that involve music, mantras, mudras, and visualization. These meditations range from ‘Meditation for Prosperity’ to ‘Meditations for Peace’. They can last anywhere from between 5 minutes to several hours and some have even been adopted by psychotherapists, after rigorous clinical trials, into the treatments of obsessive-compulsive disorder and chemical addictions. Here is a list of popular kriyas and meditations, though finding kundalini classes in your community is highly recommended.

Overall, meditation is proven to be effective in beating illness and aging. A lot of people who do meditation on a regular basis, claim that this kind of wellness activity allow them to stay strong and healthy. Hence, it is one of the best ways to stay healthy both mentally and physically.

Although these are tried and true ways of engaging in a healthy meditation program, don’t overlook other forms of meditation–running, singing, dancing, driving, even chopping vegetables–almost anything can be turned into a meditation practice if it involves attention, mindfullness, and paying attention to the breath and to disengaging our selves from our thoughts.